The Best Commercial Trash Cans in 2022 (Buying Guide, Reviews & FAQs)

A clean environment is essential for every home and business. In the food business, having a clean exterior and interior is very important for sanitization, adhering to health codes, and providing a comfortable environment for customers. For these reasons, it is essential to have good hygiene and proper garbage disposal. In this post below, I have compiled a list of the best commercial trash cans currently available online.

The 5 Best Commercial Trash Cans

Editor's PickCapacityRating
Best OveralSafco Products Outdoor/Indoor Trash Can38-gallon4.7
Runner UpCommercial Zone 732101 Open-Top Trash Can42-gallon4.6
Best Budget PickKETER Rockford Resin Trash Can38-gallon4.6
2-WheeledToter 025564-R1BLU Trash Can with Lid64-gallon4.5
Auto-lifter readyRubbermaid Heavy-Duty Wheeled Trash Can50-gallon4.4
*Ratings may change*

Whatever business you’re in, a clean environment makes a good first impression and first impressions count when you’re hoping to attract customers/clients to your business. The appearance of trash in and around the business is the only way to discourage your future business and garner a bad reputation. Litter can also lead to disease and disease vectors, such as rats.

Furthermore, if litter eventually makes its way to drains, it may cause floods or end up in rivers or the ocean where it can pose a direct threat to wildlife or congregate in ecosystems to further contribute to habitat degradation.

Having a commercial trash can outside of your business discourages people from throwing garbage and encourages them to do the right thing. It helps your business to be part of a solution, not part of a problem and this will undoubtedly leave a good impression on customers. Of course, now that you’ve realized the necessity of having a commercial trash can but you’ll be wondering which one suits you best. Well, there are many factors to consider before purchasing a perfect commercial trash can. These includes:

  • Space availability – What size of trash can do you need? Where will it be used?
  • Wear and tear – How durable are commercial trash cans?
  • Indoor or outdoor use – There are trash cans specifically designed for outdoors or indoors.
  • Design and aesthetic appeal – Are they stylish and functional?
  • Affordability – How much does high-quality trash can cost?

With these factors in mind, you can embark on the search for the ideal commercial trash cans to suit your needs and your business. If you want some more great tips for cleaning up your business or home surroundings check out our blogs on the best commercial leaf blower reviews and the best commercial pressure washers reviews for new ideas and guidelines on sprucing up your home or business place with quality products.

Here is a list of the five best commercial trash cans that we have compiled to help you narrow down your search. They are all top-rated trash cans that are known for quality and reliability from trusted brands and manufacturers.

Here are the 5 Best Commercial Trash Can Products

1. Canmeleon Outdoor/Indoor Commercial Trash Can

Safco Trash Can

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This commercial trash can from Safco Products can be used both indoors and outdoors. It’s constructed from high-density polyethylene with built in UV inhibitors which makes it stand up against the elements if used outdoors. It also has other features such as:

  • Fluted panel design with 4 side openings for easy all-around access (13-inch W * 6-inch H)
  • 38-gallon capacity
  • Telescoping base with a 1-inch recessed bottom to provide airflow in the event of a fire
  • Overall dimensions – 18 ¼ W * 18 ¼ D * 39 ¼ H (inches)

This trash can has a sleek black finish that blends in perfectly in high traffic areas indoors and outdoors. The 4-panel openings allow persons to dispose of garbage without touching the trash can. The top panel opening (lid) is removable for easy insertion of trash liners and garbage bags. It’s also easy to clean and can even be easily anchored for better wind resistance. This design is great for busy restaurants, offices, schools, and malls.

2. 732101 Open Top Indoor/Outdoor Commercial Trash Can

Commercial Zone Trash Bin
Commercial Zone

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This commercial trash can is also be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. But we recommend that you use it indoors as it does not have rain or snow cap. It also has a removable top lid and has a unique patented grab bag design to hold liners and bags in place.

  • Dimensions – 18.5 * 18.5 * 34.5 – L*W*H (inches)
  • 42-gallon capacity
  • It’s made from high-density polyethylene which is easy to clean and durable
  • There is a convenient square-shaped opening on the top lid for hands-free disposal of garbage
  • Environmentally friendly can

This commercial trash can is also weather-resistant and has a sleek black finish that won’t fade. It’s also stylish enough for indoor use and can easily blend in with various color schemes and décor.  It is large enough for use at busy fast food restaurants, malls, parks and other high traffic zones.

3. Rockford Resin Indoor/Outdoor Commercial Trash Can with Lid

KETER Trash Can

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This outdoor design is made from weather-resistant polypropylene and prevents rusting, peeling and denting. It has a stylish wooden finish and even comes with a pull-out drip tray at the bottom for easy cleaning.

  • Uses 30 – 39-gallon trash bags
  • It has a double lid design that keeps the unit securely shut even if it falls over or is overturned. It also does a great job of discreetly concealing the trash bag liner inside
  • Overall dimensions – 16.14 * 16.14 * 34.4 – LWH (inches)
  • Easy to assemble
  • Customizable color
  • Paintable exterior

The lid on this unit also keeps pests and other critters from getting into your trash and making an unsightly mess. It’s very strong, weather-resistant, and easy to clean. This trash can work well in residential applications to commercial sites and has a rustic design that adds a touch of style to your décor.

4. Residential 2 Wheeled Recycling Commercial Trash Can

Toter Can

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Toter markets this trash can for residential use but it can still be utilized in a commercial setting to handle trash outdoors. It has 2 wheels for easy transportation from house to curb and is compatible with automated or semi-automated rubbish collection vehicle lifters.

  • Rugged yet ergonomic design that is easy to operate (tilt and roll)
  • 64-gallon capacity
  • It comes in a trademark blue colour that disguises wear and tear signs
  • 15 to 20-year service life backed with a 10-year warranty
  • Made from 50% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable

Toter designed this trash can with patented Rugged Rim technology which makes it extremely flexible and impact resistant. It can easily withstand the daily curbside waste collection process and weather conditions. It can be used commercially to round up all the small trash bags and then transfer them to the dumpster at the end of the working day.

5. Commercial Products BRUTE Rollout Wheeled Commercial Trash Can

Rubbermaid Commercial Trash Can

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Rubbermaid is a well-known household name that is aligned with quality and durable products. Their commercial trash can design is definitely worth some consideration.

  • Made from high-density polyethylene which resists moisture and certain chemicals
  • Rollout cover provides full access and stays in place so that it doesn’t wobble around at the time of movement
  • Wheels are sturdy enough for both indoor and outdoor use
  • The rear handle helps to push and pull the bin
  • Auto-lifter standard and easy to clean (can be used for medical waste disposal)
  • Dimensions: 29 * 24 * 36 inches
  • 50-Gallon capacity

While this model is smaller than the ones previously mentioned, it is still versatile enough for use in domestic and commercial environments. It is ideal for everyday use such as homes, doctor’s offices, food companies, schools, etc. If you are looking for a trash can with the foot pedal to control the lid opening for hands-free garbage disposal, the 50-gallon rollout step on trash can for you to check it out.

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After perusing the 5 trash cans, you may still have a few questions or thoughts to clarify before purchasing one for your home or business. The following FAQ addresses some popular concerns.

#1. Which is the best commercial trash can?

Choosing the best commercial trash can depends on your budget, the amount of trash you expect to be collected, the style, color and design as well as where you want to install it. For large capacity trash output such as in a fast-food restaurant or mall food court, the Commercial Zone, Toter and Rubbermaid trash can models are the most suitable.

#2. What makes a good quality commercial trash can?

The best commercial trash cans on the market are constructed from durable materials such as polyethylene and polypropylene. These rugged, industrial quality materials are weather resistant, impact and dent resistant as well as easy to mold into stylish designs. They are also affordable and last for years. Another factor to consider is the size, they hold a large amount of trash but are not bulky and awkward to place on premises. They are neatly designed and very practical.

#3. Why is it important to invest in a commercial trash can?

There are many trash cans on the market made from inferior materials that get worn out and broken fast. Investing in a good quality trash can save you from purchasing inferior products over and over again. Keeping your surroundings clean, especially in the food industry is very important for health code adherence and customer reactions. These trash cans help you achieve this by securely holding all garbage, are easy to clean and encourages patrons to dispose of their garbage instead of littering.

#4. How do you maintain a commercial trash can?

As mentioned before, the models mentioned on this list are made from durable materials that are easy to clean. You can hose down the exterior and interior, use degreaser or other cleaning products to sanitize them and they will not get warped or discolored. Frequent cleaning and washing of the units will also keep bad odors and stains from accumulating which can be an eyesore.

#5. Are commercial trash cans safe to use?

Yes, commercial trash cans on this list are safe to use. They are made from non toxic materials that are industry tested and approved. The Toter model is actually partially made from recycled materials! They also have a long service life because of their durability and you may not need to change them out for new one for many years. And if you do, they are all easily recyclable.

#6. Where can I purchase a commercial trash can?

You can find good commercial trash can deals online. Simply click the links in each product description to be redirected to the product page where you can purchase your commercial trash can in just one click.


Having a high-quality commercial trash can on your premises is ideal for proper sanitation and storage of garbage. It prevents pests from crawling around your business or home and maintains clean surroundings that are comfortable and inviting to customers.

For large-scale garbage disposal, the best commercial trash cans you can use are the ones manufactured by Safco Products, COMMERCIAL ZONE, Toter, and Rubbermaid. These cans hold large volumes of trash from 38 gallons to 64 gallons. For this reason, you may not even have to empty your trash can or change garbage bags and liners until the end of the workday. If you have more than one of these commercial trash cans, that also covers a wide range of trash collection. This allows you to save time from changing out garbage bags frequently. It can also prevent the handling of garbage while customers are present, especially if they are dining in (or outdoors).

These commercial trash cans are also great for use at hotels where they need to have conveniently placed bins for guests while maintaining a stylish décor. The Commercial Zone, Toter and Rubbermaid brand commercial trash cans are the perfect designs for such a task. They are sleek and stylish yet contain ample space for collecting trash and all discreetly hides the trash can liners for a neat and clean appearance. The Safco Products and Commercial Zone models provide hands free garbage disposal which is another great advantage.

The Rubbermaid commercial trash can is ideal for small scale business use or for use in homes, medical offices, bathrooms, hospital rooms, and clinics to name a few. The step pedal for opening the lid also creates a hands-free garbage disposal option which is ideal for users especially if dealing with biohazard substances in a medical environment.

Whatever your business or home budget may entail, it is definitely a great idea to ensure you cover sanitation. Investing in a commercial trash can is a straightforward way to get started and they also last for many years so it may just be as simple as a one-time purchase. Keep your premises clean and your customers will surely enjoy visiting your establishment.

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