Top 10+ Best Commercial Paper Shredder Reviews

A commercial paper shredder affords business owners security and avoids the leak of company information, client information, and other confidential data. With this in mind, there are a number of options when choosing a shredder for document disposal. In this post below, I have compiled a list of the best commercial paper shredders currently available online.

Are you looking to destroy a lot of confidential documents in your office? Then, here you will find the right heavy-duty paper shredders that are commercial grade, with some additional features, and capable of shredding large volumes of documents continuously.

The Best 5 Commercial Paper Shredders

Editor's PickBrandRating
Best OverallPowershred 99Ci by Fellowes4.4
Runner UpJam Proof Powershred 125Ci by Fellowes4.0
Best Budget PickEverShred C149-C 18-Sheet by Bonsaii4.4
Best Paper ShredderAurora JamFree AU2030XA 20-Sheet Shredder4.1
Best Paper ShredderAF300 AutoShred 300-Sheet by Boxis3.8
*Ratings may change*

So these are the reviewed top 10 best home office paper shredders from which you can choose the best heavy duty paper shredders for home or commercial settings.

Here are the Best Commercial Paper Shredder Brands

1. Powershred 99Ci Jam Proof Cross-Cut Shredder

best commercial paper shredder

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The Powershred 99Ci cross-cut shredder is necessary for securely shredding sensitive tax documents, CDs/DVDs, credit cards and other confidential pieces of stuff.

Key Features:

  • Cross-Cut shredding
  • 30 min continuous shredding
  • SafeSense Technology for children and pets
  • Shreds CDs / DVDs, credit cards, staples, and cut paper documents and junk mail

2. Jam Proof Powershred 125Ci Cross-Cut Commercial Grade Paper Shredder

best commercial paper shredder

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It is a hassle-free shredding machine with all the features to offer. It has a continuous shredding capacity of up to 45 minutes before a cooling period.

Key Features:

  • Cross-cutting up to 20 sheets of paper in a single pass
  • Offers continual shredding
  • Heavy duty cardboard box, plastic and & sturdy plastic bin
  • Shreds staples and 100% jam proof

So, let’s start off with the pros. Among these are:

– Tall, slim in design, which allows you to fit in many offices.
– Capability to destroy credit cards and other hard items.

For the lower-end, lower price point office setting, this is probably sufficient. But, there are a number of drawbacks which do detract. First off, the 20 paper capacity shred point is extremely low. It also has smaller blades than other shredders, and you have to put oil in the blade so isn’t as powerful as the best commercial paper shredder.

3. Heavy Duty Cross-Cut EverShred C149-C 18-Sheet Credit Card Shredder

best commercial paper shredder

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Bonsai C149-C Shredder has a high quality and library application. It is a multi-purpose 12-18-sheet cross-cut powerhouse.

Key Features:

  • Continuous shredding up to 60 min
  • The cooling system controls overheating
  • One year warranty on all parts

4. JamFree AU2030XA 20-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder

best commercial paper shredder

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It has an advanced safety feature that stops the shredder immediately and prevents an accident when the tough guard sensor is touched. This shredder will not work when overcapacity is detected; prevent paper jams.

Key Features:

  • Shreds up to 20 sheets of paper/pass
  • Shreds CDs/DVDs, Credit Cards, Staples, & Paper Clips
  • Non-stop 60 min operation time
  • Auto shutdown and restart
  • Comes with 1-year limited product warranty and 5 years limited cutter warranty
  • LED indicators

5. AutoShred 350-Sheet Auto Feed Microcut Paper Shredder

best commercial paper shredder

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It is ideal for a large office that requires secure document management. It can shred 350 sheets at a time and pulverize these documents to 0.16″ x 0.39″ (4 x 10mm) illegible particles.

Key features:

  • 350 sheets at a time
  • Pulverize in little sizes
  • Ideal for a big office
  • Auto forward and reverse mode decreases the risk of paper jams

6. Stack and Shred Super Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

best commercial paper shredder
Swingline GBC

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Small, compact, yet powerful. There are a number of features this product offers which are ideal for the commercial setting. A few of the pros include:

  • Industrial size grade blades can shred up to 130-230 sheets at a time.
  • Large loading bin for simply dropping in papers and hitting the shred button.
  • It can shred CDs, credit cards, and other hard files.

With these benefits in mind, there are a few drawbacks to consider as well. Some of the pros which you have to account for include the fact that:

  • It is smaller in size, so it is ideal for small to mid-size business use.
  • It has a jam feature but doesn’t detect all small items which can cause the shredder to jam.
  • It has a reasonable sized 130-230 paper capacity, but only thin, office paper, other items have to be shredded individually.

7. SimplyShred PSC418D 18 Sheet Cross Cut Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

best commercial paper shredder
Simply Globo

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A lower price tag will draw many consumers when looking for a great commercial shredder. Some of the benefits of choosing this machine over top competitors include a low price and quick driving mechanism. You don’t have to remove staples either, so don’t have to worry about jamming.

With a lower price point also comes some drawbacks. Among these is a smaller capacity size. It does come fully assembled, but smaller size makes it limited in certain office settings. Stainless steel exterior, viewing window, but small size, will detract from the quality of this rather powerful commercial shredder.

Key Features:

  • Shreds Paper, CDs, credit cards and staples
  • 7.4 Gallon capacity of Bin
  • Quiet motor 58dB and durable steel cross cut blades
  • Ready, Off & Reverse switch

8. HSM SECURIO AF150 Cross-cut Paper Shredder

best commercial paper shredder

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Up to 150 sheets can be stacked at once into this machine. It has an auto shred feature, and auto shut off, so once the paper is out of the shred tray, it will stop for safety reasons. An exterior light indicates when the bin is full, so you know when to empty it out.

With the good also come some detractors; some of the cons to consider are the fact that it is rather small in size. This means you will empty the shredder out regularly. It features a dust emission system, but this does cause frequent jamming. A white exterior is also something that won’t fit into every office space.

9. HSM SECURIO B22c Cross-Cut Shredder

best commercial paper shredder

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A very low starting point is a major selling point here. It has a complete quick shred function and a capacity of about 14 sheets per single pass. So, what are good? Some of the pros include tall bin capacity, finger/safety latch (only shreds when finger/hand is out of place), up to a 90% faster shred rate than competitor products, and an auto shut-off function after use. This also has a “quiet” mode, ideal for offices where you need to get work done and don’t want to be interrupted by extremely loud shredding noise. However, some of the features include:

Key Features:

  • Can shred staples, clips and credit/store cards
  • No auto shut off/on function
  • Auto Start/Stop and on/Off switch
  • The cutting cylinder has a lifetime warranty
  • Made by Germany

Further, the shredding power/capacity is limited for smaller office/commercial space use. For high traffic offices, with hundreds of employees, it probably won’t suffice.

10. Sentinel Pro FS3150P 30-Sheet Strip-Cut Paper Shredder

best commercial paper shredder

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A low price point of less than $600 will lure you in. A 30 sheet auto shred capacity is also nice for quick shredding functionality. A pillar style design is sleek and can fit in even the tightest of office spaces.

So, what are the drawbacks? Some of the cons include lower power/shredding capacity with a 30 sheet capacity. It doesn’t shred very hard abrasive items. It can be handled with care due to the plastic drawer door.

See Also:

What to Look For in a Commercial Shredder for Heavy Duty Shredding?

Document Capacity: The capacity of the document ensures the number of sheets that can be shredded at the same time. You can destroy the documents quickly if the capacity is large.

Bin/Container Capacity: The amount of shredded paper that the container can contain. So it’s a concerning factor.

Running Duration: The running duration that the shredder can run for how long. The expensive and the best commercial paper shredder can run continuously without cooling down. A heavy duty shredder has a capacity of around 30 minutes or more.

Jam-proof: Paper jam is one of the most significant problems, although most commercial shredders are designed to avoid paper jams. There is a particular sensor that records the amount of paper fed into the slot. The shredder will stop and reverse the blades once the stack is too big.

Noise level: It is the obvious desire to destroy documents quietly in the maximum office. Therefore, we suggest that you look for a heavy-duty shredder that is quiet and a low noise level below 55 dB of sound during shredding.

Oil the shredder: Oiling the shredder machine is an essential part of your office routine. Few of them will auto-oil the cutters and others need human interference.

Strip-cut, Cross-cut or Micro-cut: Strip-cut shredder is a shredder used for non-confidential documents and shreds paper vertically into long narrow strips. A crosscut shredder is used to diagonally from both corners a cross-hatch pattern in small particles that are barely readable. On the other hand, the micro-cut shredder cuts paper into small diamonds or pieces of confetti and is suitable for destroying confidential documents.

Stripcut VS Crosscut VS Mircrocut paper shredder
Strip-cut VS Cross-cut VS Micro-cut Paper Shredder

Other Commercial Paper Shredders We Reviewed

TOP Pick: Royal 1840MX 18-Sheet Shredder


A completely auto machine is ideal for fast-paced (shreds sheets in 5 sec) office settings. It has a function to prevent the flare-up, fires or overheating when it is highly used in the office space. Staples, CDs, DVDs, and credit cards also shreds and machine are jam-free.

Of course, there are the drawbacks to consider. It only has an 18 sheet capacity, so reloading frequently will occur. Tall in size, but limited bin capacity also means you will empty out shredded paper frequently.

TOP Sold: 24-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder by AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics Shredder

The Powerhouse shredder quickly converts paper into strips that measure 5/32 by 1-1/2 inches. It uses to destroy ATM receipts, credit card bills, mortgage statements, payment receipts, insurance packages, and other old or unwanted information. It will even destroy credit cards, CDs, DVDs and Blu Rays (one at a time).

Key Features:

  • Shred 24 sheets at one time
  • Auto mode and easy operation
  • Shreds paper into long strips and cross-sections
  • Gives the highest level of safety

Heavy Duty Workhorse: 2604 Cross-Cut Centralized Office Shredder

ideal. 2604 Office Shredder

Another great option for one of the best heavy duty paper shredders is this product by ideal. Of course, there are good and bad to consider when choosing this shredder. Some of the cons include the price tag, which comes in at over $1000.

It does feature a taller bin but doesn’t have a larger paper capacity in comparison to smaller sized bins. It is tall, so this does limit where you can place it in some offices. This model comes with a waste capacity of 26 gallons which could be smaller at some point.

Quiet Powerful and Super Micro Shredder: 10-Sheet Super Micro Cut Shredder for Home Office


For small office/personal and commercial use, look no further. A tiny cut system will truly shred the largest sheets into confetti-sized pieces. Blades are guaranteed for heavy-duty operation and super micro-cut so they won’t dull over time. And, safety features, such as auto shut off, or jam feature, make it ideal for quick-paced settings.

The bad:

  • Small capacity size
  • A viewing window is small, so you can’t quite see how full the machine is
  • For a smaller size, it is pricey
  • No lubricant included

Time Saving Unit But a Bit Pricey: ShredMATIC 35314 Auto-Feed Jam Protection Paper Shredder

Dahle ShredMATIC Paper Shredder

As the name implies, jamming won’t be an issue with this commercial auto-feed shredder. Enhanced jam proof technology allows for faster shredding, with minimal effort or issues. The lockable 300-sheet automatic feeder bin, oil-free operation, and automatic jam protection are very attractive features for office professionals or security companies.

Of course, businesses have to consider the drawbacks. The one and only most complained of is that the price There are no auto lock functions or auto shut off. It only has a manual 14-page capacity as well, so you will be reloading the tray frequently (even though it shreds quickly). It can’t handle very hard paper clips and abrasive material either. The automatic feeding functions can be a cause of jamming if the machine overheats.

Our Runner Up Pick: Royal 100X 10-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder


Royal Machines Shredder is one of the most significant efforts in personal / household shredders. This 10-sheet cross-cut paper shredder offers all the strength and reliability needed in today’s situation.

Key Features:

  • It shreds up to 10 sheets per pass and shreds credit cards
  • Shred size is 5/32″ x 1 5/8″ for best safety
  • Auto start/stop function
  • 3.3-Gallon Bin
  • 1-year warranty on all parts and labor

Our Runner Up Pick: GMW124P 12-Sheet High-Security Paper Shredder

GoECOlife Paper Shredder

It offers peace of mind in an executive, contemporary design that will look excellent in your apartment or office. This one is high-security paper shredder shreds up to 12 sheets per crossing and turns your most confidential documents into small pieces.

Key Features:

  • Shreds up to 12 sheets per pass
  • Shreds one single page into more than 1200 particles
  • Carbon neutral and power-saving technology
  • Shreds credit cards
  • 3.5-gallon bin
  • Easy to transport

Here are some cheap recommended paper shredders

View Aliexpress: Vigorhood 4 Level Security Noise Reduction Electric Paper Shredder from China

Vigorhood 4 Level Security Noise Reduction Electric Paper Shredder

Of course, every product has its pros and its shortcomings to consider. When choosing the best commercial paper shredder for office use, these are a few of the best heavy duty paper shredders available today. Reasonable price, accessible for all businesses, and a reasonable set of features make any of these a good option for small, mid-sized, and even larger commercial businesses in need of a commercial-grade shredder.


#1. What should you shred?

You should shred whatever you have that has confidential data such as your name, address, telephone number, social security number, bank statement info and including documents like ATM receipts, credit card vouchers, bills, and also used airline tickets.

#2. Why should you shred?

You must destroy everything that has personal information according to the above answer. It helps you comply with the law, avoid identity theft and reduce confusion and fire dangers. Always be safe by cutting confidential documents that could harm you.

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