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Top 10 Best Reviewed Commercial Paper Shredders

A commercial paper shredder affords business owners security, and avoids leak of company information, client information, and other confidential data. With this in mind, there are a number of options when choosing a shredder. So these are the top 10 best reviewed commercial paper shredders from which you can choose, when shopping for the best heavy duty paper shredder in a commercial setting.

1. Swingline Stack and Shred
Small, compact, yet powerful. There are a number of features this product offers which are ideal for the commercial setting. A few of the pros include:
– Industrial size grade blades can shred up to 200 sheets at a time.
– Large loading bin for simply dropping in papers and hitting the shred button.
– It can shred CDs, credit cards, and other hard files.
With these benefits in mind, there are a few drawbacks to consider as well. Some of the pros which you have to account for include the fact that:
– It is smaller in size, so it is ideal for small to mid-size business use.
– It has a jam feature but doesn’t detect all small items which can cause the shredder to jam.
– It has a reasonable sized 200 paper capacity, but only thin, office paper, other items have to be shredded individually.

These are a few of the featured shredder offers for commercial use and many small to mid-size businesses will appreciate. 
Swingline Auto Feed Paper Shredder

$164.28 & FREE Shipping
Swingline Auto Feed Paper Shredder

$368.39 & FREE Shipping
Swingline Auto Feed Paper Shredder

$210.99 & FREE Shipping
Swingline Micro-Cut Paper Shredder

Price: $223.49

2. SimplyShred PSC
A lower price tag will draw many consumers in when looking for a great commercial shredder. Some of the benefits to choosing this machine over top competitors include a low price and quick driving mechanism. You don’t have to remove staples either, so don’t have to worry about jamming.

With a lower price point also comes some drawbacks. Among these are a smaller capacity size. It does come fully assembled, but smaller size makes it limited in certain office settings. Stainless steel exterior, viewing window, but small size, will detract from the quality of this rather powerful commercial shredder.


Shreds Papers, CDs, credit card, staples
Bin Capacity: 7.4 Gallon
Quiet motor 58dB
Durable steel cross cut blades
Ready, Off and Reverse switch

3. Fellowes 125Ci
So, lets start off with the pros. Among these are:
– Tall, slim in design, which allows you to fit in many offices.
– Capability to destroy credit cards and other hard items.

For the lower end, lower price point office setting, this is probably sufficient. But, there are a number of drawbacks which do detract. First off, the 18 paper capacity shred point is extremely low. You also have to remove staples, as this will jam with them in place. It also has smaller blades than other shredders, so isn’t as powerful as other commercial machines.

4. Fellowes Powershred
Another great option for one of the best heavy duty paper shredders is this product by Fellows. Of course, there are good and bad to consider when choosing this shredder. Some of the cons include the price tag, which comes in at over $1000. It does feature a taller bin but doesn’t have larger paper capacity in comparison to smaller sized bins. It is tall, so this does limit where you can place it in some offices.

Fellowes Powershred 62MC 10-Sheet Micro-Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder with SafetyLock (4685101)
Fellowes Powershred 79Ci 100% Jam Proof 16-Sheet Cross-Cut Heavy Duty Paper Shredder
Fellowes Powershred 73Ci 100% Jam Proof 12-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder

So, what are the good? Some of the pros include: tall bin capacity, finger/safety latch (only shreds when finger/hand is out of place), up to a 90% faster shred rate than competitor products, and an auto shut-off function after use. This also has a “quiet” mode, ideal for offices where you need to get work done and don’t want to be interrupted by extremely loud shredding noise.

5. HSM Securio
Up to 150 sheets can be stacked at once into this machine. It has an auto shred feature, and auto shut off, so once the paper is out of the shred tray, it will stop for safety reasons. An exterior light indicates when the bin is full, so you know when to empty it out.

With the good also come some detractors; some of the cons to consider are the fact that it is rather small in size. This means you will empty the shredder out regularly. It features a dust emission system, but this does cause frequent jamming. A white exterior is also something that won’t fit into every office space.

HSM SECURIO B35 1/4” Strip-Cut Shredder; shreds up to 42 sheets; 34.3-gallon capacity
HSM SECURIO B32c, 17-19 Sheets, Cross-Cut, 21.7-Gallon Capacity Shredder
HSM SECURIO AF150 Cross-cut Shredder with automatic paper feed; shreds up to 150 automatically/19 manually; 9 gallon capacity

6. HSM Heavy Duty Shredder
A very low starting point is a major selling point here. It has a complete quick shred function, and a capacity of about 150 sheets. Because of the lower price, it is limited in capacity and use however. Some of the cons include:
– The small capacity space.
– No auto shut off/on function.
– It can only shred small number of sheets at once.

Further, the shredding power/capacity is limited for smaller office/commercial space use. For high traffic offices, with hundreds of employees, it probably won’t suffice.

7. Fellowes Intellishred
For small office/personal and commercial use, look no further. A tiny cut system will truly shred the largest sheets into confetti sized pieces. Blades are guaranteed for 7 years so they won’t dull over time. And, safety features, such as auto shut off, or jam feature, make it ideal for quick paced settings.

The bad
– Small capacity size.
– Viewing window is small, so you can’t quite see how full the machine is.
– For a smaller size, it is pricey (Fellowes Intellishred SB-89Ci Shredder (CRC32289.1).

8. Fellowes Jam Proof
As the name implies, jamming won’t be an issue with this commercial shredder. Enhanced jam proof technology allows for faster shredding, with minimal effort or issues. A very low price point is an extremely attractive feature for those who are looking for a commercial grade shredder.

Of course businesses have to consider the drawbacks. The one most complained of is that you give up on safety features. There are no auto lock functions or auto shut off. It only has an 18 page capacity as well, so you will be reloading the tray frequently (even though it shreds quickly). It can’t tackle paper clips or magnetic strips either.


Fellowes Powershred 125Ci 100% Jam Proof 20 -Sheet Cross-Cut Commercial Grade Paper Shredder


Fellowes Powershred 225Mi 100% Jam Proof 16-Sheet Micro-Cut Commercial Grade Paper Shredder (4620001)


Fellowes Powershred 425Ci 100% Jam Proof Commercial Grade 30-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder, TAA Compliant (38425)

9. Fellowes Powershred
A completely auto machine is ideal for fast paced office settings. A auto lock and chamber shut off are also nice safety features. It has a function to prevent flare up, fires, or overheating, when it is highly used in the office space. Staples and credit cards won’t cause the machine to jam either. 

Of course there are the drawbacks to consider. It only has an 18 sheet capacity, so reloading frequently will occur. Tall in size, but limited bin capacity also means you will empty out shredded paper frequently. And, the auto locking mechanism sometimes does cause jamming (a good and bad feature as it pertains to safety.).

10. Sentinel Pro 30 –
A very low price point of less than $200 will lure you in. A 30 sheet auto shred capacity is also nice for quick shredding functionality. A pillar style design is sleek and can fit in even the tightest of office spaces.

So, what are the drawbacks? Some of the cons include: lower power/shredding capacity with a 30 sheet capacity. It doesn’t shred staples or other abrasive items. It doesn’t have a credit card or hard paper (CD) shred function either.

$165.20 You Save: $54.79 (25%)

Sentinel Pro FS3150P 30-Sheet Strip-Cut Heavy Duty Paper Shredder with 8.14 gal Capacity


Sentinel Pro FMC160P Sentinel Pro On Guard 16 Sheet Commercial Grade Microcut Shredder

Here is some cheap recommended paper shredders in eBay

Heavy Duty Ultra Quiet Royal 12 Sheet Cross Cut Paper Shredder
US Seller
10 Sheet Cross-Cut Paper/Credit Card/Staples Shredder
US Seller
AS1018CD Aurora 10 Sheet Cross Cut Home Office Shredder
US Seller

Of course every product has its pros and its shortcomings to consider. When choosing a new commercial paper shredder for office use, these are a few of the best heavy duty paper shredders available today. Reasonable price, accessible for all businesses, and a reasonable set of features, make any of these a good option for small, mid-sized, and even larger commercial businesses in need of a commercial grade shredder.

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