The Best Commercial Ice Maker in 2022 Reviews + Troubleshooting Tips

Are you running a food business? If so, you know that one of the most critical pieces of equipment you must have is a commercial ice maker. A well-performing ice maker is a great investment for a coffee shop or restaurant. Such machines could cost a lot.

The fact is that no food business can attract customers if it does not have the facility to provide ice for drinks. Therefore, every time you are shopping for one, ensure you understand which factors to consider in choosing the right model and type.

The market is loaded with several designs, so most of the buyers find it a little confusing to choose the right product for their needs. If you are facing such trouble then you are in the right place to read the reviews of the best commercial ice maker/machine products:

The Best 5 Commercial Ice Maker

Editor's PickBrandRating
Best Overall286 LBS/24H Commercial Grade Ice Machine by VEVOR4.1
Runner UpICEU220FA Ice Maker Machine by Ice-O-Matic3.8
Best Budget PickCommercial Stainless Steel Ice Maker 110LBS/24H by Costzon4.4
Best 25 Lbs. Daily Maker15" EdgeStar IB250SS 25 Lbs. Ice Maker by EdgeStar4.8
Best 110V Ice MakerCommercial Ice Maker 110V Stainless Steel by VEVOR3.8
*Ratings may change*

Below are some of the crucial factors you must consider first

1. Type of Ice

The first question you need to consider when buying the best commercial ice maker is the type of ice you need the machine to generate. You see, cube ice is ideal for drinks, while nuggets and flakes are ideal for salad bars and fresh meat. At the end of the day, it will still depend on you what you think will meet your needs and requirements.

2. Space

Another question you must ask yourself is how much space you need for your ice maker. Make sure you calculate the space where you are going to install your machine. You need to make it one of your bases for the selection of equipment. Furthermore, ensure the location is close to a plumbing hookup and electrical outlet.

3. Water Filter or Not?

Generally, you must go for a water filter as well. That’s because it doesn’t enhance the taste of your water, but it eliminates bad odor and sediments from the water too. Bear in mind that a water filter will guarantee your water is free from toxins and parasites.

4. Energy-efficiency

Check whether your ice maker machine has its energy efficiency abilities or not. Having an energy-efficient ice maker will not just help you save money and energy. It will also help safeguard our Mother Earth.

The best commercial ice maker must last up to ten years, depending on how you keep it and the quality of the water. You will find some models these days, which have internal self-cleaning systems. It’s recommended that you conduct your regular maintenance of the ice maker to keep it efficient.

Normally, the durability of those machines depends on their brand name. If you wish for a machine that can save you a long time, it’s just right that you invest in a machine made by a reliable manufacturer. But how do you pick the best brand?

In today’s post, we will present you top ten best commercial ice makers. Remember, these machines could be quite costly. That’s why you wouldn’t like to make the mistake of buying the wrong make.

Here are the Best Commercial Ice Maker Machines

1. Commercial Pick Newest Model: Stainless Steel 286 LBS per 24H Plus 99lbs Storage Capacity Commercial Grade Ice Machine

VEVOR 110V Commercial Ice Maker 265LBS

Key features:

  • Very sturdy design and big storage capacity
  • Store 90 lbs. of ice
  • Utilizes 99 per cent of the water
  • Generates 88 lbs of ice
  • 12 to 18 minutes to produce ice
  • Keeps 90 lbs. of ice
  • Reservation option is available up to 5h
  • It has a water purifier filter to clean direct tap water into pure water.
  • A powerful compressor and energy-saving unit
  • Digital controls with set timer option of making ice in advance
  • Easy to clean with just pressing the button

This new ice maker model from VEVOR is efficient and quick. It creates 88 pounds of ice for 12 to 18 minutes. With a stainless steel material, you can rest assured that it is resistant to proof. That simply means it will work for your commercial business for a long time. What’s more, it can be used in different applications. For instance, it works perfectly in grocery stores, bars, hotels, restaurants, homes, gatherings, coffee shops, campgrounds, and so much more.

As mentioned, it features 90 lbs. of ice storage capacity. Every cube is the standard .9 X .9 inches, making it ideal to fit into the opening of a water bottle. This best commercial ice maker has a strong compressor along with high-temperature protection and is made to save energy.

It boasts an automatic control geared with different variety of accessories, allowing you to get complete control of your ice-making experience.


  • Comes with an ice spoon and water filter
  • Modest production perfect for medium-sized business
  • Simple to operate control panel


  • The manual instructions are difficult to read
  • Some issues on the central pump

2. ICEU220FA Air Cooled 238 Lb Full Cube Undercounter Ice Machine


This commercial ice maker from Ice-O-Matic comes with unique features. First, it has stocked a portfolio of energy efficiency certifications and it offers individual half cube output too.

Talking about its quality, this ice machine’s half cube is wide at the base, allowing single cubes to discharge from the compressor and divide it more effectively. You will also be amazed by its different certifications. Did you know this model is UL, NSF, and Energy Star certified?

The Ice-O-Matic generates 238 pounds of ice within the day. If you are one of those business owners who want cleanliness in your items, this is the perfect ice machine for you. This product comes along with in-built antimicrobial protection, keeping the dirt and bacteria from accumulating on the surfaces. That simply guarantees your ice maker machine is always clean and fresh. Indeed, it can meet the demands of heavy gatherings with ease.


  • Certified by UL, NSF and Energy Star
  • Front-facing air intake
  • Fits easily under the majority of forty inches counters
  • Comes with a self-contained advanced condenser unit to ensure convenient operation
  • It is an energy-saving product
  • Perfect choice for busy small restaurants with its ability to provide enough amount of ice per hour


  • The ice machine needs professional plumbing
  • It is a high-end model that comes with a costly price
  • It may appear a little bit noisy

3. Commercial Stainless Steel Ice Maker 110LBS/24H


This next ice maker machine is known as one of the most affordable ice machines today. The Costzon Commercial Ice Maker employs more than 99% of the water it draws in for cubing. That makes this device very water-efficient. It is very beautiful stainless steel, built-in the application ice machine and produces up to 110 pounds of clear hard cube-shaped ice daily, a bin space of 33 pounds and has a 12 -18 min ice producing cycle.

Furthermore, this also takes pride in its one-of-a-kind heat dispersion process. The mesh-like gradient of this unit attracts operation heat away from your freezing mechanisms. That only guarantees all pieces of your ice keeps sound as possible.

Some of the most suitable places of application for this model includes grocery stores, bars, and restaurants. The device will enable you to take advantage of its built-in, recessed, or freestanding applications.

We love the fact that this device is very efficient to use, thanks to its automated operation and ergonomic controls. After you set its time, you can go on your daily duties because the ice cubes will automatically form and fall on its built-in tray.

In short, the Costzon Commercial Ice Maker is cheap, simple to use and presents solid output. What’s more, could you ask for?


  • Makes clear standard .9 X .9 X .9 inches of cube
  • Takes 12 to 18 minutes for 48 clear ice cubes and 24 hours for 110 lbs of ice
  • Easy freestanding design
  • It has a powerful 200W compressor to cool
  • Easy controlling through the operational button
  • Very cheaply priced
  • Complete set of accessories and easy to place anywhere


  • It’s a bit complicated to get in touch with the customer service

4. 15 Inch IB250SS 25 Lbs. Ice Maker

EdgeStar IB250SS 15 Inch Wide 20 Lb.

EdgeStar IB250BL is the best under counter stainless steel ice maker machine for a small party organizer to serve ice. It is a unit that functions as an ice maker and a freezer that keeps ice frozen without a drain. It does not need a drain line and if the power goes for a while, the ice is stored in a bucket so that it melts in the bucket.


  • 20 lbs removable bin capacity
  • 25 lbs daily production of ice
  • Comes with an ice scoop and water line
  • Available in black, stainless steel and white color
  • It is very quiet and can be used in the outdoor kitchen
  • Needs at least one 15 amp size breaker
  • Easy to clean periodically for its freshness like a regular refrigerator


  • Does not come with a filter
  • It does not have an interior light.
  • Expensive ice maker for small business

5. Stainless Steel Commercial Ice Maker 110V


This ice maker from VEVOR produces 121 pounds of ice within a day. We found out that this unit could be utilized in a wide array of applications from grocery stores to bars. Its construction makes it rust-resistant, adding to its longevity features.

It is also geared with Nano antibacterial liner and dry filter, helping get rid of bacterial development inside the equipment. Cleaning and sanitizing it is a breeze as well.

The VEVOR 110V Commercial Ice Maker can present you convenience and efficiency throughout your ice making experience. You can expect to have 121 pounds of ice and an ice cube tray of 55 units (5 *11) throughout 24 hours that can be kept in its 39 pounds storage flawlessly. The stainless steel frame provides stability to a unit that is low maintenance and easy to clean.

Also, it’s powerful compressor keeps the unit cool, allowing to serve as a potential addition to your bar counter. The ice-making and gathering stage is automated too while rendering sufficient protection to the drill.


  • Takes 12-18 min for 55 clear ice cubes and 24 hours for 121lbs
  • It provides insulation of five to seven hours, keeping the cubes intact during a power outage
  • It supports auto-clean function, saving you lots of time
  • 110V.
  • Comes with an outer water filter
  • Offers 35 percent energy savings
  • Ideal for coffee shops, restaurants, cold drinks shops, laboratories, schools, hospitals and many more


  • The ice is more likely to dissolve when in storage

6. Our Top Pick: Freestanding Commercial Ice Machine


A commercial ice maker, which comes ready to install and completely fledged is ideal for those restaurant owners like you! However, with the hOmeLabs Freestanding Ice Machine, you can expect to get the best.

What you will love about this unit is that it’s installed, runs and functions the way you want it with its efficiency and precision features. It can produce 99 pounds of ice and 45 square ice cubes at a time throughout the day along with its 11 to 20 minutes cycle.

But wait there’s more! Have we mentioned that this ice machine also comes with a water draining hose, water supply connector, and ice scoop? In short, the only thing you need to purchase is an additional power cord.


  • 115V/60Hz and storage 29 pounds
  • 45 pieces in 11-20 mins
  • It is air-cooled
  • It has a gravity drain
  • You can change the ice cube thickness in the settings
  • Keeps one thirty of its regular output
  • It features LCD controls and indicators
  • Perfect as commercial-grade machine


  • No warranty presented

7. Our Runner Up Pick: 30″ UDF0310A NEO Dice Cube Undercounter Ice Machine


Although not considered an ice maker machine, the Manitowoc UDF0310A NEO is an under-counter commercial ice bin along with a storage capability for 100 pounds at a time and the compact design makes it suitable for lesser space. This model is compatible along with most Manitowoc Indigo NXT ice machines; however, it might need an ice machine deflector or an adaptor.

The ice bin is geared with four 6 inches adjustable legs as well as internal ice scoop holder. One thing we love about this item is that it features a robust, resistant, and corrosion-proof stainless finish. In fact, it utilizes a DuraTech stainless finish.

The interior of the bin is covered along with an antimicrobial compound referred to as AlphaSan. This substance avoids the accumulating of any organisms such as yeast, mildew, mold, bacteria, and fungi inside the bin.


  • Available in an attractive black and silver finish
  • Produces 304 pounds per days
  • Strong stainless steel design, allowing to hold big ice cubes without destroying it to pieces
  • Strong dimension ideal for small bars
  • Compact dimensions suitable for small bars
  • Sturdy stainless steel design that allows it to hold huge ice without breaking down
  • People find it easy to install and can fulfill the constant demands of customers with ease


  • It requires more water for agreeable outcomes
  • Need more water for satisfactory results

8. Manitowoc ID-0502A_B-570 Ice Machine


The Manitowoc ID-0502A ice machine brings many benefits to you. One of them is that they can generate 310 pounds of ice for 24 hours. It is equipped with a modern stainless steel finish, offering it a modern look. If you need more ice per hour then Manitowoc has the best solution for you with its ability to generate 530 pounds of ice per day. The storage bin inside can store around 430-pound ice with ease.

What most users admire about this best commercial ice maker is that it is thirty inches wide. The ice bin of this model is sold individually, though. The device is certified by Energy Star, meaning it can work efficiently. That will also result to lower energy bills for your business.


  • Comes with a stainless steel finish
  • Less accumulation of wastewater
  • 5 years warranty for labor and parts and 5 years warranty on the compressor
  • The additional storage compartment assists in long term storage
  • The sturdy design ensures long life service


  • It’s huge
  • Not recommended for small scale businesses

9. Self Contained MIM250 Ice Maker

Maxx Ice

This ice maker from Maxx is a very simple and convenient machine, making it perfect for community centers, homes, hotels, and businesses. It generates 250 pounds of cubes throughout the day with the help of the vertical evaporation technology as well its air-cooled compressor. It is a high-quality ice maker with a great capacity for exceptional performance and rapid ice production capacity to makes it suitable for restaurants to keep customers satisfied all the time.

We always like that this machine is compatible along with an average household electrical current. What’s more, it is certified by UL and NSF for commercial usage. It comes with an ice coop. Take note that you could buy an added water filter and drain. If you are planning to install it in your area, you need to hire a plumber for the water supply.


  • Ideal for both outdoor and indoor use
  • Hassle-free to clean
  • The stainless steel design makes it highly durable
  • Easy to maintain and use
  • It comes with adjustable legs that can range between 4.7 inches to 7 inches


  • It needs to purchase added filter and drain
  • Little complicated installation process
  • Needs a plumber for installation

10. OIM450SS Undercounter Ice Maker


We always love the versatility of this ice maker machine. In fact, you could simply set it up on your patio and employ it as a freestanding machine. On the other hand, you could also utilize it inside your outdoor kitchen setup.

This outdoor under-the-counter ice machine from EdgeStar can produce 50 pounds ice throughout the day and has a fully lined commercial-grade stainless steel covering. That amount of ice is ideal for small events and parties. You can also expect a removable ice bucket with this unit, which makes it simple to remove the ice on the bin and create more ice.


  • Built-in applications and Ice scoop included
  • Very attractive design
  • 50 pounds of ice making power
  • Produces restaurant-quality clear, hard, cubed ice
  • Comes with casters
  • The installation options are flexible


  • It’s not considered a freezer, resulting in melted ice
  • It can only store up to 25 pounds

Counter Top Ice Maker: Counter Top 26 pounds Ice per Day Ice Maker

Frigidaire EFIC103

The Frigidaire is the ideal portable ice maker for those individuals who are running a small scale business. It is big enough to make all the ice you will require, and it’s small enough to be transported from one place to another.

This is a great looking commercial product that can produce around 26 lbs of ice per day for restaurants. One feature we love about this unit is that it features an over-sized bin. The removable ice bucket is capable enough to store 2.2 lbs of ice simultaneously. Having that big-sized bucket enables it to keep more ice, allowing you to have more ice when you require it.


  • It’s cheap, but filled with amazing features
  • Strong ice maker
  • Offers a wonderful design
  • Easy to use digital control options
  • Stainless steel design to ensure durability
  • It produces enough ice about 10-8 ounce glass drinks


  • A bit heavy for a portable ice maker
  • The ice can be a little cloudy but it has no taste to it

BTW you might be happy with this ice maker.

SS Commercial Ice Maker 100 pounds daily

Happybuy 110v Commercial Ice Maker

The Happy Buy Commercial Ice Maker is a wonderful commercial ice maker. This machine can produce 32 clear ice cubes for a single cycle within 10 to 15 minutes and up to 100 pounds of ice in 24 hours. You need to take note that this product features a 230-Watts compressor to cool.

One thing we loved about this commercial ice maker is that it’s very easy to operate along with a complete set of accessories. You will find different types of a button from Timer Clean, Clean, Ice, Timer, Add Water, and so much more. These buttons will guide you to control the procedure of making the ice.

The material of this commercial ice maker is stainless steel, making it resistant to rust. Stainless steel construction offers durability on a low-maintenance and easy-to-clean unit. This can be used in a wide array of applications from bars to restaurants and coffee shops to local grocery stores.


  • Adjustable feet to set up anywhere
  • Easy to operate by operation panel (buttons) and makes ice cubes quickly
  • Provide complete accessories for usage
  • Perfect for applications in Coffee Shop, Party Collection, Houses, Restaurants, Hotels, Grocery Stores, and more
  • Simple to understand instruction manual
  • Easy to operate
  • Adjustable ice thickness


  • One user claimed the ice maker is not working after a year

Hope! You will soon be able to pick the right ice maker product for your commercial needs and will be able to attract more customers to your restaurant, cafe or meeting place.

As well as if you are looking for a detailed review of the nugget ice machine and used ice maker machine for your task to finish immediately then go through the link below.

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Ice Maker Troubleshooting

The commercial ice maker is a vital part of your commercial business. Even when it is cold outside, folks still wish ice in their beverages.

Parts of the ice maker are included in a refrigerator and are not apparent to the user. This part is also used in a side-by-side refrigerator and used as a dispenser.

Ice Maker parts are also available online, and you can search online to find it. Before you go, check the manufacturer and the model number to see what you need. A lot of vendors also offer the upgrades to ship to you so ask them.

Below are some of the most typical ice maker concerns and parts of the refrigerator replaced:

  • Producing Storage Noises
  • Dispending Smelly Cubes
  • Temperature too high
  • Low water pressure
  • Frozen
  • A frozen water supply tube
  • Leaking
  • A defective water inlet valve
  • Not Producing Sufficient Ice
  • Not Dispensing Water Or Ice
  • Faulty door switch
  • Malfunction assembly
  1. Water inlet valve
  2. Door switch


#1. Does a commercial ice maker require a water filter?

Yes. It requires a water filter to generate tasty and clear ice to serve. Having a water filter in your ice maker lower the occurrence of unexpected failures because of corrosion, scale build-up, and sediments.

#2. Could mold accumulate in ice maker machines?

Some individuals ignore sanitation within the kitchen. Take note that sanitation and cleaning of ice maker are one of those. Fungi, bacteria, and molds could develop in these machines.

#3. When do you need to clean your ice machine?

Ice machines should be sanitized and cleaned at least two to four times every year.

#4. Which kind of condenser to utilize along with your ice maker?

You will find different types of condenser employed with a commercial ice maker. These includes:

i. Water-Cooled Ice Machines

This could work without producing any noise and heat, making it ideal for generating big scale ice for ice house building projects and hotels.

ii. Remote Ice Machines

This can be utilized effectively in cooler settings. The only drawback of these machines is that they are costly and you need various items to purchase.

iii. Air-Cooled Ice Machines Condenser

This generates more heat and noise than the first two types. The good thing about this is that it’s cheap and presents a simple installation process.

#5. What are the different types of ice?

You will find five fundamental types of ice:

a. Half ice cubes – this is ideal for retail, hospitality, school and can be utilized in mixed cocktails and iced coffee.

b. Classic cubes – this is the most difficult for your teeth. This is utilized in carbonated and mixed drinks.

c. Nuggets – the texture of this ice is soft, helping to chew. This is used for sodas and smoothies.

d. Gourmet ice and crescent cubes – this is utilized in ice bin, and it can flow easily with gradual melting.

e. Flake ice – this is hard and small in nature, helping preserve foods.

#6. How long does a commercial ice maker last?

Normally, they could last for at least four to five years. However, it will vary on the usage, quality of the water, and preventive maintenance routine. You will find some corporations that utilize a machine for over ten years, and it’s in good working condition.

#7. How can I speed up my ice maker?

If the ice maker does not make the ice faster or the freezer may not be cold quickly, then the suggestion is for you. Turn on the electric water inlet valve to confirm the total pressure. And switch the temperature indicator to a lower setting – 0 ° C for the maker to work correctly.

Once the temperature is done, the thermostat provides the energy to flow by an electric heater in the bottom of the tray and lightly heats the tray so that the cubes are released. Once it is heated, a little motor in the maker control starts turning an extensive unit, which drives the cubes up and out of the tray.


In this post, we’ve provided you with some information about the different types of commercial ice makers available in the market today. You are already aware that ice machines produce various types of ice, making it vital for you to know their differences before making the decision to purchase.

To sum up, we suggest any of the commercial ice maker machines we have listed in this guide. Undoubtedly, they are top among the best commercial ice makers in the marketplace. Nonetheless, your ultimate decision must account for what your commercial business requires. Make sure you evaluate carefully how much ice you need. Happy shopping!

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