Life being life, and we being imperfect and sinful human beings, we all must suffer one of two pains: the Pain of Discipline or the Pain of Regret.

We can choose willingly to fall under the loving and firm guidance of God and suffer through the discipline of becoming the people we were created to be. Or we can choose to live life according to our own ways and live life to our own song and suffer the pain of regret.

That we make mistakes along the way, that we stay, that we err is a certainty. This is part of what it means to be imperfect and sinful beings. No one will ever live a perfect life. But should we choose to follow hard after God, God will never disappoint us.

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While we must all suffer either the pain of discipline or the pain of regret, the difference is that the pain of discipline weighs ounces and endures for a moment, the pain of regret weighs tons and can last forever.
The choice is up to us.

Now, I additionally perceive there are other forms of pains I did not speak here. However, I feel they’re impertinent to our argument here. To me, in our current state of affairs, pain isn’t the matter, its the answer. At this time, I’d rather feel pain than nothing in the slightest degree. As a result of however else are you able to fix a tangle after you do not know that it even exists?

Here is a book named God’s Love that reviewed by some readers as below.

This is quite an extraordinary book. It seems that if something goes wrong in our life, if there is a natural disaster, a plane crash, the Holocaust, and so on, we have a tendency to blame God. He could have done something to prevent it. Hence, many people lay the blame for disasters at God’s feet. This book is firmly behind the opposition to this point of view. It says that God is love. What kind of sense does that make with so much going wrong? It presents a different point of view and makes a very good case for believing that God actually is the very essence of love.

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