The Best Popcorn Machine Carts in 2022 (Reviews & Replacement Guide)

In this post, I have compiled a list of the best popcorn machine carts along with a replacement guide. With this guide, you can easily replace it by purchasing a popcorn cart from a similar brand or manufacturer.

Large, portable popcorn machine carts are seemingly all the rage for those who have home theaters. Or for those who love movie theater popcorn in their own home.

The Best Popcorn Carts For Replacement

Editor's PicksItemRating
Best OverallParamount Replacement Popcorn Machine Cart/Trolly4.6
Runner UpGreat Northern 6400 Red Roosevelt Style Replacement Popcorn Cart4.4
Best Budget BuyGreat Northern 6401 Black Replacement Popcorn Machine Cart4.2
RecommendationGreat Northern 6403 Larger Style Replacement Popcorn Machine Cart4.1
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For the most part, the carts themselves are quite sturdy, made from durable materials, and long-lasting under normal use conditions. It is why the best popcorn machine cart for replacement products may seem like an improbable circumstance to many.

However, as with anything constructed by humans, something may go wrong. All it takes is one accident to ruin a perfectly good cart. Or in rare cases, if you have an old cart that has been kept in humid conditions, parts of it may rust. Whatever the case, if you need a new cart, you do not have to purchase an entirely new popcorn machine. You can instead purchase a replacement popcorn cart for a fraction of the cost.

On the other hand, if you are on a good budget and the current machine is so old, you can go for a brand new popcorn machine with a cart. The carts are versatile, you can detach the popcorn machine from the cart any time to convert it into a tabletop model.

These replacement popcorn carts are the best accessory at home parties, small outdoor gatherings, school fundraising, or social events. The bicycle-style wheels and easy to handle position give ease to transport and maneuver your machine easily to your next destination.

How to Replace a Popcorn Cart Or Trolly

For those who are looking at their current popcorn machine and believing that replacing the cart may be a daunting task. What you should know is that in most cases it is relatively easy to separate the kettle and electrical wire from the cart itself.

This is because most movie theater popcorn machines make it easy to replace either the kettle or the cart by allowing for their separation. If you plan on replacing the cart, you will need to do the following.

  • Look at the owner’s manual
  • Gather the right tools
  • Unplug the kettle and any other electrical lights or devices
  • Unscrew or detach the kettle from the cart
  • Secure the cart in a safe place for repair or disposal.

If you do not have the owner’s manual with you, then you can probably find it online from the manufacturer. In many cases, the manual comes with a schematic that diagrams how the kettle and cart are connected. There may even be instructions on how to replace the cart and connect it to the kettle. Be sure to follow the instructions and have the proper tools available for the replacement process.

If so, then you can do the replacement yourself. If not, then you may need a professional to assist. However, in most cases, the manufacturer makes it easy to separate the kettle and electrical cord from the cart, so it should not be difficult to accomplish. Especially when the manufacturer provides replacement carts. This step by step guide below will help you easily assemble the popcorn cart.

How to Assemble a Popcorn Cart

  1. In the package, there are 3 packed (A, B, C ) bolts and washers
  2. Attach the two-piece square pole to the long stand using pack B
  3.  Attach the short stand with step 2 completed
  4. Insert the axle into the short stand to secure the wheels using pack C and provided wrenches
  5. Attach the storage cabinet with the long and short stand using pack B
  6. Install the handrail and bronze shelf on both sides of the unit using pack A (the handrail must be fixed opposite the wheels).
  7. Now I’m done! Place the popcorn machine on the finished cart.

If you are new to use the popcorn machine, you may follow this professional guide. On top of that, you may love 11 types of popcorn toppings to make your best serve.

Keep in mind that the replacement cart needs to be compatible with your original cart &  machine, so check the manufacturing information for guidelines on what specific cart to purchase.

Here are the Best Popcorn Machine Carts For Replacement Purposes

1. Replacement Popcorn Machine Cart/Trolly

Paramount Popcorn Machine Cart
© Paramount

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Painted in eye-catching black, this popcorn machine cart from Paramount is simple in design, yet highly functional and portable. Crafted from heavy duty steel, it offers large 16” wheels that make moving it around simple for just about anyone. This means that the cart itself can be stored away until needed.

  • Cart Dimensions: 37H x 25.5W x 17D inches
  • Cart Storage Dimensions: 13.25H x 15.25W x 12.25D inches
  • Weight: 21 pounds

Although tall, the size of the cart and its storage capacity makes it easy to keep plenty of popcorn warm and fresh for you and your guests or customer. Plus, the cart can be disassembled if you want to keep the storage area on the countertop. This provides you with flexibility depending on the size of your kitchen or area where you are popping the popcorn.

2. 6400 Red Roosevelt Style Replacement Popcorn Cart

Great Northern Replacement Cart
© Great Northern

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Designed for Great Northern Popcorn Machines, this sturdy red cart is bright, beautiful, and quite useful when you need to replace your original popcorn cart. The large 18” wheels make it easy to move the cart around from storage to room. The steel construction is sturdy and the powder coating on the steel greatly reduces the chance for rusting to occur.

  • Dimensions: 18.25L x 30.5W x 36H inches

The platform shelf is 10 inches wide and you can choose to add a hand lift and push rail to the cart which can be ordered separately.

There is some assembly required and it is recommended that you contact the seller first to ensure that the cart fits the popper from Great Norther Popcorn Machines. Otherwise, you might wind up with the wrong size cart.

3. 6401 Black Replacement Popcorn Machine Cart

Great Northern Replacement Cart Black
© Great Northern

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For those who are looking to have something different than a red popping machine cart in their homes, the 6401 black replacement cart from Great Northern is available. The same sturdy construction and easy to move wheel base offer popcorn lovers a great way to enjoy their favorite treat.

The 18” ball-bearing wheels make the cart easy to move into storage when not in use. The powder coating over the steel protects the cart from rust. Plus, there is an optional hand life and push rail available separately.

The most notable difference between the 6401 and the 6400 is that this cart comes in black. This provides a different look and feels when you are popping popcorn for watching movies or any event in your home.

  • Dimensions: 18.25L x 30.5W x 36H inches

4. 6403 Larger Style Replacement Popcorn Machine Cart

Great Northern Replacement Cart Red
© Great Northern

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Designed for Great Northern Popcorn Machines, the 6403 is intended to be a replacement cart for larger kettles from the manufacturer. This is a slightly different version compared to the 6400, but it is essentially the same. The most noted visual difference is the design on the sides of the cart.

Crafted from powder-coated steel which makes it resistant to rust, this replacement cart is best suited for poppers that have a base 17.5” by 14.75”. If your popper is that size from Great Northern, then this is the replacement cart for you.

As with the 6400, the hand lift and push rail are optional. There is also a 10” wide platform shelf featured on the cart. The large 18” wheels are ball-bearing just like on the 6400 to make moving the cart simple and easy.

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All the best popcorn machine carts mentioned here are of durable construction and come with a money-back guarantee in case of defective parts or construction. This means that you can get a replacement cart for your needs without having to purchase a new popcorn machine.

If you need a new cart for your popcorn machine, there are plenty available from most of the major manufacturers. These are the best popcorn carts for smooth mobility and a carnival look.

You will need to know the brand and model of your current popcorn machine. In particular, it is very important to check the size of the existing cart. And then you can order the cart from the appropriate source. Keep in mind the four popcorn carts mentioned in this article if the replacement matches the original.

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