How to Use a Commercial String Trimmer Safely (2022) Like a Lawn Professional

Commercial string trimmers are generally lightweight and powerful enough to cut weeds and grasses efficiently and rapidly. They are very durable and have features that make them more effective than most of the lawn mowers. In this post, I’ve explained how to use a commercial string trimmer safely.

Here are a few features highlighted:

  • The increased horsepower that makes it easier to cut down tough and tall plants
  • The wider string trimmer head that makes trimming of a large area of grass possible in one swoop.
  • The flexibility of the trimming mechanism – You can either choose to use the trimmer strings or blades.

It is highly beneficial to invest in a string trimmer either as a professional landscaper or as a homeowner who regularly shreds grasses and weeds. If you’re still finding the best commercial string trimmer for the best mowing performance, read the reviews and guidelines for the best purchase. Here are some tips on the best way to use a commercial string trimmer.

Find the Right Commercial String Trimmer That Suits Your Needs

There are different kinds of string trimmer that can be used for landscaping. Therefore, it is important to choose the one that meets your budget and fits best for the job you intend to use it for. Example: Gas string trimmer, electric string trimmer, and battery-powered string trimmer.

Choose the Right Trimmer Type

To get the best result when shredding grasses, use the best shaft tool type that fits the landscape. In some cases, where you need to get under small trees and shrubs, using a straight-shaft trimmer might produce a better result than using a curved-shaft one.

Practice Safety Measures

When the string trimmer spins, small objects like plastic, rocks, glasses, and so on, can fly when hit by the trimmer’s line. It is therefore important to protect yourself by properly positioning yourself to avoid being hit by harmful debris, and also ensure that pets and kids are indoors or far away from the direction of the debris being ejected. You should also wear a pair of safety goggles to protect your eyes from harmful particles.

Pay Attention to the Spin Direction

When using a trimmer, it usually ejects debris from the cut path. Therefore, if the trimmer spins clockwise, it means that it will eject debris from the right side and as such, cutting with the left side will produce the best result. However, if you cut from the right side, the debris will be ejected right into the cut path which could result in scalping and you working over piles of debris. This tends to reduce the efficiency of the strimmer and causes the lawn to be unevenly trimmed.

Follow the starting procedure reminder to start the engine

Starting Procedure Reminder
Starting Procedure Reminder

Employ a Cutting Technique That Suits Your Landscape

There are different techniques you can use when trimming your lawn. To get an even cut and well-trimmed lawn it is important to handle your trimmer to suit the topography of your lawn. These techniques include:

Edging: This method involves tilting the trimmer at an angle such that the string cuts vertically. This is particularly useful when cutting grasses at the edge of a parallel surface such as a driveway or walkway. It is however important to protect yourself as this method tend to root out dirt, rocks, and other debris, especially if you have not edged your lawn before.

Screeding: This method is useful when cutting weeds and grasses growing out of paved areas. Tilt the trimmer at an angle such that the tip of the string touches the pavement while the rest cuts close to the grass base.

Scything: Useful when trying to trim around an obstruction. Repeatedly scythe in a U-shaped pattern until you achieve an even cut.

Tapering: Cutting the grass at an angle such that the tip of the string cuts lesser, but produces a well-trimmed lawn. This is helpful when cutting the boundaries of your yard.

Ensure Proper Maintenance of Your String Strimmer

  • Always clean your string trimmer after use – clean off dirt debris, weeds, and grasses from the string.
  • Replace your string when necessary.
  • For gas string trimmer, service the spark plug and engine frequently.
How to Use a Commercial String Trimmer Infographic
How to Use a Commercial String Trimmer Safely Infographic

Image source: Husqvarna

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