How to Install Door Closer in 2022 – Hydraulic Door Closer

In this post, I have discussed how to install door closer easily. Usually, door closers can be seen in offices and other establishments. These can also be used in houses as well if you are tired of the door always slamming shut when you try to close it or when a sudden wind comes by.

Door closers are mechanical or spring- loaded hydraulic devices that enable the door to close in a controlled manner, so when someone opens it, the person will not have to close the door manually since the door closer will do it for them.

These are the metallic robot-like arms you see on top attached to the door. There are diverse types of door closers that you can choose from. The most typical example is the surface mounted door closer, which is called, as it’s located on the door’s header.

Here are the diverse types of door closer

Concealed Door Closers

Concealed door closers can be used in a single acting door which are doors that open up one way, but they are also commonly used in double acting doors which are doors that can open both ways. An often applied for this type of door closer is in high traffic areas usually in entrance ways or front doors in a large building.

Surface Mount Door Closer

These types of closers are relatively inexpensive and can be installed easily. This closer uses a single arm and a slide track.

Before you order a door closer for commercial purpose or home and get it installed, there are a few things you need to know so that you would be able to choose the right kind of door closer.

You should first asses your door, and take note; is it an interior or an exterior door? Is it a left-hand swing or right-hand swing? What materials make up the door? Is it made of wood? Glass? Aluminum? Metal? What is the width of the door? Pivot hinges or butt hinges? Where should you mount the closer, left or right? What’s the size of the material you wish to support the door closer in?

When you ask yourself those questions and carefully asses what your door needs, you are now ready to get a door closer and get it installed. Even you will have the answer on how to adjust the door closer.

Here are easy instructions for you to follow so that you can install your door closers:

Installing a hydraulic door closer is quite simple

1.) Determine where you want to place the closer in relation with the hinges. The degree of the opening must be considered for the door to open or close properly. Door closers only have a specific degree of opening specifications that can be found in their instructions that come with buying a door closer. Factors that can influence the degree of opening is if there’s an adjacent wall or other obstruction or if the door needs to clear the opening at the minimum of 32-inches required by American Disabilities Act (ADA).

2.) Secure the door -mounting bracket to the top of the rail.

3.) Mount the jamb bracket into the head jamb.

4.) Regulate the length of the chain. Make sure it is not too short and not too long.

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