How to Vacuum an Above Ground Pool in 2022

Above ground, pools are the types of pools that do not sit closer to the ground. It has a frame which secures its walls in place to provide strength to withstand exposure to elements. Thus, they are usually made of resin, extruded aluminum or coated steel. These pools last for about 7-15 years before the structures give out.

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To maintain a well-looking pool, one of the things you need to do for maintenance is to clean it. That’s why regular vacuuming is required. And we have discussed the best commercial vacuum cleaner reviews to pick the compatible one.

Why does an above ground pool need to get vacuumed?

Well just like other pools, this can accumulate a lot of dirt, petals, leaves, pebbles, sand and other debris which may cause your pool to look unclean and not so attractive for you to swim in. This can also be totally unsanitary since if you swim in a dirty, unvacuumed pool, it’s just like you are swimming in a pool of germs, which can be bad for your health. To restore the crystal-clear state of your pool, cleaning it with an above ground pool vacuum is a must.

Here is how you can use an above ground pool vacuum to clean your pool;

1. First, of course, is to remove the visible dirt in your pool, which are the leaves, bugs, and other debris with a skimmer.

2. Turn on the pump. Check and make sure if the water is running through the filter.

3. Push the vacuum heads together until there is n audible click. Then push the swivel end of the vacuum hose to the head of the vacuum. You’ll hear a click again. Make sure it is appropriately held together to verify that it has excellent suction.

4. Turn off the pump of the above ground.

5. Utilize the rubber plug that is a part of the equipment of the pool to close the skimmer that’s furthest away from the pump. If your pool uses a switch to close the skimmer, then skip this step.

6. Insert the head of the vacuum with the hose as well as the pole into the swimming pool and leave the end of the hose out of the water. Push about 6 inches of the hose at a time underwater starting with the one attached to the vacuum head.

7. Hold the last bit of the hose under water and push the skimmer’s adapter disk onto the hose then open the cover of the skimmer. Set the disk & hose on top of the skimmer then close the opening. Do this step quickly.

8. Turn the power back on and listen if there is a change in sound, that means the skimmer sucked out the remaining air in the vacuum which then indicates you are ready to clean your pool with it.

9. Lower it to the pool until it reaches the bottom. Bolt the pole into position and lean it in contradiction of the edge of the pool where it is in the simple extent of the water-return opening.

10. Clasp the open end of the water hose in front of the water return outlet to fill the hose with water. Continue to do so until full of water and no more bubbles arise from the vacuum head.

11. Keep the end of the hose submerged as you pull it away from the water return and attach the skimmer disc.

12. Put skimmer disk on top of the skimmer to create a vacuum.

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