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Top 10 Commercial Waffle Maker Reviews – Kitchen Equipment

When it comes to making waffles, a commercial grade machine is going to produce the best results. But, just because a machine is expensive does not make it the best. When choosing a new waffle maker, these are a few of the top commercial waffle makers to consider when you are going to make the investment

1. Chef’s Choice 850 – 

A four plate grid creates golden, crisp waffles with every use. It only takes two minutes to prepare your waffles and features a double side plate grill, so no need to flip each side during preparation. Some of the good features include the quick preparation time and ease of clean up. You can simply put the plates in the dishwasher for cleaning. It has a cord storage area for easy storage when not in use. 

Some of the drawbacks to consider include: 
– It takes as longer to heat up (about 3 minutes) than it does to make the waffles. 
– The grid plates are a bit smaller than other commercial machines (about 11” X 12”). 
You also receive a warranty, but it only covers one year on the commercial waffle maker you receive. 

2. Waring Commercial WW200 – 

This heavy duty waffle maker provides a great base for those who are looking for a commercial grade machine. It features a simple swivel twist design for you to flip the batter during preparation, and the removable plates make clean up a cinch. 

Good – 
It heats in under two minutes and waffles are cooked evenly throughout. It features heating element controls for ease of temperature change/display, so you always know what temperature is set when preparing waffles. You can make a single waffle at a time but you should maintain the temperature to avoid harm.

Bad – 
It is double waffle maker, so you can only prepare two waffles at a time in comparison to 4 with other commercial machines. It also has LED indicator lights but requires you to flip both sides to prepare your waffles, meaning longer cook times than other commercial grade machines. 

3. Waring WMK600 – 

With the non-stick surface, your waffles won’t get stuck or overcooked on this waffle maker. It features 110 Volt capacity, double-side Belgian waffle grid patterns. The heavy duty machine will create consistent texture and taste with every use. 

Good – 
Some of the pros of this machine include: 
– A sturdy design and consistency with each use.
– Rotary feature for easy browning. It has 2 LED indicator lights with 3 audio beep tones.
– Temperature control heating plates, giving you complete control of the machine. – You don’t have to make two at a time, but both sides will heat up.

Some of the bad features or cons to consider include the removable grid plates tend to overheat, requiring plenty of cool time after use. The waffle maker has indicator lights (LED lights) but does not have an indicator bell/noise when waffles are finished. It is also quite pricey in comparison to other waffle makers. 

4. Hanchen Instrument – 

Good – 
Some of the features owners will appreciate include: the fact that you can prepare 3 to 8 waffles at once with double plate size. It also has a 110 and 220 V option, and a durable stainless steel exterior isn’t prone to damage or destruction. It features interchangeable waffle grids, so you can prepare more or fewer waffles at a time on the rectangular base. 

Bad – 
The removable plates do heat very quickly so it will take some time if you plan on removing/replacing the plates in between prep times. Waffles cook easily but the open grid can be dangerous if you have kids around and doesn’t auto shut off like other similar machines.

5. Chef’s Supreme Commercial – 

If you are looking for quick cook times, this is a great option. Some of the features it offers include prep times under 2 minutes and even heat distribution. It can also prepare 4 waffles at a time and runs on electronic controls, so you are fully aware of the exact settings on the waffle maker. 

Bad – 
One of the bad features of these commercial waffle makers is the small grid size; it also takes up to 3 minutes to fully heat, and the waffle size is far smaller than other commercial machines. It only includes a 1-year warranty, although it is quite expensive in the marketplace. 

6. Uniworld Stainless steel – 

This commercial waffle maker has a stainless steel cast body and aluminum plates for even cooking. With temperatures up to 475 F, it will crisp the outside without burning the interior of your waffles. Some of the good features include: the fact that you can prepare up to 4 waffles at once, and even cook times. There is no need to flip as waffles cook on both sides at the same time with heating elements on top and bottom. 

Bad – 
The waffle maker is a 1600 W machine, so it won’t fit all outlets, especially in home/residential kitchens. It also has a small grid size, at 4” X 4.25 ”, which is much smaller than other waffle makers of this capacity. 

7. Generic Base – 

A 110 V capacity allows you to plug in and use in nearly any kitchen. A non-stick surface allows for even removal and your waffles won’t get stuck onto the grid even at high temperatures. There is an adjustable thermostat and heating element, so you know exact prep times and heating time. 

Bad – 
The generic option doesn’t offer a warranty, so you aren’t covered if the heating element burns out or if other issues arise. It does have a smaller grid plate so heats quickly, but you can only make 2 waffles, versus 4 at a time. 

8. Changlong Instrument – 

Baking 4 waffles at once, it offers even heat distribution on top and bottom, and even cooking temperatures throughout. The heating grids are non-stick so waffles will cook evenly and won’t burn when you lose track of time. 

Bad – 
It takes 3 to 5 minutes to prepare, which is longer than most commercial machines. The grid plates are smaller as well and aluminum plates don’t offer even heat distribution as is the case with non-stick grids. 

9. Boshi NP-544 –

The machine features a 110 and 220 V option. It features 50 Pieces Poffertjes, Muffins, and cake together so you don’t have to rely on one side before flipping the others. It allows for more balance in busy kitchens, and quicker prep times if you are producing in high volumes.

Thermal conductivity cooks faster. If you aren’t used to thermal heat, it will require a learning curve. There is no lock or safety mechanism built in, and waffles can take up to 5 minutes to prepare, which is a little longer than most traditional commercial grade machines.

10. Equipex

The high-end press makes up to 40 waffles per hour making it ideal for busy restaurants serving breakfast. Heating lights and adjustable thermostats give you full control of prep times, and independent heat zones allow you to work on different grids at different temperatures.

The machine is compact, so it only allows for one user at a time. It also features a close/lock lid, so once it is shut, you can’t open/adjust cook times when making waffles.

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  • There are several commercial waffle makers to consider investing in. When purchasing one, these are a few options, which feature ease of use/functionality, quick cook times, and even cooking throughout, for consistent production in a commercial or at home setup.

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