Why Do Women Want to Suffer with You Poor?

Women like to find a lot of money on the topic of men; I do not say, we all understand the truth. Perhaps today’s woman has been completely liberated; you can swagger to pick like a man.

Think of the grandmother’s woman, “marry a chicken with a chicken, marry a dog with the dog,” the sad, even if it is a pauper can only recognize fate. Today’s women can be described as “salted fish” big turn, exceptionally beautiful little beauty, pick men too demanding: the character is good, good work, right family conditions, ability, high culture, grow well, have money…. is to marry a rich culture. Of course, like money is reasonable, a woman to marry a man to his credit card is also beyond reproach.

Generally speaking, the idea of a woman in the girl’s age is very naive, very romantic, the idea is elementary, one about love, innocently said, we must find a love of her and her love of men, there is no money does not matter. But once the imminent marriage, marriage soon, a lot of beautiful women’s mind changed, they are no longer holding the hold of love, but pay more attention to men’s wealth, at least, is the love and wealth into two, and often Men’s wealth in the woman’s heart in the objective to occupy a decisive position, wealth has become a very important part of love.

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I know a beautiful woman who has fallen in love with a man from a low-income family; she felt that the man who has a lot of flash quality: optimism, sunshine, caring, helpful. She believes that with him, even if some of the miserable life, but happiness and happiness will not be absent.

They spent two happy years on college campuses. After graduating from college to enter the community, men looking for work is not very smooth and finally had a small private enterprise in the low, muddied dawdle. Gradually, the beauty does not come out laughing, disappointment piled up into despair, and ultimately, and the poor man parted.

This love, in the eyes of many spectators, but a woman of money first abandoned the poor first love story of the cliche. Such a story in daily life staged, some too many women cannot stand the pale and give up the material love. Finally, men do not review their own, but the reason for the breakdown of love indiscriminately blamed on their poverty, blame the woman’s snobbish love money.

This is a realistic society, the economic foundation of a weak man, had not thought about when the beauty came to your side, what do you get her and you suffer the poor? Does she depend on what you want to encounter the poor?

The ancient sentence said the bricks without straw. Very intuitive that only men to buy a woman to purchase rice, women can make a meal for a man. Bluntly, a woman is born for consumption, the man is to create wealth and health, if in turn, so that women go out to earn money to feed the men, not only the woman’s face no place to put the general men do not allow women so Do, it has become a customary practice, has become the same men and women position.

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In this way, also very clearly formed a woman like the rich man’s inertia and customs. Although the status of women increased, many women have their own business, but from the root, from the bones, women are still willing to find a wealthy man, the average woman is so, the rich woman is more so.

They even now have money, but ultimately want to be safe and quiet after the money, do not want life to work hard. If you are overindulged because of poverty, if you become impoverished because of poverty, if you because of hardship to assert that do not love your woman is vulgar snobbish generation, she followed You not only suffer poor, but also angry, why should the woman willing to tolerate with you miserable, and you work together to create tomorrow?

Women are flowers, flowers are very noble, noble nature is valuable, no money on the gentle, have money, how a woman would like to dress up on how to dress up the more noble dress, the more the more colorful dress, the abler to show women of the charm, the more prepared to reflect the value of a woman, or as if to live like a woman like them.

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So a woman to live like a woman, you can not help, but as the rich man, rich man is green, they are flowers, no man this piece of green leaves rich moisture, the woman no matter how bright are not up, and men as long as there is a line of possible, are also willing to nourish this flower woman, the more bright woman, the man of course, the more happy, which is also reflected from the other side of the man’s wealth and ability.

Therefore, a woman like a rich man is real, as long as the money, what kind of strong support and rely on cannot find it? Therefore, the smart, handsome, tall, handsome man do not be discouraged, the only way to win love is to make money, otherwise, not only do you not enjoy the beauty that is not the United States will leave you away.

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