The aim of every couple is to live happily without having to disagree on petty matters. There is nothing good in a relationship or marriage than happiness and understanding.

However, there are factors that cause quarrels and divergent opinions in most couples. Communication is one of the most important factors that keep the relationship moving. If there is no communication, the relationship can hardly work.

Most couples may quarrel or disagree over decision making. It is always good to work as a team and make decision with consultation. Poor decision making can affect the life of a relationship.

If you really want your relationship to thrive, you must work as a team. You should never argue or create unnecessary tensions due to decision-making process. Each person has a role to play to ensure that the relationship work. It is always good to listen to the other person and agree on a common thing.

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Cheating and suspicion can destroy the relationship. Most couples fight because of suspicion and cheating. Being true to each other is the best thing.

Cheating can cause the relationship/marriage to die and can easily result to revenge that can translate to death. It is good to work as a team and give the other person the very best.

It is very essential to understand the needs of the other person and work toward the unity of the couple. In case there are any cheating suspicions, the couple should not fight.

It is good to sit down and find the solution for the sake of your marriage or relationship. Listening to each other and forgiveness are the cornerstone of a successful relationship.

Monet matters can also cause harm, quarrel and could easily damage the relationship. Most couples have separated due to financial matters. There may be one person who is not using the money effectively. This may include irresponsible drinking behavior and much more.

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In such a situation, the couple should find a peaceful method to address this kind of problem. It is good to have a budget and goals to achieve. The things that matter the most should be given the first priority.

Relationship with in-laws is another cause of fight and disagreements. There are women who don’t like to spend time with their husband’s relatives.

This may cause a misunderstanding and quarrel. Sometimes a man might feel her wife spends most of her time with her relatives and ignore him. This can cause a couple to fight.

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