The Best Used Ice Maker Machine in 2022 Reviews and Guide

Used ice maker machines are the technician’s desired service. Usually, very little maintenance is needed other than some minor adjustments or cleaning.

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These are things you can do yourself if you know how and have read the service and maintenance guidebooks. The troubleshooting part can help you solve most of your queries without resorting to unnecessary and costly phone calls.

The 5 Top-Rated Used Ice Maker Machine

Editor's PickBrandCondition
Best OverallUsed Portable Ice Maker Machine 26 lbs / 24 hours by hOmeLabsUsed
Runner UpPortable Stainless Steel Opal01 Nugget Ice Machine by FirstBuildUsed
Best Budget PickLarge Stainless Steel Heavy Duty EFIC103 Ice Maker by FrigidaireUsed
Best Used Portable Ice MakerSS PIM-2-3A 26 lb. Capacity Portable Ice Machine by Hamilton BeachUsed
Best 27 lb Ice Maker MCIM22ST 27 lb. Stainless Steel Ice Maker by Magic ChefUsed
*Used may out*

Buying used ice machines is a good investment, but can be doubtful if you have bought it before following some simple guidelines. Making a comparison between the manufacturer’s specifications and the actual ice production during use is an essential first step. With this production test, you can determine how close the normal operation the machine works.

All you require to do is set up the machine in a standard user environment.

Note all of the manufacturer’s specification.

Note the source water temperature, capture the ice from a bike and compare the weights according to the specifications.

Now you have a good picture of what the machine produces. If it is below the advertised production, contact the manufacturer and discuss which potential points of failure could be for maintenance costs in the future.

Commercial ice machines

There are a few primary parts you need to evaluate carefully before purchasing a used ice machine for commercial purpose. The three most critical components are the cabinet, the evaporator, and the condenser. When looking at the cabinet part, make sure it shows little or no signs of wear. Make sure the evaporator is safe, operates quietly and shows no signs of deterioration or corrosion. The condenser should be loose. If you see fat or rust, there are indications that it can be damaged internally.

Industrial ice machines

High-capacity ice machines used in restaurants also require careful evaluation if you are considering buying a used one. Some of the points you need to check and consider are warranties and factory support. In many cases, it is to invest in buying the used units; they can cost more than the savings. A great rule of thumb is to avoid “which is” sales conditions. Try to get some guarantee that it will work for a few months at least.

Nugget Ice Machine

Ice machines require more maintenance than any other cooling unit. The main culprit in buying used nugget ice machines are the expectations that buyers have. The manufacturer will indicate the ideal working conditions. The grade or ice capacity is production based on the design. When you exceed these specifications, service calls start. So be assured when you buy a used nugget ice machine that you plan to use the maker under ideal conditions, especially when it comes to nugget production.

Under Counter Ice Machines

You have a few choices when buying an under counter ice machine. Just like any other used appliance, you can save money and possibly pay next, or you can go with energy-efficient types that save money before and during the machine’s lifetime. Under counter ice machines purchased used may be in great shape if you follow the recommendations above for checking them out.

Keep in mind the most common repair for an ice machine is water related. Insert a routine cleaning procedure, and you will decrease the number of service calls you need to perform.

Ice machines are a mystery to maximum people. Especially if it is purchased, without technical guidebooks and an understanding of the specifications, because it is the cornerstone of a restaurant operation, the owners tend to panic and will pay what is charged. With a little pre-planning, you can know when you can do minor repairs and only when a technician needs a service.

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