The Best Commercial Tires in 2022 & Buying Guide

Buying new tires for your personal or commercial vehicle can be a complicated thing to do. In most cases, people prefer to check what is currently running on their vehicle and then try to look for similar kinds of options in the market. Selection of the right commercial tire for your vehicle has two major concerns, it must match the speed rating of your vehicle, and secondly, it much matches the size requirements.

Once you choose the toe most accurate model, it will help you to have better control on noise levels, comfort, handling, and braking as well. In short, it ensures better safety and flexibility on the road.

Things to Know Before Buying the Best Commercial Tire

Presently the market is loaded with a variety of options for tire replacement. Manufacturers these days are designing all-season tires, performance all-season tires, ultra-performance tires, summer tires, all-terrain tires, winter tires, and performance winter tires.

Here are a few primary details about the most popular tire types:

All season tires:

They come in all size ranges so you can pick a perfect tire for light as well as heavy-duty vehicles. These tires suit the drivers that need year-round traction with a comfortable ride and long treadwear.

Performance all season tires:

These year-round grip tires are the best choice for enthusiastic drivers. Manufacturers design them with a higher speed rating; also, they provide an enhanced braking mechanism for all seasons to ensure better handling.

Ultra-performance tires:

The ultra-high-performance tires are commonly used for sporty vehicles and upscale sedans. All these tires ensure excellent handling with responsive steering in dry and wet conditions. You can also find summer tires in this range; they are not suitable for icy and slippery road conditions.

Winter/snow tires:

As the name indicates, these tires are specifically designed to ensure a comfortable ride in the cold and snowy weather conditions. They have faster treadwear as compared to all-season tires. Moreover, the rubber is designed to maintain its characterizes in freezing temperatures as well.

Below we have highlighted the best tires in the market along with their incredible features to ease your purchase decision:

Here are the Best Commercial Tires for Your Vehicle

1. RT600 Premium Low-Profile Regional Truck Tire

Double Coin RT600 Premium
Double Coin

This commercial tire for truck is designed using EPA SmartWay verified technology. Whether you want to use these tires for urban, regional or all-position applications, the enhanced tread compounds ensure perfect protection against irregular wear. The durability of tires is further enhanced using wide shoulders and superior 5-rib designs. Moreover, the durable casing with specially designed sidewall protectors inside multipole retreads. In short, you can rely on their fantastic performance for your everyday travel needs.

2. Trailer Express HD Commercial Truck Tire

Advance Trailer Express HD Commercial

Here is another competitive product in the market that has the maximum weight of 25.3 pounds and the rim diameter goes up to 14.5 inches. Other than this, the section width for these tires is 7.3 inches. They are a more reliable choice with 8 thirty second inches tread depth; you can expect long life service from these efficiently designed tires. Also, enhanced groove design leads to impactful wet traction ability. The essential thing to know about these tires is that they are tires only; they are not equipped with any tube.

3. Commercial All-Season Radial Tire

BFGoodrich Commercial

If you are looking for a much-optimized version of commercial tire that can serve you in all seasons, this amazing product from BFGoodrich is probably the best choice. The optimized footprint of this tire ensures the perfect distribution of stress to boost tread life, and at the same time, it reduces the operating cost of the tires. These tires are famous for their high-end design and durability. Furthermore, the CoolWedge shoulder insert helps to improve cooling while enhancing the overall lifetime of the tires.

4. OH-650 Commercial Truck Tire

Otani OH-650 Commercial Truck

Otani is a big name in the tire industry, and this time they have presented an ultimate solution for the regular riders. OH-650 tire is designed with a treat depth of 17 thirty_second_inches whereas the maximum rim diameter is precisely 19.5 inches. The section width is 225 millimeters with an estimated tire weight of 77 pounds.

This tire ensures perfect traction during dry and wet maneuvers. Moreover, the resistance to irregular wear and vehicle stability are increased by reinforcing rubber bridges together. With this advanced design, these tires can work in all road conditions while ensuring full comfort to the rider.

5. RM170 Commercial Truck Radial Tire

Roadmaster RM170 Commercial Truck

Roadmaster is popular for designing the top-quality truck tires with higher durability and strength. These tires are known for their ability to handle all wet and dry conditions without losing traction. The tread depth, in this case, is somewhere around 15 thirty_seconds_inches, and the rim diameter goes up to 19.5 inches. The overall section width for this 80-pound tires is 11 with an aspect ratio of 1. With all such precise specifications, these tires appear a useful choice for the buyers.

6. Roadian CT8 All-Season Radial Tire


These all-season tires are designed to cater heavy load with their rib-type shoulder blocks. It ensures enhanced durability with the functional design and the biting edge further enhances traction on the variety of surfaces. This tire is rated high for its improved drainage performance and straight groove. With its 7-inch rim width and 9.8 inches section width, it appears the best choice for all truck drivers.

7. GL283A Commercial Truck Tire

Advance GL283A Commercial Truck

For those who are excited to find tires made up of heat resistant material to deal with the peak weather changes in their area are advised to check this product from Advance. It comes with a dual compound tread that suits to the long hour rides. Manufacturers have improved the durability of these tires by adding specialized baed toe design. The best thing to know about this product is that it comes as a tire only; no tube is required for its operation.

Hope this tire buying review is helpful to choose the best product for your vehicle out of this overcrowded market.

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