As it is written in the bible and the Quran, the wages of sin is death. One of the greatest sin you can ever commit is suicide. The bible is very clear on the penalty of suicide.

Those who commit suicide will never be forgiven as they will not have an opportunity to repent off their sin and seek forgiveness. There are many reasons why people commit suicide.

One of the reasons is depression, love triangle, failed marriages, court cases, sickness, loss of loved ones and much more. Whichever the case, you should never commit suicide. God does not negotiate with those who commit suicide.

In the bible Mathew 27:1-5, when Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus, he felt a lot of guilty and committed suicide. The bible is very clear on the fate of such a person. Judas did not have an opportunity to repent off his sins and seek God’s forgiveness.

It is because of this reason that he will go to hell but God has the final judgment. His judgment is fair. God gives each one of us a chance to repent and seek forgiveness. Those who fail will go to hell.

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The Quran is a holy book and offers hope to those who believe in Allah through His holy prophet called Muhammad. Muhammad preached peace, love, and unity. He did not advocate for murder or suicide.

He stood for what is right and done the best for Allah. According to Muhammad, suicide is a serious sin that can earn you a direct ticket to hell. It is only Allah that is supposed to take away life. No one not even yourself has the right to kill yourself.

In Bukhari, Janaiz 84, it teaches that a Muslim must never commit suicide or do anything directly or indirectly relates to suicide. It also says that those who commit suicide by throttling will keep on throttling themselves in hell fire forever.

Those who cause suicide by stabbing themselves will keep on stabbing themselves in hell fire forever. These are words by the holy Quran.

Suicide has not been justified by either book. The bible and Quran are holy books written by the son of God and prophet respectfully. These books condemn the act and gives direction to those who want to inherit the kingdom of God.

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According to these two books, committing suicide earns you a direct ticket to hell fire. Always take caution, if you’re a Christian, never commit suicide. The same case applies if you’re a Muslim.

Commit suicide and go to hell. Suicide is an awful sin and you should never move for this footstep. People who commit suicide, felt suicide was the way to relief from his/her problems.

It’s always painful to lose someone you love, but suicide seems to make the loss even harder.

In generally: Peoples are committed suicide at work, home, wives/husbands committed suicide to hassle each other, committed suicide after losing the job, after herpes, committed suicide and donated organs.

Dear Readers, I’ve been obtaining plenty of questions about a right to commit suicide and somebody’s salvation these days.

People who depressed, psychotic, impulsive, made as mistake. Don’t think this is the solution to overcome your sum. Suicide is just a self-murder. The unlucky thing about it is that the one who commits it can not be sorry for it. The loss is ever done.

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  1. Yvonne Seery 4 August, 2017 at 23:03 Reply

    Hey, thank you for considering some good advice for a generation. I hope this will help. Suicide is a abasement in both period.

  2. James Davison 28 August, 2017 at 04:36 Reply

    Very useful and honest article really assist to catch on who wants to commit. Suicide is not the answer indeed. This article might give you good idea on conducting with suicidal feelings & assisting those in need. Its good to be aware of suicide!!!

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