Whether choosing an industrial popcorn machine for use in a movie theater or concession stand, looking for commercial popcorn machine reviews to help you find the best fit for a convenience store, or simply shopping for the best popcorn machine for home theater use, you have several top products to consider.

So, before you do invest in something that is over-priced, and won’t do the job you want it to do, these are a few options to consider when reading commercial popcorn machine reviews, to find the right fit for commercial (or home theater) use.

1. Carnival King PM470 –

With a 4 oz capacity size, this might not work for a movie theater, but is a good option for convenience stores, gas stations, or even a small home theater you have set up in your home. It features a kettle which only takes four minutes to heat up.

This guarantees it is always ready when you need to pop up a batch, and can’t wait for the kettle to heat up for fast-paced use. As it starts to pop, the popcorn will fall onto the warming deck, where it can remain for a fairly long period of time without cooling off.

The warming deck works in conjunction with a light system, so the popcorn will remain fresh until it is ordered to be served. It features an easy tilt mechanism, so the popper won’t overfill or topple over in the event you put too many kernels in it.

And, the bright red top not only stands out, but makes it ideal for a small movie theater, or even an at home movie theater you want to mimic in your home. It has an extremely quiet operational system and silent motor, so you will barely notice it is on and popping, even if it stays on all day. The kettle can be removed which makes it easier to clean when not in use.

Simple in design, elegant, and reasonably sized popping capacity, make this a great option for a home theater, or convenience store. Although it probably won’t suffice for a huge movie theater, it is a good option for smaller commercial and industrial businesses searching for a popper.

2. Carnival King PM850 –

The “big brother” to the PM470 model is a great option if you have a little more money to spend when investing in a popcorn maker for commercial or industrial use. It features a 120 V , 850 W, 8 oz capacity popping system, allowing you to pop more, in a much shorter period of time.

With double the kettle size, you can pop more popcorn in the same period of time, and it can remain in the warming deck in the same manner, without having to worry about it drying out or getting cold if it isn’t sold immediately.

Carnivals, movie theaters, convenience stores, and nearly anywhere else you want to sell popcorn, this machine is going to do the job quickly, and is going to offer a larger capacity kettle popper, so you won’t wait forever for popcorn when your stores are busy.

With a 4 minute heating deck, you can turn on the machine, and it is ready to go in no time at all. It has a very low noise when the motor is running, so you will barely notice it is on in a quiet setting.

A light and warming deck are going to maintain the perfect temperature for your popcorn which isn’t sold, for extended periods of time so it will not dry out. It will keep the popcorn at the perfect room temperature for several hours at a time, so you also eliminate the waste of popcorn when it is not sold immediately after being popped.

It has non slip rubber feet on the base as well. So this is ideal if you are going to set it up on a counter, and do not want to have the worry of scratching or damaging the counter with the stainless steel base of the machine.

It features a safety circuit breaker as well, which is perfect for the commercial setting. It won’t burn out, nor will it cause outages in the event of frequent and heavy use of the machine. A clear plastic window allows customers to see the popcorn being made, and helps increase sales as well. A reasonable price point, and high quality material base and finishes make this a great option for commercial businesses looking to sell popcorn.

3. Nemco 4640 6 – 8 oz

If you have ever seen a commercial or industrial popcorn maker at a movie theater, it is highly likely this was the brand name. It is not only reputable, but can withstand heavy use in even the busiest of commercial settings. A 6 – 8oz popper is going to get the job done even in the busiest of locations where you are selling popcorn.

It can pop up to 160, 1 oz servings per hour. It has an aluminum disc at the base to ensure an even cooking/popping distribution. Sleek stainless steel frame, tempered glass design, and easy open doors/cabinets, allow you to move quickly and increase sales in a movie theater or high volume sales area. A removable kettle makes clean up a cinch, and the heating disc helps maintain temperatures for several hours, so even if you aren’t in peak sale times, popcorn will not go to waste with this machine.

Nemco also supplies for your restaurant or food service business and you may find useful tools from them here.

4. Great Northern Popcorn Machine 8 oz.

Here you can use all types of oils and popcorn. Coconut oil is even good.

The size or dimensions are 20 “W x 17” W x 38 “H. It is well packaged and heated by a heat lamp. He keeps it warm and cool for several hours.

The kettle can be removed and easy to clean. You can find popcorn oil in the grocery store.

5. Paragon Theater Pop 8 Ounce Popcorn Machine

It’s 1420 watts. Stylish like the poppers you see at the local cinema. Can display up to 147 servings of popcorn per hour (1 ounce of popcorn per serving).

The door made by Plexiglass. Easy to clean. It comes with a yellow plastic scoop. This machine is completely assembled. There is no plastic involved in the components of the kettle.

The kettle itself is made of coated aluminum, and the instructions detail how to clean it properly so that the coating lasts a long time. The only plastic on this complete unit are the plexiglass doors and the drain handle of the kettle.

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When the time comes to choose the best industrial popcorn machine, you have several options from which you can choose as a business owner. So taking the time to read commercial popcorn maker reviews, compare models, and compare the capacities and design, are a few ways to find the right machine for your business or home theater.

These are a few top models to consider, for high volume use, and for the great features and design they are going to offer for any commercial setting you are selling popcorn in.

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