The Best Home Office Desks in 2022 (Buying Guide n Reviews)

The search for the best home office desk begins with the specific needs of your work. While a desk is considered essential, there are many different types of desks available. From the old-fashioned wooden desks designed to stand alone in the room to corner or L-shaped desks, the expanding number of home offices has caused a new generation of desks to be created.

The requirements of working from home differ considerably from the traditional office working environment. Space is usually at a premium since it is usually located in a spare room, bedroom, or another area of the home. But otherwise what is required when working in a traditional office translates to the home as well.

Tips on Finding the Right Home Office Desk

Before you begin your search, it is best to know what you need so that you can make the right purchase the first time. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

  • Measure the area you have available
  • Set your budget, make sure it is reasonable for your needs
  • Add in any special requirements, something that might be beyond what a normal desk offers

Every home office is unique. While some may have ample room for a traditional desk, others may have to be set up daily because of the limitations of the workspace. This means you will need to know what is needed to find the right desk.

Now that you have a starting point, what follows are some best desks to motivate you and furnish your home into an office.

Here are the Best Home Office Desk Furniture For Work

Best Sitting/Standing Desk

The most noticeable trend in work desks over the past decade are those that allow the user to stand as well as sit. Although standing desks have been in use for many decades, only recently has the application of a standing/sitting desk been mass-marketed. The reasons why relate to the health concerns of sitting at a desk all day.

Studies have shown that people who sit without getting enough exercise are more vulnerable to heart and circulatory conditions. Add to this a tendency to add extra weight for millions of people a serious health situation may arise all from sitting most of the day.

Desks that allow for standing help with circulatory issues and provide added strength to the legs. While exercise is recommended, it does alleviate some of the issues associated with sit-down only desks. For those looking at a standing/sitting desk, this is one of the best on the market in its price range.

1. Adjustable Electric Stand Up Workstation

Flexispot Stand Up Desk

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This stand-up desk easily converts from one mode to the other at a touch of a button. The benefits of a stand-up desk are well-known, especially to those who do not get the exercise they need. But the advantages of the Flexispot Electric Stand Up Desk do not end there.

  • Lifts from 28” to 47.6”
  • Large 55” * 28” workspace
  • Capacity: 154 lbs.
  • Weight: 97 lbs.
  • 2-Button Controller
  • Made of durable chipboard

The desk can change positions from sitting to standing in 10 seconds. This allows you to stand when you want and sit when you want with little disruption to your work. While this version of the desk is available at 55” x 28”, you can order a larger version of 60” x 24” or three smaller versions depending on your needs.

The advantages start with the stand-up feature of the desk. It moves quick enough to not interfere with your productivity, but steady enough to ensure that the items on your desk are not jostled about. The motor is quiet for a stand-up desk, generating less than 50 dB. This is also a well-constructed desk built to last a long time and all for a reasonable price.

The only downside is the weight. At 97 lbs. you are going to need some help in moving it about. But that is to be expected with a motor attachment.

Overall, the Flexispot Electric Stand Up Desk is arguably the best in its price range for those who want the convenience of standing up and sitting down when they desire.

Best Small/Folding Desk

Not all home offices can be permanently set up in the home. With space at a premium, a folding desk offers a strong solution to those who cannot leave their work area set up all day. The downside is the set-up and tears down of the folding desk, but if only a laptop is used and shelves are nearby to hold the work, then such a desk is a plausible solution for those who need the space for something else after working hours.

Here is a solid folding laptop desk that combines durability, ease of set-up, and a low price to fit most budgets.

2. Modern Folding Laptop Table for Home Office

Coavas Writing Computer Desk

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For those who are on a budget and live in a place where space is a premium, this Folding Laptop Desk offers a good solution.

  • Size: 39.4” x 19.7” x 28.3”
  • Net Weight: 21 lbs.
  • Weight Bearing: 200 lbs.
  • Foldable, Portable Desk
  • Cherry Desktop
  • Black Frame
  • Waterproof

This desk is not only foldable, but it is also light enough to be easily portable. And, it is small enough to fit in most vehicles, so you can take it with you and use it for a variety of needs. Although not very large, it is big enough to easily hold a laptop, mouse, and has enough space for other small items.

The advantages are self-explanatory, but the weight-bearing of 200 lbs. is considerable for a desk of this size. It’s also quite attractive and looks good in virtually any room. And, it has a low price which helps it to fit most budgets easily. The only downsides are related to the function of the desk. In other words, it’s not that big and not designed to handle large workloads.

Overall, if you are looking for a portable desk for your laptop that can be set up and taken down quickly, then the Folding Laptop Desk is the perfect solution.

Best Corner Desks

Corner desks are quite popular because they make the most out of the space available in a room. A proper corner desk is designed differently compared to a standard desk. Most notably in the way the legs support the top. There needs to be plenty of leg space underneath to allow for the desk to be functional and take advantage of the corner area.

There are many corner desks on the market today. The two mentioned below are highly recommended offers the leg space needed while taking full advantage of the corner area.

3. L-Shaped Corner Workstation

Walker Edison L Shaped Desk
Walker Edison

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If your home office is the corner of your bedroom or other room, then the Walker Edison Corner L-Shaped Workstation may be for you.

  • 28.25”H * 51”L * 20”W
  • Weight: 57 lbs.
  • Metal
  • Universal CPU Stand
  • Can Accommodate Two or More Monitors
  • Can Join Together to Create a Corner Desk

The last part is important because this is a singular straight desk that when purchased as a pair can be joined to form a corner or L-shaped desk.

The advantages of this desk start with its solid construction, unique leg arrangement adds to the floor space underneath, and ability to create a larger desk when purchased as a pair. The price is also not bad, all things considered.

The only downsides are the small keyboard tray that is not big enough to include the mouse. And, there is really no cable management system, so you will need to purchase some zip ties.

This is not the perfect desk, but for the price, it is one of the best in its class. It is well-suited for those who want it.

4. L-Shaped Home Office Desk

Signature Design by Ashley Baraga L-Shaped Desk
Signature Design by Ashley

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This L-Shaped desk is considerably different compared to the Walker Edison version. Although it is the same basic shape, the materials that are used and the construction are distinctively different.

  • 61” x 51” x 30”
  • Weight: 95 lbs.
  • Capacity: Approx 250 lbs.
  • Frosted Glass Top
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Ample Leg Room

The advantages of this desk start with what is underneath. The L-shaped design is augmented by the back legs being against the wall. This maximizes the legroom underneath while providing plenty of support. The sturdy construction allows for two monitors to be set up easily.

The frosted glass top is not only attractive, you can use it with a dry erase marker if you need to make notes. The price is also well-suited for a desk of this type.

The downside is the weight of the glass. While the entire desk is under 100 lbs. putting it together with the glass top can be a bit tricky unless you have some assistance. Otherwise, this is an excellent desk that works perfectly for any corner of the room that has enough space.

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If you are searching for the right desk for your home office, these mentioned are some of the best on the market today. It’s a great starting point for your search and all of them are reasonably priced for what they do. If you are not sure which type of desks will fit your room decor, then you may read the post to get the home office design ideas.

Now it’s your turn to pick the right one according to your comfort. To choose the right one, measure the space where the desk will be installed. There are different colors and choosing the right color will vary from person to person.

You may like black and others are white or brown, but I have tips below to minimize your thinking.

  • Focus and openness come from the introspective black color.
  • White is a sign of clarity and discipline yet cool.
  • Brown is always relaxing and mind-nourishing.

Here you’ll find at least one of the best home office desks that will suit your needs with the décor of your room.

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