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Food Safety Tips for Your Family- A year-round priority – Keep Food Safe

Whether it’s your parent’s day, your daughter’s initial birthday or a friend’s pot-luck banquet, one issue that’s common to all or any these events is that the luscious and tempting food!

You just cannot stop your style buds from obtaining lured. However, you’ll be able to positively stop the foodborne bacterium from creating method into your body system by maintaining with a number of precautions.

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Events wouldn’t finish, however with these precautions, you’ll be able to make certain of a year spherical food safety, that square measure as follows:

  • Wash your hands before and after meals

  • Keep clean and wash the surfaces of your cooking area
  • Avoid cross-contamination. for instance, before touching food, take away rings and bracelets, use waterproof dressings to hide up cuts and sores, and wash your hands. After you will use room utensils, not fingers for handling foods.
  • All foods ought to be completely overdone with the core temperature reaching a minimum of 75℃. Keep in mind to cook the food properly.
  • Store food in icebox after you ought to eat it when long hours. And heat to a temperature of 82°C for at least 2 minutes before consumption it.

Food Shopping with Safety

  • Use separate plastic bags to keep raw meat, seafood and poultry items, from other foods like raw juices helps to avoid bacterial contamination
  • Make the practice of checking the expiry date a second nature of the product you are buying.
  • Checking the expiry date on food labels should be your default second nature.
    Always remember that bacteria grow in high temperature, so refrigeration of food is must during summers

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Cooking Precautions

Keep wash your hands before and after you begin to cook. Also, wash hands after you are done with the cooking. Always use warm water, soaps, or hand wash and paper napkins to keep clean. Keep the utensils and kitchen slab clean. Chopper boards, knives etc., should always be cleaned before each use. Wash well the fruits and veggies adequately before cooking them.

Refrigerate all of your food if not to be eaten immediately. Leaving the food uncovered on the kitchen slab to cool down is not a good practice. Keep the food in the uncovered container in the refrigerator, and cover the container only when the food is below 45° degrees F.

Cautions while Serving

  • Use small platters to serve food to avoid prolonged exposure to air-borne contaminants.
  • Don’t keep the food at room temperature for long.

Are you following the healthy food safety precautions?

Why Do I Need to Wash My Hands?

As you can imagine, hand hygiene is a key factor in food safety.

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