How Does a Vacuum Sealer Work (2022) for Commercial/Home Setup?

Vacuum sealing is one of the best methods of preserving food for long term storage. It is not only used for packing foods but many other things. In this post, I have discussed how does a vacuum sealer work in a commercial setup or at home?

Mini vacuum sealers are used on a small scale for domestic use. And commercial grade vacuum sealers are more prominent in the packaging industry, especially for food packaging.

Why Vacuum Seal?

  • It preserves food items without any chemical additives which can be harmful
  • It also protects items especially when in transit, shipping and can prevent freezer burn
  • Vacuum sealed packaging locks in the freshness and taste of food items
  • It makes storing bags easy because vacuum-sealed items take up less space
  • Many restaurants use it to marinate meats for more intense flavor

What Is A Commercial Vacuum Sealer?

A commercial vacuum sealer is much larger than domestic models. They also have a slightly different method of sealing. Commercial vacuum sealers are chamber styled. They are very powerful and can seal several bags at the same time. It’s very efficient for packaging companies or large restaurants and kitchens. They are popularly used in the food industry. Commercial vacuum sealers are sturdy so they can be used for bulk packaging in businesses or households.

Common Structure & Functions

  1. Stop/Start button to turn on/off.
  2. Vac button to start vacuuming bag
  3. The mode button is to change the settings to low, medium, or high.
  4. Sealing button to start bag sealing
  5. The marinating button is for marinating food
  6. Timing buttons allow setting the sealing time
  7. The digital display shows all operations.

How Does It Work?

Commercial vacuum sealers pump all of the air out of the chamber and bags in one fell swoop. This creates a totally airtight package. After the air is pumped out the next phase is to seal all the edges of the package so that nothing can spill or leak out.

This method makes it possible to vacuum seal liquids. The process is not difficult when done on a large scale, it can be a little slow but you get sure results. Here is a quick summary of how to use a vacuum sealer individually or commercially.

  • First, you place the food contents into a vacuum seal bag or sous vide bag. These are made from food-grade plastic and can vary in texture, thickness, and size.
  • Secondly, you place the bag (or bags) carefully into the chamber. Some bags can be folded at the top.
  • Start up the sealer and chamber as well as adjust the required pressure settings.
  • If the setting is correct, the sealer will then compress the bag and remove all traces of air once the bag is properly prepared.
  • This shrinks the plastic down around the item in the bag ensuring there are no air pockets or oxygen inside.
  • After the bag is fully compressed it has to pass through heated bars to be heat sealed for more precision and locked in the seal.

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You will most likely have a manufacturers manual or be given a demonstration on how to use the vacuum sealer from the seller. You will also be able to learn about the different pressure settings and what to use them for.

You can use a commercial vacuum sealer to package meat, broths, fruits, and a wide range of other food items. You can also use it for clothing, large comforters and sheets, electronics, parts, toys, and anything that needs an airtight package!

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