The Best Commercial Kitchen Food Prep Tables in 2022 (Buying Guide & Reviews)

A commercial food prep table is not only a cool, sleek stainless-steel piece of furniture you see on your favorite cooking show. It’s a highly multi-functional restaurant kitchen staple and it can also be used in your home.

The 5 Best Commercial Kitchen Food Prep Tables

Editor's PickBrandRating
Best OveralGRIDMANN NSF Stainless Steel Kitchen Prep & Work Table4.2
Runner UpDuraSteel NSF Certified Stainless Steel Work Table4.1
Best Budget PickFDW Stainless Steel Metal Kitchen Work Table4.4
Wire ShelfSeville Classics Stainless Commercial-Grade Work Table Steel4.5
Wood Top TableJohn Boos JNS10 Maple Top Work Table4.4
*Ratings may change*

Whether you are a master chef that requires a large, sturdy and smooth work surface or a professional artisan baker that needs a clinically stylish work table and let’s not forget a busy mom at home in need of a durable laundry room table. A commercial kitchen prep table can provide just what you need and more. They are functional, space saving and storage capable as many come with under shelving.

The list provided will detail the many great features of the best commercial kitchen prep tables and also highlight the many ways they can be utilized. From kitchens to the garage, hospital labs to your office lunchroom, these pieces of furniture are so versatile they can be equipped for almost any field or activity.

Here are the 5 Best Commercial Kitchen Prep Table Products

1. GRIDMANN NSF SS Commercial Kitchen Prep & Worktable

GRIDMANN NSF Stainless Steel Table

The Gridmann commercial kitchen prep table is constructed from 18-gauge stainless steel and comes with a 1 ¼ inch built-in backsplash. This makes it sturdy for commercial or home use and the built-in backsplash safeguards items from sliding or falling off. It has a sleek and professional design that’s great for kitchen use or as a worktable and also has the following additional features:

  • NSF certified and is made according to public health codes
  • Adjustable under shelf that is provides extra space and storage
  • Adjustable galvanized non marring feet that are easy on floors and prevent wobbling and unevenness
  • Rounded table edges for safety and comfort so that you don’t get caught on sharp edges

This commercial prep table can be used in a variety of commercial settings apart from kitchens such as laundry rooms, hospitals and schools. Its adjustable components also make it customizable and easy to set up for the tasks required and it is simple to assemble and dismantle as needed. It is also not hard to keep clean, after every use it is advised that you wipe down the surfaces with soap and water and properly dry. Doing this can keep it shiny and also prevent any build up from grease or sticky substances.

2. DURASTEEL Stainless Steel Food Prep Commercial Grade Worktable

DuraSteel Stainless Steel Work Table

The featured model from DuraSteel in this review is 24”x72”x34” but this manufacturer also has 17 different sizes to offer to suit a myriad of needs. This commercial kitchen prep table is also made from sturdy 18-gauge steel with corrosion resistance. Other specifications include:

  • Its durable (can last up to 20 years and beyond with proper care)
  • Supports up to 300lbs and is NSF certified
  • Easy assembly and comes with instructions
  • Adjustable under shelf and legs (plastic bullet feet)
  • Optional caster wheels that can be purchased separately but easy to install on base

This is also commercial grade for use in kitchens, restaurants, businesses, garages and warehouses but because of flexible size options it can even be utilized in your home for a wide range of functions. You can easily set up this commercial kitchen prep table to place and operate your heavier home appliances such as a large ice cream maker and because its polished surface is rust resistant it can withstand liquid spills and can easily be cleaned with a cloth.

3. FDW Stainless Steel Commercial Kitchen Work Table

FDW commercial kitchen prep table

The FDW commercial kitchen prep table is also available in five different sizes. It is also made from high performance stainless steel that is corrosion resistant just like previously mentioned models. In addition, it is designed to have a sleek polished finish and rounded, smooth edges for comfort and safety. Its other key attributes are:

  • It comes with an adjustable under shelf for extra storage and space
  • Easy to set up, assemble and use
  • Easy to clean, with proper care it can last very long and reduce scratch damage
  • Adjustable legs that can assist in stabilizing the unit on uneven flooring

This commercial kitchen prep table is also best for multi use and can be used in garages, workshops, kitchens, hospitals and more. It is sleek and stylish while being multi-functional and durable and can fit into any setting. It’s got different sizing options available from the manufacturer and all are affordably priced with the same great quality.

4. SEVILLE CLASSICS Commercial Grade SS NSF Top Work Table

Seville Classics Stainless Work Table

Here is another NSF Certified commercial kitchen prep table offered by manufacturer, Seville Classics. This unit is sophisticated yet incredibly suitable for commercial and industrial settings. This work table is 49” W x 24” D x 35.5” H and including its adjustable under shelf can hold up to 1000 pounds total!

  • Its prime material is 443 Stainless Steel with bullnose edging
  • Padded leveling feet
  • Has option to add on caster wheels for mobility
  • A second shelf can also be added on

This model is flexible and can also be used in various settings both commercial and domestic. It’s ideal for industrial for its high weight capacity and would do well in settings such as a garage, warehouse, and commercial laundromat or in a large-scale kitchen. The chrome plated steel legs are also very easy to clean and polish. This design is also backed by a limited 1-year warranty from the manufacturer and is easy to assemble and requires zero tools. Whether it is to be used in a kitchen, cafeteria or laundromat this table is a great fit for your needs and even wonderful for use in your household.

5. JOHN BOOS JNS10 Maple Top Work Table

John Boos Maple Top Wooden Work Table

John Boos Maple Top commercial kitchen prep table is last on the list but so unique. It is trendy chic and functional and also able to be used in commercial and domestic settings. The top is made from hard rock maple and it is treated with penetrating oil to increase its hardness and durability to upkeep its strength and promote longevity. This design also has many great features such as:

  • It also comes with a stainless steel under shelf and legs that are adjustable
  • Easy to clean with special oils available separately to treat the maple wood top for added resistance to spills and to maintain its beautiful grain finish
  • NSF Certified and approved
  • Easy to assemble with very little use for tools
  • Multi use and versatile functions
  • Comes in different dimensions

Its wood surface is aesthetically appealing but it is able to withstand daily use from food prep to kneading dough and/or for use as a craft or work table. It is recommended that the buyer of this model invest in the John Boos Mystery Oil that is specially formulated to maintain the durability of the wood and prevent drying, cracking or splitting. Even with this treatment it’s very easy to clean and maintain and can last a long time. It’s a lovely addition to rustic kitchens or to add a pop of warmth and color to a commercial setting.

Final Thoughts

From these reviews we can tell that all these commercial food prep tables are conformed to industry specifications and NSF approved. This means that they are recommended and designed for food preparation and would be approved by the health inspectors. They are also so sturdy and can hold large amounts of weight so that they are also suitable for heavy duty use in industrial settings. In the home they are also safe to use and can be used for many different activities.  However, there may still be some questions you may want to consider before investing in one of these great options discussed in this article.

#1. Which is the best commercial food prep table?

  • This question is probably the most frequently asked. All of the designs and manufacturers mentioned in this list are top sellers and have a good track record for quality and affordability. What you need to decipher is what is your budget for a commercial food prep table and choose the one that is more realistic for your wallet. Since some models come in various sizes and are also priced accordingly you can be sure to find the right fit for your expenses.
  • Additionally, you may want to consider what is the purpose intended for the table. Models such as the ones from Seville Classics and DuraSteel have optional caster wheels that can be purchased separately if you want a commercial food prep table that can be easily moved or rotated.
  • The John Boos Maple Top prep table is unique for being the only wooden top table on the list and is a great option for consumers who are looking for a functional work table but also want something to add to the décor. Going with this model will however require some additional care as the top is made from wood that needs some extra maintenance. Luckily John Boos also manufacturer the required oils and substances that you would need to keep your maple top at its optimal performance.
  • The rest of the commercial food prep tables mentioned are much more low maintenance and can be cleaned with regular soap and water and a chamois or soft cloth. Regular cleaning and proper drying after spills and wiping down surfaces will keep your food prep table clean, polished and prevent any instance of staining or getting any scratches or dents.
  • If you want a commercial table for daily use and will be utilizing in a fast-paced kitchen then the stainless options may be more ideal for saving time on cleaning up after your tasks as they are so simple to clean.

#2. What can a commercial food prep table be used for?

Don’t let the word commercial make you think these work tables are not for home use. They are multi use tables that you can use in your business, café, bakery, school, hospital, warehouse and your home kitchen or laundry room. It’s an innovative take on a kitchen island that’s space saving and easily assembled and adjusted. Or you can use it to create a work space for your appliances, crafts, baking prep or any activity that require a smooth and sturdy surface.

#3. How to set up a commercial food prep table?

For shipping purposes these commercial prep tables all come unassembled. Don’t let this be cause for alarm because they also come with clear instructions on how to be mounted and installed and most require little to no tools and usually are completely put together in thirty minutes or less.

#4. Where can commercial prep tables be sourced?

These tables are easily found on online marketplace and saves you the hassle of going from various types of restaurant supply stores and home depots with the click of a button.


The hardest part is choosing just one design but once you have narrowed down your choice based on your budget and the tasks you intend to use your commercial food prep table for, you will be making a long-term investment. These commercial food prep tables are long lasting and easy to maintain. With frequent and proper care, you can expect them to endure daily use for years to come.

A commercial food prep table is the standard for commercial kitchens of every scale and category. Furthermore, if you are someone who is setting up a new food business, it’s an essential structure that you would require. Regular wooden or tiled counter tops would cause you future expenses because they can be easily damaged or not well placed and are usually not fortified. These NSF approved stainless steel commercial food prep tables are safe, top quality and more affordable than granite or marble countertops and they are food grade approved.

Commercial food prep tables are much more widely used in all sorts of businesses and activities and are high in demand. Order yours today and you will be greatly satisfied with the quality and convenience you are sure to experience from professional and durable designs!

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