I Need a Boyfriend Sweet but Let Me Crash

Hi there,

Three months ago, a friend introduced him to me, one year older than me, 27. The first time I met each other felt excellent; then we began to contact. Objectively speaking, he made me satisfied in all aspects, in addition to rarely call me outside.

He was busy; I give him a call, he is not driving, is talking about customers, I’m afraid to give him trouble, try to provide him with less. However, even if I do not take the initiative to contact him for two days, he could not feel my displeasure. He thought it was not reasonable to call all day. To this end, I often think the collapse.

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Could it be difficult to give me a phone call, ask cold and warm two difficult? He was busy; we can only see a week, do not meet, he cannot remember to contact me, sometimes, a day sends a text message to me. I told him that since the work is busy, cannot often meet, it should be more phone calls, but he always says what to say is not better?

Moreover, he is not a person to express, the phone he did not know what to say. I almost doubt his feelings for me – no sweet talk, lack passion. But he was introduced to our understanding of friends that I am perfect he admired me.

I try to change themselves, no longer look forward to his phone, no longer waiting for his message, I said that as long as the network chat a few lines on the line, the busy day will not send text messages. He can not even do this. Often at night, I was sitting in front of a computer waiting, he did not tell me something in advance, I became live in the waiting. I am a lover of people who love to laugh; I hope you can, and people like to share their joy and pain, but he gave me the feeling seems to do not need!

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I like him, do not want to give up, he is frank to people, to me is also very good, at least meet, he told me in every possible way. But we saw a face once a week, I am afraid of separation after six days, that six days I live like an abandoned woman.

I seriously talked to him once, the basic is I said, he listened, he listened very seriously, but a very little direct response. Generally nodded agree, but do not argue. He frankly told me that with his girlfriend before there are problems in this regard, the more, the more arguments to explain the most painful. I can feel his work exhausted; I only asked him to sleep before I make a phone call, he agreed. I feel a little better. I really can not stand a separate almost any contact, and he is not good rhetoric, nonsense little, not easy to promise people. Tong sister, you say he and I will be happy?

I understand your crash. The reason we need love, a lot of time is because we are afraid of loneliness, we want to have a person, care for us, by our side, tell us some silly crazy words, but, understand our needs and can meet our needs Of men, must be mature and patient.

Maybe your boyfriend is a slow hot type of man, you know he is not long, he just met with a woman did not take long all day on the phone you Lennon Lennon, he may not do it.

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Two people never know to know, from a good impression to have feelings, is the need for a run-in process. You want him to talk to you more chat, and he stiff, do not speak, then it is best to find a topic, talk to him, let him see that chatting with you is an exciting thing, and then slowly Give him to develop a habit, do not give you a call every day, as if missing something like.

Women to attract men is to move the mind. You and his present question, plainly, that is, from the many polys, and his separation in the day, and if not entirely like you, which makes you very lost – in fact, a lot of time, men, especially men Workaholic, are a little bit like this, they put all the wisdom of wisdom in the work of the brain, and so on home, tired of a beach mud, you let him chat with you again, talk, he will feel a burden.

To deal with such people, or you change yourself, to adapt to him, if you really can not improve their own, then only slowly cultivate him to suit you. You let him know that feelings are required to pay, and this pay is rewarding, this return is no matter how busy he is more tired and more difficult, you are his loved ones to love, is the only thing in the world to say the truth woman.

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Let him like to talk to you, at least want to listen to you; you will not like this collapse. If you do not love you, but purely personality reasons, then you have a chance, in time, a good run, maybe he will change it.

Of course, if you can not change him, can not change their own, then, only substitutions – for a love to talk, every day you have lots to talk about the words of the man, but I have to remind you that those love Sweet talk of the man, maybe there are other problems that make you painful. Of course, happiness itself contains pain, just as life itself includes death.

So, I want to say is that you have to learn to deal with the pain you encountered, not just because of immediate pain, to suspect the possible future happiness – you ask me, you and he will be happy? I can not answer this question because it depends on your grasp of joy and awareness.

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