5 Best Commercial Vacuum Sealer Reviews – Food Vacuum Sealer

Buying a good quality industrial vacuum sealer is a challenging task because there are so many brands and products available in the market and they make selection task much difficult.

If you are also facing same trouble then it is good to read the reviews below as it will help you to pick the best design for your commercial or individual needs:

5 Best Commercial Vacuum Sealers:

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Plug Available: Black and White Plug - US, EU and AU
Vacuuming and Sealing Time- 15 to 30 s.
Vacuuming Level= -0.075 to -0.08MPa

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250W Stainless Steel Semi commercial Vacuum Sealer.
Double sealing line plus adjustable seal time.
Digital displays vacuum and sealing process.

1. SealerSales KF-200HC 8″: If you want to invest on a quality product then SealerSales KF-200HC 8″ is the right option for you. Its stainless steel design ensures higher endurance and longevity. It is recommended for most of industrial as well as household applications due to its special plastic material that is safe for food items. 


• Easy to handle manual operations with effortless functionality. 

• Compact size.

• Easy to use and No need any training to operate.

• Long lasting and durable design with stainless steel material and acrylic plastic lid. 


• Price appears much higher for regular household applications. 

SealerSales KF-200HC 8" Heat & Bag Sealer w/ Cutter & 2mm Seal from ABC Office

2. VacMaster VP210: Here is another affordable option for complete safety of your products. It works with unique vacuuming technique that ensures the best vacuum sealing even for liquid food items too. So you will find it an ideal choice not only for meat rather for soups, stews, and marinades too. 


• It comes with the double seal on the package.

• One can easily seal the food items including liquids.

• The advanced vacuuming technique takes out complete air out of the chamber without causing any failure. 


• It appears little expensive solution.

3. Minipack MVS 45X: This advanced vacuum sealer can pack the food items as well as non-food stuff perfectly. So you can consider it an ideal choice for meat, vegetables, fruits and even for liquid and powders. It comes with easy settings so that beginners can also find them easy to use. 


• Designed with stainless steel material to ensure high-grade performance.

• Comes with 10 unique storable programs that are much easier to handle.

• You will definitely love its auto calibration feature.


• Costly unit.

Minipack MVS 45X Chamber Vacuum Sealer Machine

4. LEM Products 1253 MaxVac: It is designed especially to handle heavy duty operations in an industrial environment. With advanced technologies and ultimate features, it offers an efficient sealing solution for commercial applications. The stainless steel design makes it an ideal choice for heavy duty applications. 


• Awesome build quality with eye catching a performance.

• It is easy to use with simple control options.

• Ensures high safety.

• Can also seal the moist food products. 

• It has the bag holder & cutter


• Seals only 5 hours continuously!

LEM Products 1253 MaxVac 500 Vacuum Sealer with Bag Holder & Cutter

5. VacMaster VP120 Chamber Vacuum Sealer: VP120 is an ideal choice for small scale commercial units as well as for household applications. It has the ability to seal food in such a manner that it can stay safe for the long run. This machine is designed with easy to handle functions and control options that make it an ideal choice for heavier foods including liquids etc. 


• It is quite easier to operate.• The auto programming feature enhances convenience.

• Multiple packaging options.


• Heavy and Bulky choice. 

VacMaster VP120 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Choosing a perfect vacuum sealer machine for regular use is tough. I would really appreciate it if you would like to consider your experience to make this review animated.

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