The Best Commercial Door Closers in 2022 Reviews + Buying Guide

Commercial door closers are suitable for residential and industrial setups to facilitate access control and security. Do you always tend to be forgetful in terms of leaving the door open? Well, some of you out there are probably guilty of this forgetful-open-door situation. This is also the reason why you always got scolded by your mom or anyone in the house for being forgetful.

However, if you are in your home office or in your corporate space, forgetting to close the door is unforgivable. That is why it is better to buy a sturdy door closer for automatic closing. How? First off, you should determine the door type that you have.

The Best Commercial Door Closer

Editor's PickBrandRating
Best OveralHeavy Duty Commercial Door Closer4.9
Runner UpCommercial Automatic Door Closer FS-76004.6
Best Budget Pick3000-ALUM Commercial Grade Door Closer by Dynasty Hardware4.4
Sprayed Aluminum Closer4401-ALUM Surface Mount Commercial Door Closer by Dynasty Hardware4.3
Cast Aluminum CloserDoor Closer Grade 2 Medium Duty Door Closer by Lawrence4.6
*Ratings may change*

Aside from the type of door, you should also consider the traffic or its usage frequency. After taking into consideration these things, the next move that you should do is to select the door closer that would perfectly match your commercial space’s design. Moreover here you will find a discussion on how to install a door closer manually yourself.

Some of the Best Commercial Door Closers at a Glance

In the market, Regular/Parallel Arm and Top Jamb Mount door closers are the types to choose from for your door. To guide you more in choosing the best products from the various door closers, here are the top products with their advantages and disadvantages:

1. Heavy Duty Grade 1 Cast Aluminum Commercial Door Closer

Heavy Duty Grade 1 Cast

This closing mechanism is created with grade-1 cast aluminum that is highly resistant to corrosion, making it the best for more prolonged usage. It has a flexible spring arm that enables a slow, safe and hands-free closing and opening operation. Its three adjustable valves are efficient for back-checking, latching and sweep motion. It is suitable for heavy-duty doors weighing up to 150 pounds. This is the perfect closing mechanism for entrances and doorways with high traffic as it can withstand over two million closing and opening operations.

If it is your first time installing this closing mechanism, you might want to read the instructions carefully. It is because its instructions might confuse you since it is shown through pictures.

2. Automatic Commercial Door Closer FS-7600

Commercial Door Closer FS-7600

When looking for a door closer to be used for walkways, halls, doorways and traffic entrances, this is the product is the best buy. It has a heavy duty type of door closer as it is made from cast iron, steel arm and is a rust-proof aluminum coating. It includes six adjustment levels for better control for latching and sweeps motion as well as back-check. If it comes to the point that you are not satisfied with this product, the company offers a five-year limited warranty.

The only downside for this product is that when you needed to open the door. Although it solves your door closing issues, it now gives you an “opening” issue.

3. 3000-ALUM Commercial Grade Door Closer

Dynasty Hardware 3000

This closing mechanism is fitted for either left or right swing type of door. It has two regulating valves for better control of speed for the latch and sweeps motion. It also has size -3 spring tension suitable for heavy duty type of doors that can weigh up to 143 pounds. In terms of its mounting options, this mechanism can be mounted for top jamb, on parallel or in the regular arm. This ANSI Grade 2 commercial type of closing mechanism includes a five-year factory warranty.

The door closer’s disadvantage? It comes with poor instructions. It might confuse the parts that you should assemble first. Assembling things the wrong way can also lead to wearing things out. Watch out for the door closer’s arm; it is prone to wearing out.

4. 4401-ALUM Surface Mount Heavy Duty Commercial Door Closer

Dynasty Hardware 4401-ALUM Surface

This heavy-duty closing mechanism has a back-check function and six adjustable levels for easy operation. It also enables hands-free operation for regular arm, parallel and top jamb type of installation. It has efficient two regulating valves that help you adjust the closing and the opening speed of your door. It is suitable for fire rated doors as it is a grade-1 ANSI classification and is ADA compliant. It comes with both wood and metal screws as well as bolts.

The disadvantage of this closing mechanism is that aside from its instruction as a bit confusing, adjusting things can also be a challenge to you. If you were not confused with the instructions, then you can do better in the adjustments. Check the product upon arrival to your house to check it if it is in good condition or not.

5. LH534 Door Closer Grade 2 Medium Duty, Surface Mounted, Cast Aluminum Door Closer

Door Closer Grade 2 Medium Duty

With steel arm and cast aluminum built, this is a durable door closer that you have ever wanted. It has regulating valves supports efficient closing and latching speeds and can withstand over a hundred of high-traffic of usage. This closing mechanism is suitable for door types weighing a maximum of 125 pounds. With its surface mount design and three-pack options, the installation will be made easy for you.

Since it is only for doors that weigh 125 pounds, this means it isn’t suitable for heavy-type of applications. It is only made to be used for residential and commercial light to medium applications. Installing this mechanism can be tricky plus its instruction. So, expect your installation process to be taking some of your time.

6. Medium Duty Designer Commercial Door Closer

Medium Duty Designer Commercial Door Closer

This cast aluminum surface mounted closing mechanism is corrosion resistant, making its usage for a more extended period. It is entirely made for entrances that have medium to high traffic and for doors weighing a maximum of 150 pounds. It comes with standard tri pack options that include parallel arm, regular and top jamb arm mounts. It weighs four pounds, includes wood and machine screws and three adjustable valves. It is highly efficient for light and medium applications, either indoor or outdoor use.

The Cons – it is not suitable for the heavy-duty type of application.

What to consider when buying the best door closer?

You have seen door closers in schools, offices, and facilities. They are widely used in commercial buildings and have been around for many decades. On the surface, it may seem that a door closer is an unnecessary device. But in circumstances where the door is heavy and robust, a door closer protects it along with the door frame from damage.

The primary job of a door closer is to keep the door from slamming into the frame. Heavy doors are vulnerable to damage because of their weight which may chip, split, or crack the door or door frame if they are slammed.

This means that if a building or home does not have a door closer, you may consider purchasing one to extend the longevity of the door. Although door closers have progressed over the years, they still have the same basic design.

Considerations for Selecting a Door Closer –

The first thing to consider is how many door closers you may need. While they are mostly used on entrance doors that tend to be heavier, they are also used on doors that experience frequent traffic such as a classroom or work area. A survey of how many doors in your building could benefit from having a door closer will help since you might receive a discount when ordering over a certain number.

Requirements for Mounting:

All door closers have mounting requirements. You will need to review the requirements and ensure that the door closer can be installed on your doors and door frames. This is a good way to narrow the selection process.

Size: Door closers come in different sizes, so be sure to choose the one that fits within the door frame and is robust enough to handle the weight of the door itself. A door closer that is too small will not be strong enough to last very long. If it is too large, it will not fit on the door frame.

Surface or Concealed: You’ll need to choose if you want the door closer to be on the surface where it is exposed or concealed along the top of the door itself. This is more of an aesthetic decision, but it helps to have then uniform throughout the building.

Fire Rating: All door closers are rated for fire with some being better than others. This is an important consideration that heat may damage a door closer that is not highly rated for fire. This means that a door closer may fail to operate properly which makes it more difficult to get through.

Finishing Options

Look over the different finishing options to see which one works best for the décor of your building. Some door closers are bright while others are darker to blend into the door itself.

Keep in mind that your choices of door closers are primarily functional in nature. You want to put aesthetics at the bottom of the list after deciding which type of door closers work best. However, given the sheer variety of shapes and color combinations, you should have few issues choosing the best door closer for your needs.


#1. If the door closer was broken, should I have it repaired or replace it?

It is best to have it replaced as repairing may take a while and is a bit costly.

#2. What does a latching speed mean?

It is the last 10 degree of the manner of closing before the door is fully shut. If the door is not fully closed or has door-slamming issues, this means its latch speed should be adjusted.

#3. What does the “back-check” part mean?

A back-check decreases the damage that will occur to the door when it is violently opened by wind or by force. That is why a back check valve is also essential for door closer installations.

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