The Best Nugget Ice Maker Machine in 2022 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

The cause why nugget ice machines are valuable to businesses is that the ice melts slowly. It prevents the drinks from losing their flavour through dilution.

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Several people prefer to chew the ice after completing their drink, and the nugget ice is perfect as it becomes softer, more calmly chewed.

Nugget ice also develops the appearance of the drink, which makes it more appealing to the customer. The presence of ice is also essential for grocery stores. Take a look at the appearance of salad bars, meat sections, and seafood areas. It has much to do with how it seems.

The 5 Top-Rated Nugget Ice Machine

Editor's PickBrandRating
Best OverallOpal01 Stainless Steel Portable Nugget Ice Maker by FirstBuild3.9
Runner UpNugget Ice Machine RNS-0244A (172 lb/day)3.9
Best Budget PickPortable EFIC117-CSS Counter top Nugget Ice Machine by Frigidaire3.7
Nugget Ice MachineCNF-0201A-L Nugget Style Ice Maker by Manitowoc5.0
Nugget Ice Cubes MachineStainless Steel SCN60GA-1SS Nugget Ice Cubes Machine by Scotsman3.5
*Ratings may change*

Nugget ice machines usually are made from stainless steel. Underneath the hood, you’ll find many innovations that contribute to energy savings, lower operational costs, and reduced maintenance features.

There are two basic configurations for nugget ice machines on the market. The two settings are modular and remote. Anyone who decides must rely on the production capacity that the business needs.

Modular ice machines work best in environments where the building temperature is constant. The modular units are autonomous, which means that the ice maker and the condenser unit are one. A separate bin for holding the ice needs to be purchased separately. Most modular units are rated at 1,000 pounds of ice production daily.

On the other hand, if you consume several thousand pounds of ice per day, a unit with a remote condenser is best. Remote condenser units can produce between 650 to 3,500 pounds per day. Most businesses in the foodservice industry, such as hospitals, hotels, restaurants or cafeterias should select the more cost-effective nugget ice machine with a condenser unit. You should also consider the building temperature controls when choosing between the condenser and modular models.

Nugget ice machines blow hot air out into the building, so controlling the temperature is an essential consideration. It can have a direct impression on the manufacturer’s performance. The warmer it gets in and around the machine, the less ice you’ll be able to produce. This increased air flow can also impact personnel and customers. Additionally, you should consider the internal heat in the building and the noise generated by the machine while operating.

There are nugget ice machines on the market that help prevent unforeseen maintenance problems when it comes to heat and temperature conditions. They have monitoring systems that monitor gearbox loads, that when compromised shut down the ice-maker before damaging expensive replaceable parts. Some machines also protect water sensors from accumulations of destructive minerals or variations in manufacturers’ specifications. Drainage technology is another essential feature available today to prevent rust build-up and condensation problems that could cause water clogging or steam blockages.

Several machines use technologies that even make the nugget ice more useable. For example, compacting flake ice is more difficult and drier. The benefits are slower melting nuggets, which translate into reduced maintenance time in restocking. As mentioned, customers enjoy chewing ice once they have finished drinking, and with these slower melting nuggets, they are very chewable, which makes them well-liked for soft drinks and dispensers.

Here are some merchandise points to consider when choosing the best nugget ice machine:

  • Monitoring systems that help reduce expensive repairs
  • Safety features that report any variation and production violations
  • Drainage systems that are separated, so they keep water away from vital parts
  • Construction elements like stainless steel, resistant interior components, and load monitors
  • A random ice-making method so ice is continuously available without delays
  • A regular flow of ice so you can get it when you want it
  • Minimal moving parts subject to refrigeration
  • Bin options with the silent door closing, internal scoop holder and sanitation features

Nugget ice is a piece of slow melting multi-purpose ice. It cools drinks quickly without foaming, is ideal for therapeutic use, and allows for high displacement of liquids. It translates into tremendous profits for your business.

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