A Guide to Setting Up an Ergonomic Gaming Space in 2022 (Guide)

PC gaming has been thriving in the past few years. An article from The Verge reports that PC gamers played 50% more last year than in previous years. Alongside this, 2.6 million people bought a game on Steam each month, and that the new record for concurrent players on the platform is now at 24.8 million people.

This shows that more people are starting to move away from the consoles and embrace PC gaming’s much wider variety of games, as well as the increased performance. And with more people playing games on the PC, the demand for an ergonomic setup has increased, too. If you have invested in a gaming PC and want an ergonomic setup below are a few pieces of equipment you’ll need:

A comfortable chair

A good chair should be able to support the natural curve of your back, helping reduce the tension on your spine. You should also be able to adjust the chair’s height so you can keep your monitor at eye level. Buying a new chair can be quite an investment, but our post on ‘The 4 Best Budget Home Office Chairs for Back Support’ lists ergonomic chairs that are affordable and don’t sacrificing comfort or function. These chairs are ideal for both work and play. Gabrylly’s Ergonomic Mesh High Back Office Chair has armrests that you can adjust to the perfect height for your arms, which can help reduce tension in your shoulders and elbows. A good gaming chair should support good posture so you don’t suddenly feel aches and discomfort in the middle of your game.

A mouse that fits your hand

An ergonomic mouse is one that doesn’t put a lot of physical strain on your hand. Games such as Civilization V rely heavily on the use of a mouse — and having the wrong grip on the mouse can cause repetitive strain injuries (RSI), since you’re keeping your hand in an unnatural position for long periods of time. The Logitech G305 LIGHTSPEED wireless mouse stands out among Adorama’s selection of PC gaming accessories. This is because it has advanced gaming features that make it efficient, including an advanced HERO sensor that highly improves the mouse’s accuracy and responsiveness. A mouse that comfortably fits in your hand and is easy to maneuver can help you improve your gaming experience, all by reducing the risk of fatigue and pain in the hand.

A split keyboard

Similar to the mouse, your keyboard should allow your hands to be in a neutral position to prevent RSIs. Fatigue, pain, or numbness in the hands can negatively affect your games as it results in slower response times. Wirecutter’s list of ergonomic keyboards highlights how you should choose split keyboards, which have been designed to ensure that your wrists aren’t bent.

They also have wrist support so you don’t need to lift your hands when typing, reducing the strain on your tendons. The Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB is a fully split keyboard that’s great for anyone who needs to use a keyboard for a long time, since you can adjust the spacing between the two halves to keep it comfortable. It’s a great option for gamers too because of its customizable RGB, 1-ms response time, and sweat-resistant wrist pads.

Gaming can be immersive to the point where you may start ignoring the aches and pains that you’re already experiencing. So be sure to invest in the right equipment to help your body maintain good posture while playing, which can then improve your response times and focus in games.

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