Mom Told Me to Bring a Girlfriend Home to the New Year

Previously only on the Internet will see a certain to rent a boyfriend home, parents asked his girlfriend to go home to a certain New Year and so on the news. But unexpected things actually happened in my head…

This summer because of internships, curriculum design reasons to shorten the holiday a lot, only more than a month, so that the original summer resort south of city temporary work plan to cancel. Of course, there are main reasons or parents or hope I can return home during the summer vacation.

Because after all, winter vacation, summer vacation so two opportunities, and after graduation work to meet the chance may be less. Of course, I know my parents are workers, and migrant workers, doing things very fortunate to go home to help parents do something, they can also dabbling their own and can help parents to reduce the burden of work.

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Back home or feel the kind and warm. But a chance conversation with my mother so I was very surprised…

Mother asked me how the situation in school, study, life……? I said okay. Suddenly the mother’s words to twists and turns, turned an 180-degree bend, and asked me to fall in love with the school did not, I was asked this once blushed, because not how to say this topic before, how the mother asked? From this matter, she is how it is, do not…… I finally stayed for some time and then quite embarrassed to answer that has not.

Mother “Oh” a cry and continue to wash clothes. Although I was answered, but to be honest I still feel quite nervous, I do not know the mother of this gourd to sell what medicine – how exactly one thing? Because other students in the school are parents strongly opposed to their children in college love fear of learning,

I thought my mother would not be the reason for fear of my influence learning and vigilance I do not fall in love? But still unexpected happened……

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Mother continued, that there is none who or what girls like you? I still said no. She could not help but say this, you are twenty-two three today, is not small, how not to fall in love, no girlfriend? I was struck by these words, surprised……

And after a period of time, one day when my mother was not at home, my sister and I at home, I asked my sister this matter, I said how my mother would say, do not know how is it? My sister told me, my mother would like to talk to me in a girlfriend, and the best New Year with a girlfriend to go home!

Otherwise, four years of graduating from college with a girlfriend have not yet, it would also have grandchildren! When the university did not find a girlfriend to go home directly to the blind date……

I can not understand these words too! This is not forced me to bring a girlfriend to go home with the New Year it?. Other people’s parents are so trying to let their children do not fall in love at the university, so as not to cause learning mistakes, and I?

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