How Does a Coffee Maker Work (2022) for Commercial & Home Setup?

For many folks, starting the day with coffee is an absolute must. It’s the fuel they need to charge headfirst into their daily tasks. Luckily, the commercial coffee maker exists. This type of coffee maker can produce multiple cups of coffee in little time. In this post, I have discussed how a coffee maker works in a restaurant or at home.

Most cafes and restaurants equip their kitchens with commercial coffee makers in order to keep up with high customer demand. Some coffee makers brew regular coffee while others allow you to make special blends like lattes and cappuccinos. Whatever the model type and the features, they all share the same mechanisms that allow for fast coffee brews.

Parts of a Coffee Maker

A typical commercial coffee maker consists of the following components:

  • Reservoir
  • Showerhead
  • Drip area
  • Filter basket
  • Heating element
  • Coffee pot/carafe

How It Works

The reservoir is the compartment where you fill up the recommended capacity of water. Once you have filled up to the max level then you can move to the next step.

  1. Remove the filter basket and place a new coffee filter into it
  2. Add your ground coffee beans to the filter according to the recommended capacity
  3. Make sure you put the coffee pot or carafe in its place
  4. Switch on the machine

The water in the reservoir flows into a tube where the heating element heats up the water. Water then boils and bubbles up. It then flows into the showerhead. The showerhead then disperses the hot water evenly through the drip area. This then goes into the coffee grounds chamber.

The resulting outcome is freshly brewed coffee poured into the coffee pot until all the water is used up. This process usually takes about 5 minutes. Some digital commercial coffee makers allow you to customize the amount if time you want your coffee brewed and adjust the strength of your brew.

One Coffee to Go, Pronto!

This fast turnover is optimal for fast paced commercial environments. You can brew several pots of coffee in a row and in a short amount of time. More sophisticated machines such as expresso machines have a few more steps involved like using whole coffee beans and grinding them yourself and steaming milk.

In some cases, you need to wait for the machine to warm up before starting the brewing process. However, the basic mechanical process is more or less the same. Commercial coffee makers make it easy to brew coffee than manual methods. This means less waiting time (unless there is a long line). Less waiting, faster service, and quick access to the warm, soothing elixir that fuels the modern workforce.

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Coffee helps stimulate focus and concentration, some people find coffee relaxing and it gives them a boost of energy. Not everyone can afford a coffee maker at home and aren’t fond of instant coffee packs. Commercial coffee makers provide access to premium blends to those who don’t have the time to brew at home or don’t have access to an electronic coffee machine!

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