The Best Commercial Mosquito Foggers in 2022 (Buying Guide & Tips)

Have you heard of mosquito fogger? In case you didn’t know yet, this is a machine powered by either propane or electricity. It distributes insecticides into the air as micro-sized droplets, making a fog. In this post, I have compiled a list of the best commercial mosquito foggers currently available online.

With many warm spring and rain temperatures, mosquitos are more than anticipated. Such foggers fight the population of mosquitoes by deterring and killing them.

The 5 Best Commercial Mosquito Foggers

Editor's PicksBrandRating
Best OverallPetra Electric Fogger Atomizer Backpack Sprayer4.6
Runner UpTOMAHAWK 3 HP Turbo Boosted Backpack Fogger4.2
Best Budget PickCardinal 3.5 Gallon Backpack Fogger Blower4.4
Best Cold FoggerInvatech Italia 868 Mister Duster Mosquito Sprayer4.3
Electric Insect FoggerBlack Flag 190107 Electric Insect Fogger4.2
*Ratings may change*

These dangerous insects are stressing due to their incessant buzz presence and irritating bites. You are very much aware that mosquitos are dangerous to you and the people around you. Continuous scratching induced by their bites will leave you, your staff, and customers open to infections. The globe’s most dangerous diseases such as Zika virus, West Nile virus, as well as Dengue fever easily spread in the community.

If you are operating a commercial business, a commercial mosquito fogger can safeguard you, your staff, and patrons from these deadly insects. Choosing one of the best commercial mosquito fogger machines will try to handle your yard and eliminate all of these annoying pests easily. The fog created by this item penetrates into the depth of trees, grasses, and bushes. Commercial mosquito foggers could also be utilized along with any type of pest control material.

Now, if you are seeking the right commercial mosquito fogger machine available in the market, ensure you equip yourself with the proper knowledge. Look first at the factors you must take into consideration before buying.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Commercial Mosquito Foggers

Like any other device, you will find particular aspects you need to check first when buying the best commercial mosquito fogger. This might include the following:

Material quality

Commercial mosquito fogger isn’t a device you will purchase to utilize once. The price signifies you buy a product, which is made of superior quality of the material. It’s a device, which you will keep in storage for later use. Therefore, ensure the material doesn’t rust or corrode.


Weight is most applicable when you’re carrying your mosquito fogger on your back when fogging. Ensure you purchase a lightweight device.


Take note that a mosquito fogger has a tank for the storage of pesticide. Ensure you purchase the ideal size suitable for you. For example, if you’re fogging a wider area, ensure you purchase a device with a big tank capacity. Doing this will make sure you won’t run out of insecticide if you’re halfway.


Bear in mind that every mosquito fogger utilizes an insecticide to get rid of the mosquito. Guarantee the machine you buy is compatible along with a broad spectrum of insecticide.

Particle Sizes

The best commercial mosquito foggers produce droplets or particles. The size of the particles on your fogger is categorized on its product label. You need a mosquito fogger, which generates less than twenty microns for you to kill an insect-like mosquito.

Meanwhile, the small size particle is perfect for killing the small insects. This size droplet also penetrates well hard-to-reach areas like cracks and crevices where mosquitos tend to hide.

Types of Mosquito Fogger

Did you know that there are two types of mosquito foggers? Each of them has its own pros and cons. The first type of thermal fogger. They generate thicker and more prominent fog, making it simpler to control throughout application. Thicker fog is generated by denser and smaller droplets, making it ideal for insect and mosquito control. This type of mosquito fogger is multi-function, where they can be utilized for indoor applications like deodorizing and sanitizing. The only negative about this type is the fire risk created by itself. Thermal foggers need preheating, and a few people have experienced problems with overheating.

The other type is cold fogger, where it converts the fogging solution into tiny particles through pressure. It doesn’t leave any residue, and they are odorless. It’s simple to use; you only need to place the solution inside the tank, plug it, and begin fogging. However, this type of mosquito fogger is nearly invisible. Several users integrate food coloring to determine the range while fogging.

Comparison Table of the 6 Best Commercial Mosquito Fogger Machines

Before we proceed to our review, take a closer look at our comparison table.

Petra Electric Fogger Atomizer Backpack SprayerCold Fogger4 gallon15.2 lbs.
TOMAHAWK 3 HP Turbo Boosted Backpack FoggerThermal Fogger3.7 gallon38 lbs.
Cardinal Backpack Fogger BlowerCold Fogger3.5 gallon35 lbs.
Invatech Italia 868 Mister Duster Mosquito SprayerCold Fogger3.7 gallon22 lbs.
Black Flag 190107 Electric Insect FoggerCold Fogger1 gallon3.97 lbs.
Silver Bullet ULV Non-Thermal Cold FoggerCold Fogger1 gallon5.73 lbs.

Here are the Best Commercial Mosquito Fogger Units

Read our review of the best commercial mosquito fogger carefully to have a great idea about the product details.

1. 4 Gallon Commercial Type Electric Fogger Backpack Sprayer with ULV500 solution

PetraTools Disinfecting Fogger

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Key Features:

  • Comfortable back straps
  • Mists reach eight to ten feet
  • Big commercial hose and wide-mouth lid
  • Offers average particle size of 20 to 50 microns

Petra is considered a top fogger and is a huge commercial-size model. If you have a bigger space, which requires treatment, this is the best commercial mosquito fogger for you. The machine generates four gallons of mist, and it comes in a tidy backpack.

Walk around your area and spray crucial areas where insects and mosquitos hide and you’re done. The mist sprays eight to ten feet from the user, so you don’t need to get too near to those mosquito regions. The hose could easily be extended beyond your head to resolve hard-to-reach places, which some mosquito fogger oversight.

You could also utilize this fogger outdoors such as greenhouses. The sizes of the particles are between twenty and fifty microns. You can also change the rate of flow. An easy turn of a screw enables you to change the rate of the flow.

You might also find a big mouth lid enabling you to access and transfer in your product. The bands attached to the backpack are made exclusively for commercial purposes. Therefore, they offer comfort and expect they aren’t one of those cheap side straps most models provide.


  • Stretchable coil hose
  • Industrial quality but ideal for domestic use too
  • 8 to 10 feet spray range
  • Powerful 1200W motor


  • Designed as fogger rather than a sprayer
  • Range limited by the electric cable length
  • Limited 120-day warranty

2. 3.7 Gallon 3 hp Turbo Boosted Backpack Mosquito Fogger Machine

TOMAHAWK 3 HP Turbo Boosted Backpack Fogger

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Key Features:

  • Professional series backpack fogger, leaf blower, duster
  • 30 feet reach of mist which coats plants from bottom to top
  • Effective for pest control in ranches, greenhouses, vineyards, and orchards
  • Ideal for mosquitos bringing ZIKA and ticks carrying diseases
  • Ideal for dust or liquid pesticide treatment

TOMAHAWK is one of the best foggers perfect for applying dust or liquid pesticide treatments across wide areas. The fogger offers a mist-reach of at least more than thirty feet. This mosquito fogger utilizes one-tenth of the amount of liquid pesticide utilized by other comparable sprays, which makes your cash go further. The machine is well-created and simple to run. Thus, getting rid of the mozzies in the garden is a straightforward and fast process.

What we really don’t like about this fogger is that we aren’t impressed by the quality of the unit, particularly for its relatively high cost. We also founded out that some buyers have reported issues with the fogger nozzle. They say it could be hard to change when it fails.


  • Ideal for dust pesticide treatment
  • Suitable for killing mosquitoes that carry deadly diseases
  • Effective for pest control in commercial areas


  • The fogger nozzle is hard to replace
  • High price

3. 3.5 Gallon 3hp Backpack Mosquito Fogger Blower Duster

3.5 Gallon Backpack Fogger Blower

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Key Features:

  • Ideal for dust or liquid pesticides treatment
  • Seven times faster than pump sprayers
  • Spray 1 acre in less than thirty minutes for fertilizer, weeds, bugs and many more
  • Ideal bug spray for mosquitos carrying ZIKA and ticks carrying LYME disease
  • 3 in one backpack fogger, leaf blower, and duster
  • Blows 475 cfm (cubic feet/min) and airspeed at 200mph

Cardinal CMD65 is considerably another beast that uses a 3 HP and two-cycle engine to serve as a strong wide-area fogger. This unit is perfect for the control of dangerous pests like roaches, ticks, and mosquitoes.

This mosquito fogger is ideal for bigger areas that need comprehensive pest control coverage. This machine is designed for professional pest control businesses, landscapers, and DIY-ers alike. The Cardinal CMD65 boasts a strong 3HP lightweight engine as well.

That makes it the most demanded mosquito fogger for herbicide and pesticide uses around greenhouses, wineries, farmsteads, and homesteads. With a thirty-foot horizontal mist range, this mosquito fogger is ideal for mid-sized businesses.


  • Can be used in different purposes like duster and leaf blower
  • Best for pest control around orchards, vineyards, and farms
  • Big 3.5 gallon tank
  • Comes with one year warranty


  • Not intended for use along with fertilizer
  • Quite bulky at 35 lbs.

4. 3.7 Gallon 4.3 hp Italia 868 Mister Duster Mosquito Fogger Sprayer

Invatech Italia New Model Duster Mosquito Sprayer

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Key Features:

  • The only unit on the market which mists liquids
  • Spreads powder and granular goods like fertilizer, lime, and sulfur
  • 3-year warranty
  • Powerful backpack leaf blower, duster, mister, and mosquito sprayer
  • 4.3 HP motor

Did you know that the fogger from Invatech Italian is perfect for mosquitoes? It is equipped with a backpack as well. You could easily put your arms through its bands and squeeze the machine into your form. After it is in place, you are now ready to begin spraying mosquitoes.

One of the best things about this mosquito fogger is that it comes with added padding to prevent the weight of the unit from hurting the shoulders of the user. It is no doubt a strong atomizer. The only negative thing we could say about it is that the range of the extension cord limits the user.

The unit generates zero to fifty microns, and it weighs twelve pounds without pesticide inside of it. You will also see a big mouth for filling. You will see an industrial hose enabling for current rate control. Further, the micro setting valve enables more fog control. The machine works at a remarkable 1600 watts of power.

When something interrupts, or you see a fault in your item, there is a 3-year warranty on your offer. You will also find a 45-day money-back guarantee. In case you didn’t like this cold mist fogger from Invatech Italia, you could easily return the item for your money back.

The manufacturer also offers an average 3-day air delivery free for every unit. That guarantees you will have a fast delivery of your item. Take note that this unit will not generate thick gas clouds, which others generate. However, it does kill mosquitoes. Depending on the chemicals you employ, you could kill a wide array of other pests as well.


  • Does it job
  • Comes with everything you need
  • Perfect sprayer
  • High-quality product


  • The tank falls off easily

5. 190107 Electric Insect Fogger Machine

Black Flag 190107 Electric Insect Fogger
Black Flag

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Key Features:

  • Kills and repels mosquitoes, flying insects, biting flies for up to six hours
  • Treats an average of 5,000 sq. ft. yard in less than ten minutes
  • The same efficient system utilized by experts to kill mosquitoes

The Black Flag 190107 is another mosquito fogger for commercial setup. This unit is a similar form of treatment experts utilize to clear parks, campgrounds, and backyards of mosquitoes. The machine could treat a standard of 5,000 sq. ft. in just 10 minutes!

Its deterring capacity could last for at least six hours, making flying insects that don’t die throughout the first fog to be deterred. Besides, if you like to enter the area again, you simply need to wait for a few minutes, and it will be safe to enter.

To use this machine, you only need to plug it and begin fogging the region. You need to ensure that the extension cords you employ with your mosquito fogger are 10, 12, or 40 gauges. Ensure that the extension cords are valued for outdoor applications as well.

It’s worth noting that Black Flag has integrated a locking trigger into its lever. It avoids any accidents to take place. The trigger will stop unintentional pumping, and the unit will run only if the trigger isn’t sealed. This fogger needs to preheat a minimum of 2 minutes otherwise, the result will not be very satisfactory.


  • Composed of eco-friendly ingredients
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Comes with a simple plug and switch mechanism


  • Added equipment entails more expenses
  • Must be employed with three-wire extension cords with at least ten to fourteen gauges

6. ULV Non-Thermal Cold Fogger Mosquito Pest Sprayer

Silver Bullet Fogger
Silver Bullet

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Key Features:

  • Powerful motor
  • 40 feet spray
  • Made of stainless steel hardware
  • Excellent for preventing and remediation in big or inaccessible areas

The Silver Bullet is one of the distinct commercial mosquito foggers on our list. This sophisticated fogger could be utilized for mold and mosquitoes, and it features a triple jet system with a long-range. This machine was constructed to be an improvement over ULV foggers. The strong motor could generate sprays, which are thirty-three per cent longer at a maximum of forty feet in length.

It’s worth mentioning that the jet nozzles have been enhanced too. The vacuum pump motor has been advanced. This sprayer could be utilized for fogging, pest control, mold control, and mildew control.

The stainless steel is durable. Users could utilize almost any type of chemicals and solutions inside of this unit without worrying of breaking it down. You could employ water-based mixtures such as oil, and even cedar too. Take note that this mosquito fogger is a cold type. Therefore, the machine generates more of a fine mist compared to a gas like the one the majority of thermal models generate.

The tank can hold 1-gallon of solutions. You could also change between large or low droplet sizes. You might also see a medium droplet size on the unit, making it a good starting point for newbies. However, you will be restrained to the span of the extension core since the machine is corded.

The Silver Bullet utilizes a motor to generate high-power low-pressure air steam. Compared to most thermal foggers using propane, this machine employs electricity to power the motor.


  • Ready to use after pouring the solution
  • Any chemical or solution could be employed
  • Get rid of mosquitoes and mold effectively
  • Could be used indoors
  • Wide coverage


  • Only accessible in 110V
  • Nuts aren’t made of stainless steel

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Do you like to know more about the best commercial mosquito fogger? This section is intended to present you with essential information on the most commonly asked questions about this device.

#1. How long does the treatment of mosquito fogger last?

It will vary on the kind of insecticide solution utilized. Fogging is assured to keep any flying mosquito away from the cured region for more than seventy-two hours. That makes it your excellent attack plan for commercial businesses. Most users will know that their space is free of mosquito for two to three weeks and often longer.

#2. Is mosquito fogger effective?

Fogging is always effective. In fact, a study has proved that there’s ninety to ninety-eight percent reduction of mosquitos within the seven days of treatment. You might notice a slow decline of the mosquito population after that. Fogging must be repeated for every 2 to 3 weeks as required.

To be more effective, you must not utilize the best commercial mosquito fogger near regions with beneficial insects like butterflies or bees. The insecticide in such products will be dangerous to those insects too.

#3. Where can I best use my commercial mosquito fogger/sprayer?

Mosquito foggers are designed to accommodate wide areas. Therefore, you could utilize them to safeguard your commercial premises or safeguard yourself when you’re away from your home.

#4. How can I clean and tidy my mosquito foggers?

You can easily clean a mosquito fogger by turning off your device and allow it to cool off. Make sure you always wear gloves, as you might contact the remaining insecticide. Make sure you also tug the spray tip away and put a pipe cleanser into the tube. Get rid of the pump assembly cover and attach a pipe cleaner to clean it.

#5. Will my commercial mosquito fogger kill other insects?

Yes. A mosquito fogger is very strong, and it could kill various insects.

#6. What are the benefits of using mosquito foggers?

You could treat the specified area quickly and easily. That’s your best alternative if you’re running a commercial business and wish it to be free of mosquitos. Even though the impact is temporary, this time is sufficient to allow you to appreciate outdoor activities.

#7. Where should I use my mosquito fogger?

You can spray your fogger on dense vegetation, beneath the tree trunks, shrubs, and vegetation. You could spray it around sheltered places and standing water too where mosquitoes rest and hide.

#8. What chemicals should I spray?

You need to check the manual of the manufacturer with your sprayer to determine if it’s safe to use the specific chemicals you plan to use. For instance, we don’t suggest using wettable powders along with piston sprayers. They might only clog the mechanism of your commercial mosquito fogger. Likewise, you cannot utilize any coarse substances in a piston sprayer, as they will ruin your unit.

Depending on the kind of fogger you have, you could choose from a decking cleaner, mildew inhibitor, wallpaper remover, herbicide, bleach, fungicide, insecticide, or weed killer.

Final Thoughts

We understand that nothing beats the comfort of seeing your customers and staff relaxing in your facility without being disturbed by mosquitoes and other types of insects. The decision to buy the commercial mosquito sprayer may be your best bet after you decided to establish a business in an area surrounded by lush greens.

With numerous factors to consider, we hope our review of the best commercial mosquito fogger presented you with an overview of the pros and cons of owning a specific brand. We wish you good luck with buying the best device for your commercial business.

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