The Best Commercial Food/Dough Mixers in 2022 (Guide, Reviews & FAQs)

Mixing the perfect batter or dough can be difficult and time consuming when done manually. In a fast-paced commercial kitchen that needs to produce large quantities of baked goods, pastries, or pizza, it can be difficult to keep up with the demand. In this post, I have compiled a list of the best commercial dough mixers currently available with FAQs and guidelines.

The 5 Best Commercial Stand Food/Dough Mixers

Editor's PickBrandCapacityRating
Best OveralKitchenAid KSM8990NP Commercial Stand Food Dough Mixer8 qt4.5
Runner UpWolf Gourmet High-Performance Stand Food Dough Mixer7 qt4.8
Best Budget PickCuisinart SM-50R Stand Food Dough Mixer5.5 qt4.7
3 SpeedsKITMA Heavy Duty Commercial Stand Food Dough Mixer30 qt3.9
3 SpeedsHappybuy Commercial Stand Food Dough Mixer15 qt4.0
*Ratings may change*

Kneading dough by hand throughout the day is exhausting and the quality of the dough is not consistent. There is also a high risk of contamination of the dough if the chef forgets to practice proper hygiene.

A commercial food mixer creates a sanitary and reliable preparation method for your prized recipes. There is no need to feel the pressure of keeping up with deadlines when you have a commercial food stand mixer. It can knead your dough in a matter of minutes, handle the heaviest doughs and batter, mix ingredients thoroughly and smoothly. The quality of the dough is superior to simple hand kneading and you can prep large batches of dough in one go.

Your bread, cakes, cookies, noodles, pasta, waffle, and pizzas will always have professional quality and consistency. We have reviewed the best commercial pasta maker machine for culinary uses to make dried and fresh pasta. However, a dough mixer is time-saving and useful for making pasta easily at any time. It can help you to make short, long, egg pasta, etc. Furthermore, you can check out the top 10 best commercial waffle maker reviews with recipes for making the delicious waffle made from leavened batter or dough.

Commercial food or dough mixers are easy to operate and you can multi task while your doughs and batters are being processed. Commercial food or dough mixers also come with a wide range of compatible accessory stirrers that can be used for a wide variety of dishes and different types of preparation.  Your goods will be prepped and ready for baking in no time and be ready for the rush of hungry customers or delivery orders. A food mixer of this nature boosts your productivity rate and helps you to always be one step ahead.

Choosing a commercial food mixer is easy with the following guide. The 5 best commercial food mixers described in this list are top selling units from notable brands that re-known for great quality products and customer service.  They are durable, high performance and can fulfill a range of functions from small capacity to large scale productions.

Here are the 5 Best Commercial Dough Mixer Products

1. KITCHEN AID KSM8990NP 8 Quart Commercial Countertop Stand Mixer

KitchenAid KSM8990NP Countertop Mixer

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The Kitchen Aid 8 quart stand mixer is a large capacity mixer that is equipped to handle over 8 pounds of dough to prepare the better batch of cookies, bread, pie or pizza crust in a single bowl. It has the following great features:

  • Bowl Lift Design – This gives steady bowl support and stability for working with heavy ingredients or jumbo batches of ingredients. The sturdy level raises the bowl into position for a more productive beater-to-bowl interaction
  • It has a 10 speed slide control that ranges from a fast whip to slow stir
  • The power hub works with over 12 different attachments to help you create a wide variety of recipes
  • 1.3 HP Motor – This powerful motor allows your mixer to produce consistent and evenly distributed power with less heat build up no matter the size of the load
  • The commercial dough mixer is NSF accredited and also includes a Powerknead Spiral Dough Hook, Flat Beater, and Stainless Steel Wire Whip.

This versatile commercial mixer is quite heavy duty and perfect for business environments such as bakeries, cafes or restaurants which produce large outputs of goods daily. If you an avid baker you can also use this model in your home kitchen for professional results.

2. WOLF GOURMET 7 Qt High Performance Stand Dough Mixer

Wolf High-Performance Stand Mixer

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Wolf Gourmet offers a sleek, brushed stainless steel food mixer that can be used in your home or small business. It’s lightweight but powerful and carries the following great product specs:

  • The sturdy motor and gearing system maintains regular speed and power even while mixing dense, heavy bread doughs
  • Bowl lift design- it gives simple bowl adjustment and excellent durability. A simple change of the handle elevates the bowl up and locks
  • It has a simple variable speed dial that gives specific control for every recipe. It has a pulse function to smoothly combine ingredients into your dough and prevents ingredients like flour from being scattered
  • There are many attachments that are compatible with this unit to facilitate functions like meat grinding. The simple magnetized cover and locking system make switching between accessories efficiently easy.
  • 7-quart capacity-  the stainless steel bowl can hold 7 quarts and has a huge handle to lend support when delivering heavy batches

Cook your beloved dumplings recipe, dishes of fresh focaccia, or pans of anniversary cake batter in the comfort of your home kitchen or in your small business. While this model is a smaller capacity than the others on this list, it is still versatile for commercial use in a small business that does not typically produce food items on a large scale.

3. Cuisinart SM-50R 5.5 Qt Stand Food Dough Mixer

Cuisinart SM-50R 5.5-Quart Stand Mixer

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Cuisinart’s commercial stand mixer is wonderful for use in schools, bakeries, pizzerias, commercial kitchens, family parties, and canteens. It can mix a wide variety of food and dough ingredients for diverse products.

  • Voltage:110V
  • 500 watts motor
  • Bowl Capacity: 5.5 Quart/1.3 Gallon
  • It comes with three different stirrers – Spiral Dough Hook, used for pizza and other heavy dough. Flat Beater, used for mashing potatoes, vegetables, batters or icing. Wire Whip, used for light mixes such as whipped cream, egg whites and light icings and meringues.
  • 12 Speeds for smooth mixing
  • splashguard with spout for the better shield
  • 0-12 speed controls for start and stop
  • it comes with 3 years limited warranty

This heavy-duty commercial food mixer is a tad smaller than the 30-quart units previously mentioned but still works wonders in a commercial kitchen. You can also use it in your home kitchen for large baking projects for school or engaging in a side business.

4. KITMA 30 Quart Commercial Heavy Duty Food Mixer

KITMA 30 Quart Heavy Duty Floor Mixer

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Kitma offers a 30-quart commercial food mixer as well, which is easy to use for making large batches of cakes, bread, cookies, pastries. This makes your mixing tasks much easier and you can achieve a higher output of goods. It also has the following specs:

  • This heavy-duty food mixer machine comes with 5 accessories: spiral dough hook, wire whip, flat beater, safety protector and non-slip rubber feet.
  • It also has a 3-speed control – low speed, middle speed, high speed.
  • It has a bent lever – to adjust the gap within the bowl and the head of the mixer for simply adding ingredients or excluding the mixing bowl, beaters, dough hooks.
  • Time control knob – you can set kneading time from 0 to 30 minutes
  • This commercial mixer is certified in the USA and Kitma provides 24/7 days customer service and 1 year of warranty that covers onsite maintenance services, parts and labour after purchase.

This professional food mixer is perfect for all events in your kitchen, large catering orders or fast selling items can be efficiently prepared for baking or cooking and cut down on prep time. Its stainless steel body is also easy to clean after use.

5. HAPPYBUY 15 Quart Commercial Food Mixer for Bakeries

Happybuy Commercial Food Mixer

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This heavy-duty commercial food mixer from Happybuy is great for use in bakeries, pizzerias, school lunchrooms and catering businesses. It has a 15-quart capacity and can produce large batches daily. The following features also add to its great performance:

  • Three Stirrer Options – Spiral Dough Hook – for smoother operation when kneading heavy doughs. Flat Beater – for mashing foods such as potatoes or vegetables, mixing cake batter and icing, Whip – for aerating light mixtures such as egg whites, whipped cream, icing, meringues.
  • It has a 3-speed control – 110/178/390 RPM
  • It has an electric motor with gear driven transmission and can easily fit various mixing conditions
  • It comes with a stainless steel wire bowl protector to prevent larger items from slipping into the bowl during running
  • 600 Watts power input, 110 Volt power supply
  • 12 months warranty

This unit is very industrial and weighs approximately 130 lbs. It is recommended for commercial use for its large capacity, powerful mixing and durability. It can hold up to 1.5 kg of flour at a time and produce large batches that are time-saving and convenient for a large-scale production facility.

Some of the dough mixer models of this list have attachment accessories to enhance more uses such as meat grinder, pasta maker, juicer, veg slicer, and more. The stainless steel housing and the powerful motor made these makers so sturdy and efficient for multi-uses. Read reviews of the best commercial meat grinder, if you are looking to grind meat in your business or home separately.

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Now that you have come across the 5 best commercial food/dough mixers available on the market today, how do you narrow down options further to pick the best fit for your applications? Consider these FAQs to help in making your decision:

#1. Which is the best commercial food mixer?

Depending on your budget and the size of your business, you are sure to find a good match on this list. For large scale operations like busy bakeries and catering businesses, you can’t go wrong with the 30 quart models like the Kitma and Happy Buy models. They are on the pricier end of the scale but you can surely get your money’s worth and more from the output of these units. For home use or small start-up businesses, the smaller capacity mixers ( Kitchen Aid, Cuisinart, Wolf Gourmet) are good initial investments until you decide to increase or expand your output.

#2. How durable are commercial food mixers?

These commercial food mixers are made from rust proof stainless steel of food grade quality. They are protected by manufacturer’s warranties and with proper care and usage can last for a long time.

#3. How safe are commercial food mixers?

Commercial food mixers on this list are safe to use and made from industrial quality food grade materials. They have passed safety and quality testing such as NSF and come with instruction manuals and safety tips to follow. Don’t put hands in the bowl while the beater/stirrer is moving, keep water away from the electrical components and be careful when moving the heavy-duty models that have a sizable weight. These simple precautions can prevent injuries or malfunctions.

#4. How to use a commercial food mixer?

Simply choose the attachment of your choice and insert into place, insert the bowl properly into its designated grove, use the lever to adjust the height and start adding your ingredients as you set the appropriate speed setting.

#5. How do you maintain a commercial food mixer?

The stainless-steel bowl, attachments and body make it easy to wash and wipe down. Do not fill bowls over their intended capacity and ensure the electrical components are not subject to the presence of water or fluids. Don’t dowse water on the unit to clean.

#6. Where can a commercial food mixer be purchased?

All the commercial food or stand dough mixers on this list can be found online.


Commercial food mixers make your large workload easier to manage and produce perfectly mixed and textured doughs and batters. It can be a great boost to your business and also make baking for the holidays a breeze in your home kitchen. Your café, catering company, restaurant bakery or pizzeria can definitely benefit from the addition of a commercial stand food mixer.

They range in size, functions and price range, but according to your needs and what you plan to use them for, there is no bad choice in purchasing one of the best-selling, reliable commercial food mixers on this list. You can produce professional quality bread, cakes, cookies, frosting, pizza, and specialty treats with a commercial food mixer and enhance your quality rating amongst your customers. This can also develop a good reputation in the food service industry.

Investing in a commercial food mixer can make large profits many times over the actual cost of the unit which can then be used to re-invest into your business and even go towards expansion. To compliment your professional baking endeavours, you can also add other great high quality and time saving appliances to your kitchen to work in tandem with your food mixer. Read our reviews on the subject of the best commercial panini press with buyers guide and the best commercial bakery racks with guidelines are fantastic discussion on items to add to your kitchen.

Boost your domestic kitchen or upgrade your small to large scale bakery or food business with one of these amazing commercial stand food mixers and prepare your favourite recipes with the ease of professional tools.

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