The Best Commercial Bakery Racks in 2022 (Buying Guide & Reviews)

Running a kitchen is a job that requires a lot of fast thinking, movement and innovative ideas. It also requires a smart use of tools and appliances to make your work easier, get things done faster and of course improve the quality of your products.

It’s also important to note that one major thing that a kitchen, bakery or restaurant can easily run out of is space. When you are short on space things become a little tricky and oftentimes multi-tasking can make you wish you had an extra pair of arms.

The 5 Best Commercial Bakery Racks

Editor's PickBrandRating
Best OveralGiantex 10 Tier Commercial Kitchen Aluminum Bakery Rack4.5
Runner UpNew Star Foodservice 36510 Aluminum 10-Tier Sheet Pan Rack4.6
Best Budget PickGRIDMANN Commercial Bun Pan Bakery Rack4.7
20 Pan End LoadJAXPETY 20 Pan End Load Bun Commercial Bakery Cooling Rack4.3
20-TierSandinrayli 20-Tier Commercial Kitchen Bun Pan Bakery Rack5.0
*Ratings may change*

So how do you save space, gain extra assistance, and save time?

The answer is simply commercial bakery racks or what are also known as commercial baker’s racks or bun pan racks. It’s basically a structure designed to hold trays of food, baked good, art and craft projects, soaps, or basically almost anything you can think of. It is a very versatile and multi-functional piece of equipment.

You can use a commercial bakery rack to cool your trays of baked goods or food, for the temporary storage of finished products and to move a full load of items between locations in just one trip.

One of the best features of commercial bakery racks is that they are made to move so they have swiveling wheels that allow you to transport items safely from one place to the next in any direction and are made from strong yet light weight industrial materials. They come in a variety of sizes, won’t slay your budget and will last long with proper care and maintenance.

With this in mind what are the best commercial bakery racks out on the market? And how do you know which commercial bakery rack is the best fit for your home or business?

Take a look at 5 of the top selling models and learn about what makes them so revered and highly rated by consumers everywhere from homemakers to bakery and restaurant chains.

Here are the 5 Best Commercial Bakery Rack Brands

1. GIANTEX 10 Tier Aluminum Bakery Rack

Giantex 10 Tier Aluminum Bakery Rack

This commercial bakery rack is even suitable for home use and also comes in a 20-tier model from the same manufacturer. It’s lightweight and easy to assemble. It also has other great features such as the following:

  • An open-end rack design that is compact and space saving while providing easy access to insert or remove bakery trays
  • Corrosion resistant high-quality polished aluminum for long lasting durability and style
  • 4 sturdy swiveling wheels with lock mechanisms on two of them for easy movement and stability
  • It can hold 10 full sized sheet pans or 20 half sized pans and up to 33 lbs. of weight on each rack

If you have a small bakery or restaurant this inexpensive commercial bakery rack is a great bargain. You will be able to use it as a cooling rack as well as to transport food items from one location to the next with ease and comfort. It’s lightweight but sturdy which makes it easy to push or pull. It’s also compact enough to use in your home if you frequently bake or do personal catering out of your home kitchen without taking up a big chunk of space.

2. NEWSTAR FOODSERVICE 36510 10 tier Aluminum Sheet Pan Rack

New Star Foodservice 36510 Bun Pan Rack

The Newstar Food Service 10 tier commercial grade aluminum sheet pan rack is another great design that’s easy to use and handle. It also comes unassembled with instructions that are simple and that require very few tools to mount up.

  • It has an open-end rack design as well that gives packing and unpacking the trays a seamless process
  • It also comes with wheels that will not damage your floors and is they are outfitted with locking mechanisms to keep the rack stable when required
  • Racks are spaced 3 inches apart in height and can also hold 10 full sized sheet trays or 20 half sized ones
  • It is also made of durable yet lightweight aluminum

This commercial bakery rack is also great for use in hospitals, bakeries, pizzerias and any food service business that wants comfort, durability and space saving equipment added to their kitchen arsenal. It’s easy to move with wheels that rotate 360 degrees. It is also quite simple to clean and maintain.

3. GRIDMANN Commercial Bun Pan Bakery Rack

GRIDMANN Commercial Bun Pan Bakery Rack

This model of a commercial baker’s rack has a 20-tier capacity and is also an open-end design that makes for easy loading and unloading. It’s a fantastic addition to a large bakery or kitchen environment with high output levels of goods to cool or transport from kitchen to counter.

  • Since it is 20 tiered it has very strong and 5-inch heavy-duty wheels to facilitate rapid and smooth transport and support heavier weights. Two wheels have a locking mechanism feature to keep the rack from rolling away when stationary.
  • It’s made from rust resistant aluminum as well and also has supporting beams welded to the frame to add more stability and strength to its structure
  • Despite being made from industrial materials it is still quite easy to manage and is lightweight
  • It can also be used for holding trays of soap and soap making materials and various craft projects
  • It holds 20 full sized baking sheet trays or 40 half sized trays

The Gridmann bun pan bakery rack is perfect for larger kitchen operations and busy locations. It is also not difficult to assemble and comes packaged with all the necessary tools, accessories and instructions to ensure a quick and foolproof installation. It is also good at space saving because instead of using two 10 tiered racks it is much more convenient to use a ready made 20 tier one.

4. JAXPETY 20 Pan Commercial Bakery Rack

JAXPETY 20 Pan Bun Rack

Jaxpety also offers a sleek 20-tier commercial baker’s rack that is quite similar to others mentioned on this list. It is also constructed from high quality aluminum with reinforced bars built into the frame to provide extra structural security. Its key features are as follows:

  • 4 swivel casters that are heavy duty and supportive. 2 are outfitted with locks for keeping the baker’s rack in place when needed. The wheels are also gentle on flooring even with constant use
  • It has 20 racks that hold 20 full sized sheet trays or 40 half sized trays
  • Classic open-end design to allow uninhibited loading and removal of trays
  • Sleek silver finish that is easy to clean and maintain

The Jaxpety commercial bakery rack is specially designed for frequent and large output in kitchens, bakeries, pizzerias but can also be used in your household if you do a lot of baking or a variety of art and craft hobbies or work that requires a racking system. Just like all the other models of commercial bakery racks mentioned, it is space saving and trays can be inserted from all sides which is convenient in a fast-paced environment.

5. SANDINRAYLI 20 Tier Commercial Kitchen Bakery Rack

Sandinrayli 20-Tier Bakery Rack

The fifth commercial bakery rack to be featured is from Sandinrayli. It is a streamlined 20 tier model and is constructed with corrosion resistant aluminum. It holds many of the same features listed on other models and is an industry standard.

  • It is made of 20 tiers which holds up to 33 lbs. per rack
  • Up to 20 full sized baking sheet trays or 40 half sized trays can be loaded
  • Four heavy duty swivel wheels with locking and brake mechanisms on two of them for added stability
  • Easy to move and lightweight with a space saving design
  • Open end racks for ease and comfort inserting and removing trays
  • Supportive beams for additional structural strength and safety

This commercial bakery rack is perfect for any kitchen, bakery or restaurant and especially useful for moving large amounts of items around with its ergonomic wheels. It omits the need for several small racks and great to save space and be functional at the same time.


1. How to choose the best commercial bakery rack?

For home use or occasional usage, the better suited models of the best commercial bakery racks would be the 10 tier rack models such as the Giantex and Newstar Foodservice offerings. These are also more affordably priced and great for use in small spaces. You can even tuck one in a corner and use the top tier for placing small appliances like a vacuum sealer to create a work station for packing cookies after they’ve been cooled.

For professional usage, the 20-tiered models are a great investment and ideal for larger businesses or for smaller companies who are planning to expand and want to be ahead of the game. In some cases, having just one commercial bakery rack is enough to boost your production in a small company.

2. Why should you invest in a commercial bakery rack?

  • It’s space saving
  • Versatile and multi-functional
  • Affordable
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Helps you save time transporting items
  • Modern design
  • Professional
  • Heavy duty wheels are gentle on all types of floor materials
  • Easy to assemble and dismantle when needed

3. How to use and maintain a commercial bakery rack?

  • Since the best commercial bakery racks are essentially fortified aluminum framed structures there aren’t many moving parts apart from the wheels and these are easy to maintain with frequent cleaning, and the occasional tightening of screws
  • The rust resistant aluminum is easy to clean in the event of spills or just to keep polished, all you need is a clean cloth and aluminum safe cleaning agent
  • To use a commercial bakery rack all you are required to do is carefully align and slide your baking sheet unto the rack tier of your choice. Always remember to handle hot trays with baking mittens and protect yourself from getting burnt.
  • All of the best commercial racks are constructed with food grade approved material and are neither nontoxic nor can they contaminate food
  • Proper usage will result in years of service so do not overload your commercial bakery rack beyond its specified capacity and handle carelessly

4. Where can the best commercial bakery racks be purchased?

Follow the links provided in the list of 5 best commercial bakery racks to find the best deals on the top-rated designs.


After considering all the information provided it’s clear that the best commercial bakery racks all have very similar features and adhere to the industry standard. They are all designed for efficiency and comfort as well as easy and safe mobility.

Investing in a commercial bakery is highly recommended as its benefits are greatly approved. While prices vary, there is a bargain for every budget and need, from the humble home-based baker to full scale operations at a bakery or restaurant.

These commercial bakery racks are not only used in kitchens but are fantastic for use in art, craft and soap making endeavors as well as hospitals, cafeterias, schools and much more. The variety of sizes is also an advantage as consumers can choose what capacity is better suited for the intended usage of the equipment.

If you are the owner of a bakery, pizzeria or restaurant then you know how hectic it gets at peak times of the day when all the orders rush in. Having a 20-tiered commercial bakery rack can assist immensely to keep up with this by allowing you to prepare sufficient amounts of food in advance and store on the rack for easy retrieval and establish a quick grab and go system. You can either make use of the open-end design to pull trays out as needed or move the whole rack to offload into display cases or packaging stations. Doesn’t this sound like a great time saving method?

Whether your business or household just needs one or twenty commercial bakery racks it’s a great long-term investment to help boost your productivity and create a modern and innovative work space. Take the leap today and get the best commercial bakery rack to add to your team and invest in the innovation and professionalism of your company!

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