Top 10 Best Artificial Christmas Tree Reviews

The festive season is again with us, and people are making every effort to keep in tune with the season by decorating their homes, businesses, institutions, buildings and other places with the best decorations. And Christmas trees are a vital part of this. Even though some people prefer natural Christmas trees, artificial ones are no doubt more convenient to use, are easier to set and dismantle and offer the same level of elegance as the former. Below are some of the best artificial Christmas tree to purchase during this festive period:

Best Artificial Christmas Tree

1. The 7.5 ft. North Valley Spruce and Hinged National Tree (NRV7-500-75)
best artificial christmas tree

National Tree Company

Measuring 7.5 feet tall and a 52-inch diameter with up to 1346 branch tips, this is an unlit tree that is extremely easy to assemble. It has an all-metal hinged construction with branches that are attached to the center pole. The design also features a sturdy folding metal stand which allows for easier folding and unfolding of the tree. The product is non-allergenic, fire-resistant and is usually packed in a reusable storage carton with the assembling instructions.

2. The 7.5 Feet Hinged Premium Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree
best artificial christmas tree

Best Choice Products

Stand for 7.5 feet tall, this hinged Christmas tree can be an eye-catching addition to just about any room, particularly during this festive period. The tree features easy-to-fluff branches in 1346 tips, creating an illusion of the full-bodied actual Spruce Tree. It also features a sturdy foldable steel base which provides greater stability to help keep your tree upright while at the same time preventing breakage. Moreover, the tree usually disassembles into three hinged sections, allowing for easier assembly, dismantling and even storing.

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3. The Hinged Fir 7.5-Foot Christmas Tree
best artificial christmas tree

National Tree Company

Measuring 7.5 feet tall and 5.9 inches in diameter, this unlit tree has 2514 branch tips and can hold ornaments and strings with a lot of ease. The tree features an all-metal hinged construction with branches that are attached to the center pole sections and has three different parts that allow for easy and quick set-up. The product is non-allergenic, fire-resistant and can be a great centerpiece to your Christmas decorations.

4. The 6-Feet Hinged Premium Artificial Christmas Pine Trees
best artificial christmas tree

Best Choice Products

This 6-feet hinged premium artificial Christmas pine tree can be eye-catching to your spacing during the holidays. It features easy-to-fluff branches that are covered in a thousand branch tips, creating a more natural appearance of the mature pine tree. Its sturdy metal base usually provides better stability and prevents breakages while keeping the tree in an upright position. It can disassemble into three different sections, allowing for ease of assembling, dismantling as well as storing.

5. The 6-Foot Flocked and Unlit Artificial Christmas Tree
best artificial christmas tree

King of Christmas

Frosted in the fresh powder snow, this 6-foot artificial Christmas tree is bound to bring the full joy of the snowy Christmas to your space. It is a gorgeous tree with powdered PVC tips offering the best place for you to hang all of your cherished decorations. The hinged branch construction together with the three hinged sections is designed to allow for easy set-up. It also has a good quality metal tree stand that offers greater stability.

6. The Classic Blue Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree
best artificial christmas tree

Balsam Hill

It is a full-shape, six-foot tall tree that is 49 inches wide, and features 100 percent PVC classic needles for optimal fullness. The tree is comprised of 600 hand-strung, beautiful and bright lights, and 1664 branch tips. Whether you need the classic holiday look or want a multi-colored look that reflects the festive atmosphere, the tree usually comes with beautiful lights that will add sparkling radiance to space where you have placed it.

7. The “Feel-Real” Hinged, 6.5 Foot Downswept Douglas Fir Tree

National Tree Company

Featuring the Feel-Real branch-tip technology, this tree has been created with exceptional realism. The tree is 6.5 feet tall, and 49 inches in diameter and is pre-strung with up to 650 clear lights which usually remain lit even when the bulb has burned out. It has 1227 branch tips with all-metal hinged construction and branches that are generally attached to the center pole sections.

8. The Kingswood Fir 7.5-inch Pencil Artificial Christmas Tree
best artificial christmas tree

National Tree Company

Measuring 7.5 feet tall and 30 inches in diameter, this tree is a great decoration that you can display in small rooms, corners or areas that have limited space. The product usually comes while it is pre-strung with 350 bright lights and has up to 1075 branch tips. Having an all-metal hinged construction, a study metallic folding tree stand, and three different sections, this tree has been designed to allow for ease of setup.

9. 36-inch Carmel Artificial Pine Christmas Tree with Burlap Base and Cones


It is an elegant Christmas tree that you can use to dress your home or space in the holiday mood. It is a real tree that will get your area ready for the festive season. The tree is 36-inches high, and its small size usually makes it perfect for smaller spaces. It features 995 different PVC tips as well as pine cones and often comes in a good quality Burlap base that delivers unmatched stability.

10. The 7.5 Foot Premium Christmas Tree


This is another excellent artificial Christmas tree that comes with full and life-like construction. The tree is comprised of more than 1000 branch tips and is perfect for indoor use. The product is made of excellent quality PVC materials and has a metal stand that offers the best stability. Measuring 7.5 feet and weighing 30 lbs, this tree has a sturdy construction and cannot be easily tipped over. It is also straightforward to set up.

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All-in-all, artificial Christmas trees are great decorations to use in just about any space during the Christmas holiday season. Unlike the natural ones, you will not need to deal with a lot of foliage and the mess after setting up, they are easier to set up, and you can always keep them for use in future festive seasons. If you are looking for the excellent quality artificial Christmas tree to use during this festive period, the above reviews can help you to choose the best.

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