Why Does My Paper Shredder Stop Working? – 2022 Infographic Guide

In any large office, school, or business where a lot of paperwork is done, it’s common to see a paper shredder on the premises. Paper shredders help to discard documents that are no longer needed. In this post, I have discussed why my paper shredder stops working and the ways to troubleshoot it.

You simply feed the papers through the top of the machine and it automatically shreds it up into smaller pieces. This is done so that the contents printed on the papers can be disposed of without breach of confidentiality. Check out the professional paper shredders to choose the powerful shredder for sensitive document shredding.

Shredding up the paper into smaller pieces also makes it easy to gather up to throw into bins or garbage bags. You can also recycle shredded paper. Sometimes due to the frequency of use and other factors, your paper shredder may malfunction or stop working. Here are a few common causes and solutions for troubleshooting:

Why ‘My Paper Shredder Stopped Working’?

  • The ‘teeth’ or shredding blades may be dull
  • There is paper jammed inside the machine preventing the blades from moving properly
  • The shredder is not receiving power or experiencing low voltage
  • The machine is overheating

How to Troubleshoot

  • Check to see if the shredder is plugged into the wall outlet and that the wall outlet is receiving power. Also, check the power cord for signs of damage that can cause it to short or affect the power supply
  • Remove the jammed paper by using the reverse function to release it or if the paper is visible, gently pull it out (beware of the sharp blades, don’t attempt if there is not sufficient paper sticking out)
  • If the blades are dull, they will need to be serviced or replaced
  • Sometimes overheating can occur with frequent and continuous usage. Turn the paper shredder machine off and let it cool down. Once it is cool, turn it on again.

If none of the above troubleshooting methods are successful, then something is wrong with the working parts of the machine. A part may be damaged or burnt out. There can also be an electrical issue or the power cord needs to be replaced. In this case, the paper shredder must be inspected by a licensed technician to find the root of the problem.

To Avoid Simple Malfunctions

  • Don’t put too much paper in the shredder at a time
  • Don’t use the machine for a prolonged period in one session
  • Use a voltage regulator
  • Keep the shredder in a spacious and well-ventilated area
  • Don’t try to open or take apart the shredder without instructions from a technician

In the event that the shredder cannot be fixed, try to buy from a reputable company with warranty packages and service options. A paper shredder is a valuable investment to make your office more efficient, proper maintenance and use of the shredder is required in order for it to function properly. Train office staff on the proper ways to use the machine and how to keep it clean and in full operation.

If you still have any confusion about what happened or what needs to be done to fix the shredder, this infographic may help you.

Why Does My Paper Shredder Stop Working Infographic
Why Does My Paper Shredder Stop Working Infographic

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