How to Control Mosquitoes and Pests (2022) Using a Commercial Mosquito Fogger

A commercial fogger is used in eradicating mosquitoes, pests, and other kinds of flying insects. This machine is helpful in wiping out a large mass of pests and mosquitoes in a short space of time regardless of the landmass. Commercial mosquito foggers are often used by pest control organizations, cities, and private establishments in the elimination of mosquitoes and other pests in large numbers. In this post, I’ve explained how to control mosquitoes and pests using a commercial fogger.

The advantage of using a commercial mosquito fogger over a conventional fogger is how quickly it can make a large landmass free from pests by fogging the area with a thick layer of pest control chemicals in a very short period of time. Summarily, using a commercial mosquito fogger is the fastest, economical, and most effective way of controlling and killing mosquitoes and pests outdoors.

Click on the above link to see the reviews of the best commercial fogging machine to get rid of these nuisances. The tips below will help you to use it on your own without contacting a service professional for the best mosquito control solution. There are different types of commercial mosquito foggers in the market to suit your need. Once you’ve decided on which type to purchase, here are guidelines on how to use a commercial mosquito fogger in the control of mosquitoes and pests.

Choosing the Right Chemicals for Right Fogger Machine

It is crucial to use the most appropriate FDA recommended insecticide for mosquitoes and pest control. While choosing the right chemical, you should also consider using an insecticide that is human-friendly and not harmful to humans considering mosquitoes spend most of their short life span hovering around animals and humans to suck blood. It is therefore important to choose a chemical that is harmful to flying insects, but relatively safe for humans. Insecticides are not the same for thermal and cold fogger, so choose the right one.

Mixing the Chemicals Correctly

The quality and the mixture ratio of the chemical (insecticide) being used is crucial in determining the result you will get from fogging. Getting an exact and equal proportion of chemical to water or oil mixture (depending on the mosquito fogger model) is very important.

Most fogger machines come with detailed instructions to guide you on which kind of insecticide works best with the machine, and also the correct mixing ratio that guarantees a good result. Also, carefully check the label on the pesticide package to know the application rate. Some examples are:

  • Use 5 L water to 10 ml of insecticide to cover 20-30 square meters
  • Or 10 L water to 20ml of insecticide
  • Or 10 L water to 1 pack powder

The chemical is dangerous so precaution should be taken before mixing it. If not mixed correctly, the insecticides may fail to meet your expectations.

Fogging to Control

Using a fogger machine is more comfortable to spray in open spaces, parks, wedding venues, hotels, warehouses, restaurants, apartments, and many other establishments. To stop the reproduction of mosquitoes and pests, need to spray out to ponds, lakes, tree pots, old tires, and abandoned establishments.

The reduction can be stopped by up to 90% during the first week and you can use it every month or two months and the gradual step can control these nuisances 100%. You can spray the area where the adult mosquito rests or especially the female one. Some of the ready to use fogging insecticides available online can control ants, fruit flies, fleas, moths, bedbugs, cockroaches, gnats, houseflies, waterbugs, grain weevils, wasps, beetles, and their larvae. Go to amazon for the ready to use pesticides for your mist blower and I recommend for Talstar Pro 96 oz.

Operating the Mosquito Fogger

Below are some necessary actions to take when using any fogger machine:

  • Always read the instructions on the fogger before use to know how the machine operates. This will prevent you from making mistakes when operating the machine, mixing the chemical, and so on.
  • Practice safety measures: Commercial thermal foggers work at high temperature, therefore, it is very unsafe to use them indoors, unless if stated that the type could be operated indoors. Also, avoid touching the casing of the fogger with your naked hand when in use to prevent getting burned.
  • If you are using a thermal fogger, ensure that it is used at the right temperature indicated on the manual in order to prevent chemical solutions from dripping out of the nozzle due to low temperature.
  • Avoid using commercial mosquito foggers in windy conditions. This tends to reduce the efficiency, effectiveness, and potency of the insecticide solutions. Also, if you are spraying a space meant to be used for an occasion, endeavor to spray the park a few days before the event.


Since mosquitoes are usually the most active in the early mornings and around evening, it is advisable to fog around these times to ensure an effective result. After fogging, turn off the fogger and ensure that it is completely cool before you store. You can reach out to professionals, pest control company or use a commercial mosquito fogger to get an advantage in reaching deeper into the foliage with its more powerful pressure.

How to Control Mosquitoes and Pests Using a Commercial Mosquito Fogger
How to Control Mosquitoes and Pests Using a Commercial Mosquito Fogger Infographic

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