How to Use a Popcorn Machine Like a Pro (2022)-A Beginners Guide to Pro

Who goes to a movie, carnival, or fair without buying a big tub of delicious popcorn? Popcorn is an easy, affordable, and tasty snack choice for all ages. In this post, I have discussed how to use a popcorn machine professionally at a business or home.

Whether you like your popcorn salty, buttery, or with a drizzle of chocolate or caramel, everyone can agree that popcorn is a crowd favourite. Making popcorn is not hard at all. It’s really very simple, so read the full discussion.

At home, you just need a tall pot, your corn kernels, a little bit of oil, and in a few minutes, you can have your house smelling like a movie theatre. To make it easier, microwave popcorn and air poppers exist to make things more convenient. On the other hand, I have a guide to choosing the best home theater popcorn maker to treat yourself at home anytime.

Popcorn is always a popular movie snack and its maker makes it easier day by day. This confirms the authentic taste of what a stove or microwave cannot, and using a maker is not that difficult. To enjoy the best taste, how to make movie theater popcorn using a popcorn maker is the must-read guide.

In large places like the cinema, mall food court, or outdoor carnivals, a commercial popcorn machine is needed. They can produce a large amount of popcorn in one cycle. You may have noticed these large popcorn machines before. They are made of steel and glass with heating components inside to pop the corn. Maybe you’ve seen them in action, with hundreds of popcorn kernels spilling out into the glass compartment.

Here’s a Breakdown of How a Popcorn Machine Works

  1. Plug the popcorn machine into a wall outlet (110V)
  2. The kettle in which you pour the corn must then be placed into position
  3. Turn on the heating light switch to warm up the kettle pot
  4. After a few minutes, turn on the motor for the kettle and add oil
  5. Add the correct amount of popcorn kernels
  6. Close the top lid
  7. Wait for the popcorn to finish pop, when you stop hearing popping sounds, it’s ready to dispense
  8. Carefully open the lid and using the lever attached, tilt the kettle to throw out the popped corn
  9. Repeat the process when more is needed
  10. For optimal temperature, the heating lamp inside the glass case must be kept on

It’s important to note that the parts of the popcorn machine may get dangerously hot. Be careful and use gloves or try not to touch the machine with bare hands when it is in operation. Always ensure that the lid is properly closed when you start popping corn or else hot oil can splatter out. If you have a user’s manual, try to keep it in good condition in case you need to clarify how to use the machine.

To clean the machine, wait until it is completely cooled then use a damp cloth to wipe the interior parts, glass and kettle. Don’t dowse it with water, and make sure that it is unplugged after use. Most popcorn machines are made from stainless steel, tempered or plexi glass components.

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After you finish wiping down the machine use a dry cloth to ensure no moisture is left sitting on the appliance. Popcorn machines are easy to use, clean, maintain and are very durable. You can pop several batches of popcorn in a row and it gets done in a short space of time!

If you have already purchased one of the best popcorn machines or looking to buy one and learn how to use a popcorn machine, this infographic is for you.

How to Use a Popcorn Machine Infographic
How to Use a Popcorn Machine Infographic

Image source: Great Northern Popcorn

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