The Best Replacement Popcorn Kettles in 2022 (Buying Guide)

In this post, I’ve discussed the best replacement popcorn kettles to repair the popcorn machine parts easily without changing the entire unit.

If you have purchased a classic popcorn popper, such as those found in movie theaters that creates delicious popcorn. Then you understand how important each working part is to create the popcorn that you enjoy. However, even the best of popcorn machines can start to break down, which is why purchasing the best replacement popcorn kettle is so important.

2 Best Replacement Popcorn Kettles to Repair

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8 OzGreat Northern Popcorn Kettle4.3
4 OzParagon Popcorn Kettle4.7
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The markets are also full of all kinds of popcorn machine parts like cart, kettle, door, wheel, motor, kettle replacement stir bar, and heating elements. Whether it’s a commercial or home theater popcorn machine, repairing is easy without investing in a new one. If the popcorn cart no longer works, discover the analysis to fix the existing popcorn machine.

Why the Kettle is So Important?

Although the basics of the popcorn popper that uses a kettle are relatively simple, the kettle itself is somewhat more complicated than you might realize. It not only holds the kernels but also generates the heat that creates the popping.

Despite the overall size of the machine, the kettle is where all the action takes place. You pour the kernels into the kettle as it is pre-heated or heating up depending on the design of the kettle itself. You add the oil to increase the efficiency of spreading the heat.

Over time, even the best of kettles can start to become less efficient in popping popcorn. The reasons vary, but for the most part, kettles start to break down for the following reasons.

  • Heating elements wear out
  • Teflon coating on kettle wears thin or fades altogether
  • Electrical wire compromised

Any one of these elements can start to interfere with the correct popping of the kernels. This means that even with good maintenance, you may be seeing fewer popped kernels or popcorn that is burned. That means something is wrong with the kettle itself.

Here are the Best Replacement Popcorn Kettle Products

There may be the temptation to replace the entire unit, but you should first examine whether it is the kettle itself that is causing the issues. For most movie theater popcorn machines, they are designed to make kettle replacement easy. They come with detachable hinges which makes replacement fast.

If you have such a popcorn machine, you have your choice of the best replacement popcorn kettle products for your popper. What follows are just two of the many available.

1. 4082 8 Oz Popcorn Kettle Replacement Parts Silver Color

8 Ounce Replacement Popcorn Kettle
Great Northern

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Designed for the Great Northern Popcorn machine, this is the 8-ounce replacement kettle complete with a lid. You can also purchase a kettle with no lid or increase the size to 12 ounces or 16 ounces if you desire. Just remember to read the owner’s manual to see if your popper can handle a larger size kettle.

  • Dimensions (LWH): 12 * 12 * 12 inches
  • Weight (Package): 6 pounds
  • Type of Popper: Oil

This kettle is designed to work with the Great Northern Popcorn machine and should fit the space from the old popper. You will need to measure to see if it can fit the 12 or 16-ounce kettle if you want a larger one for your machine. It is tested and approved for commercial use.

Here are some of the compatible models: 6010, 6015, 6030, 6091, 5815, 4630, 6005, 6097, 6210, and many great northern 8 oz units. It also works with some other 08 oz units such as Funtime but you are required to check details before purchasing

2. 110401 4 oz Popcorn Kettle Replacement Parts

4 oz. Replacement Popcorn Kettle

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Although smaller, this kettle is designed to work with any 4 oz. Paragon Popcorn machines. It features a high output for faster popping. And is made from anodized aluminum which has a high melting point and covered with a hard coat of Teflon to keep the popcorn from sticking to the surface. It is designed to fit the following machines

  • Cineplex
  • Gatsby
  • Theater Four Professional Series 1911-4

This kettle offers a single hinge design which makes it easy to install. All you need to do is replace your old kettle with this one which should only take a few minutes. Just replace, plug in, and you are ready to start popping.

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Both products are solid, easy to install, and will last for a long time under normal use conditions. They are also quite inexpensive which means it may pay to purchase a replacement kettle when you receive your popper. This way, if something goes wrong with the kettle, you can replace it immediately. In addition, if you did not like the size of the current kettle, you can replace it right away as well.

If you have purchased a classic movie theater popcorn popper, such as those created by Great Northern or similar companies, then you need access to the best replacement popcorn kettle. If your kettle is no longer popping the popcorn efficiently, a new one can restore your popper to a like-new condition at a fraction of the cost compared to replacing the entire popper.

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