The Best Commercial Outdoor Benches in 2022 Reviews-Guide

Everybody loves the great outdoors. Whether it’s camping, hiking, relaxing, or lying on a grass bed while watching the stars, all the wonderful times indeed. In this post, I have compiled a list of the best commercial outdoor benches available online.

Some though choose to have their little garden to keep them away from the fuss and bother of traveling to parks to sit and relax while watching kids play and reading news or maybe eating or sipping a nice hot coffee in the morning. It will be perfect, especially during the springtime or even when watching the leaves fall during autumn or maybe sitting on the bench or sitting on the deck watching the rainfall.

The 5 Best Commercial Outdoor Benches

Editor's PickBrandRating
Best OveralLifetime 60253 55 inch Outdoor Convertible Bench4.4
Runner UpThe Outdoor Patio Aluminum Garden Bench4.1
Best Budget PickVINGLI 50" Patio Park Garden Bench4.5
60" Mahogany BenchPOLYWOOD GNB60MA Vineyard 60" Bench4.6
Heavy Duty BenchAmish 800 Lb Mission Pressure Treated Garden Bench4.5
*Ratings may change*

A good bench can be perfect for your garden, patio, or deck. If you’re a person who wants to enjoy the comforts of sitting in your garden, terrace, patio, or deck then take a look at these best commercial outdoor benches (suitable for outdoors and indoors).

On the other hand, if you have an outdoor space in front of the restaurant, cafe and sports complexes to decorate with the best commercial outdoor benches, then it is the best time to go through the reviews.

It would be best for universities, commercial gardens, and buildings where someone can sit for a while.

Here are the Best Commercial Outdoor Bench Brands

1. Convertible 55″ Outdoor Bench 60253

best commercial outdoor benches

You can easily convert this bench to a table. It is constructed with a black frame and wood made of weather-resistant polystyrene. The conversion handles are both fonds on the side of the bench. The convertible bench is indeed a perfect addition to a yard or garden. The bench can easily be converted into a table just within seconds.

This bench is UV protected, which means it won’t crack, peel, chip, crack, or fade and because of its polystyrene functioned wood, the bench won’t need any repainting jobs or varnish. The steel frame also is rust-resistant that assures the bench’s long term service.

2. Aluminum Commercial-Grade Outdoor Patio Garden Bench

The Outdoor Patio Store Commercial-Grade Cast Bench
The Outdoor Patio

This garden bench is made with maintenance free and rust-free cast aluminum that makes it perfect for your favorite outdoor space. It is lightweight, so if there is a case you would want to move it elsewhere; it would be easy and stress-free. The garden bench is also made to be able to stand both the heat and rainy weathers. No worry also in assembling the bench because it is made to be easily assembled for the buyer.

3. 50″ Cast Iron Steel Frame Outdoor Bench

VINGLI 50inch Patio Park Garden Bench

The Vingli Bench has a well-crafted curved backrest design, seat, and handrails which are made to be comfortable for anyone to seat on. Indeed, the best choice for both decorative and leisure purposes in your garden, porch, or yard. It is made of durable rust-free materials and powder coated steel with high GFPR standard construction made strong that can take on 500lbs capacity able to sit 2-3 persons.

4. Vineyard 60″ Mahogany Bench

best commercial outdoor benches

With a sitting capacity of 3, this greatly designed 60″ bench is made with a fade resistant recycle Polywood lumber that requires no staining, no painting, and is certified fit for weather and waterproofing. It is made commercial-grade stainless-steel hardware.

Heavy duty construction of this bench can withstand anything proven that this won’t chip, fade, crack, or splinter and made to be resistant of fungi, salt spray, insects, or other kinds of stains. Minor assembly is required.

5. Heavy Duty Handmade 800 Lbs Garden Bench

best commercial outdoor benches
Amish Casual

Made from pressure treated, leading kiln-dried pine, this bench is indeed designed to be timeless. It is also designed to have a rolled and contoured seat for additional comfort to everyone. Its thick slats can easily be attached with screws, and its commercial-grade quality makes it perfect for rooftops, resorts, condos, etc.

It is finished with advanced bio-based technology, which is for penetrating, preserving, and protecting. It has a lasting UV protection which assures no film forming, recoats and is odorless and certified to be eco-friendly. Certified done with handmade craftsmanship that makes its design simple yet beautiful and indeed timeless.

6. Aluminum Antique Bronze Finish Patio Bench

Patio Sense 61491 Aluminum Patio Bench
Patio Sense

The bench is beautifully designed and done with an antique bronze finish. It requires zero maintenance and is made from cast aluminum construction but still made to be lightweight for easy mobility in case of wanting to move it. This bench is made sturdy and for the comfort of the users. A bench with proven stability and durability. It requires no too much work because it is very easy to assemble.

7. Vifah Baltic Outdoor Wood 5- Foot Garden Bench

best commercial outdoor benches

This bench is made with oil-rubbed eucalyptus hardwood that was 100% grown in a well maintained and managed forests of Brazil. The bench is made to be unaffected by all varieties of weather and insect or pest attacks. It also underwent a natural wood finish. Can be used for both indoors and outdoors.

For care and cleaning, you only need to apply oil once a year to keep and maintain the bench’s color. This five-foot bench is made of durable wood that is built to last. Proven to be tightly grained and extremely durable, to provide comfort and service with desired density.

Originally designed for outdoors but this traditionally designed wood bench with a slatted backrest and bench seat is also perfect for a shaded porch, deck, patio, or even an enclosed sunroom.

8. Shorea Hardwood 4-Foot Outdoor Bench

best commercial outdoor benches
Oxford Garden

The bench is exclusively made for users’ comfort and relaxation. Its arms and deep curved seat are sculpted and made for a good comforting and well-rounded feeling for everyone who would sit on the bench. It is made with a strong hardwood Shorea. Shorea is a hardwood naturally grown in Southeast Asia that is one of the appropriately used woods for furniture construction.

No need to worry about the quality because it is made to be resistant to pest or bug attacks and infestations, weather conditions, and rotting. Its color can easily be maintained by just using teak oil. Built for comfort and strength and is commercially graded.

This bench is proven and tested to provide excellent durability and longevity of service to the buyers. Not only is it easy to maintain, but it is as well made to be done with minimal assembly only that won’t take up hours of your time.

9. Weatherproof Resin Garden Bench German-Made

German-Made by Plow & Hearth
Plow & Hearth

This beautiful classically designed bench is made to sit a maximum of 3 persons perfect for those who own a leisure park, or can be put in public playgrounds and parks, and also can be used for home gardens or backyards. The bench is proven stable because it can be bolted down to add to its durability and stability. It is also made from practically durable, high-quality, and commercially graded PVC that makes this bench weatherproof and rust-resistant. This bench is made to last for years, and thanks to its classic design, it can fit anywhere and makes it easy to maintain and care. No worry also because it is made to be easily assembled.

10. B8WBP-TAN Park Bench

Coated Outdoor Furniture B8WBP-TAN

It will truly add a fresh look and great addition to your outdoor space, carefully crafted from Coated Outdoor Furniture. This bench is proven to be made from steel, polyethene thermo-plastic coating and tan with black frames. Not only is this beautiful but also proven to be rust-resistant and it doesn’t also undergo discoloration or fading. The white bench is also stain-resistant, which help it maintain its color longer and lessen your maintenance of the bench. It won’t cause you too much trouble at all.

These benches are perfect for any outdoor space to take rest and pass the time. It can be placed in any part of the space because of its simple yet intricate design that can fit any design or landscape of garden, patio, or backyard. Its manufacturer and makers, Safavieh has been certified to be known in making high-quality furnishes and infuses classic designs that will be made perfect for everyone and for any space you wish to put it on.

Put in on a poolside, backyard, patio garden, or deck, and it will create more feel and relaxing ambiance to the space you wish to put this bench on. It is excellent when there are family gatherings, or you just wish to bond with the family on your space/garden.


#1. Up to how many persons can seat on the bench?

2-4 persons can seat, depending on each person’s size.

#2. What specific tools are used to assemble the bench?

Usually, the screws and even tool/s used to assemble comes with the package, but in case, you’ll need to use screwdrivers and pliers.

#3. Is the bench really for outside, what if it rains?

Most of the best commercial outdoor benches are made indeed for outdoors and can withstand any weather because there is a rust-resistant material used on the bench.

#4. If I wish to put the bench inside, can it be possible?

Yes, as long as you have ample space fit for the bench, you will be placing.

#5. Will there be no feeling of non-comfort upon sitting on the bench?

Not necessarily, because the bench is made for everyone to sit on and feel relaxed while doing so.

#6. Can I assemble the bench by myself?

Yes, because most of the best commercial outdoor benches are made to be easily assembled and even sometimes comes with special tool/s to be used for assembling them.

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