The Best Commercial Deep Fryers in 2022 (Buying Guide, Reviews & FAQs)

In this post, I have compiled a list of the best commercial deep fryer units available on the market for you to make a wise investment. If you have a small food business or you are a homeowner who just loves to buy gadgets and appliances for the home kitchen, then you must have considered a deep fryer at some point in time.

Deep-fried foods such as onion rings, fried chicken, french fries, doughnuts, and fritters are popular comfort foods that many people enjoy. Wouldn’t you like to get in on the action and create these delicious foods in your own home kitchen or add them to your business menu?

The 5 Best Commercial Deep Fryers

Editor's PickBrandCapacityTankRating
Best OveralWinco EFT-32 Electric Deep Fryer2*8L=16L24.2
Runner UpGiantex Restaurant Countertop Deep Fryer2*6L=12L24.0
Best Budget PickWeChef Commercial Countertop Deep Fryer2*6L=12L24.6
Works great! Heats up fastHopekings Commercial Countertop Deep Fryer2*6L=12L25.0
Most Efficient! Gas poweredBayou Classic 700-701 Deep Fryer4 Gallons24.7
*Ratings may change*

If yes, then you should consider the addition of a deep fryer to your kitchen arsenal. Having a deep fryer makes frying food much more convenient and produces fast results. You can get evenly fried foods without stress. Using a frying pan to fry food can be tedious, and you frequently end up with burnt or undercooked food because the oil was not at the right temperature.

A deep fryer has temperature settings to control and heat the oil to the ideal level depending on what kind of food item it is. It also maintains the temperature setting for the entire cooking process. But if you are a lover of toasted sandwiches, panini press reviews for you to take a look.

In a deep fryer, the food is fried at optimum temperatures and gets cooked faster which saves you time. It’s perfect for fast-food restaurants where the demand for fried foods is high. The use of frying baskets is another plus because it also filters the oil and prevents pieces of food from breaking off and floating in the oil. This makes it reusable for more batches of fried foods.

Whether you want to use it at home, start a small food business or want to upgrade your business menu then a deep fryer is a great investment. They are simple to use and even easier to maintain. You can either go for an electric commercial deep fryer or one that uses gas.

Here are the 5 Best Commercial Deep Fryer Units

1. 16L EFT-32 Twin Well Electric Countertop Deep Fryer

Winco EFT-32 Deep Fryer

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Winco’s commercial deep fryer is dual-chambered for simultaneous cooking. It is a bit larger than the other model and versatile for use in your business or at home to fry your favorite foods. It also has some great specs such as:

  • Compact countertop design
  • It has an oil capacity of 2*8L= 16L or 32 pounds or 4.8 gallons
  • 1800 watts of heating ability
  • 120 V power supply
  • Overall dimensions – 21 ¼ L* 16 * W 13 5/8 H (inches)
  • ETL approved for electrical safety

This commercial deep fryer does not have a drain pipe but its stainless steel body is easy to clean and maintain. It weighs almost 16kg and can keep up in a commercial environment for fast production and evenly fried foods.

2. 12L Dual Tank Commercial Electric Countertop Deep Fryer

Giantex Deep Fryer

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The Giantex dual tank countertop commercial deep fryer is the one that heats up quickly, worth the price and it is really a great match for business or home. It has the following specs:

  • 110 Volt power supply
  • Heavy-duty, stainless steel frame
  • Thermostat control with a temperature range of 60-200 degrees Celsius
  • Holds up to 6 liters of oil (each) with quick-cooking
  • Reset button to control overheating
  • Sticky feet

This is a powerful appliance that will meet your frying needs. It also comes with 2 covers, 2 fryer baskets with handles, 2 residue plates, and many more. It is certainly a product that meets all the safety and reliability standards and regulations on the market.

3. 12L Dual Tank Commercial Electric Countertop Deep Fryer

WeChef Deep Fryer

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The WeChef countertop fryer can be used in your household kitchen to prepare snacks for your family, start a small business, or upgrade an existing one. It’s a dual tank commercial electric fryer so you can cook two different items simultaneously or create huge batches of the same item.

  • 2500w Watts heating element per tank
  • Capacity – 2*6L= 12L
  • Temperature control function and heating indicator light
  • Temperature range – 60 – 200 degrees Celcius
  • 2 removable baskets
  • It is also equipped with plastic handles for ease of use and lid covers to avoid oil splattering
  • Detachable parts for easy and convenient cleaning
  • 110V power supply

You can use this commercial deep fryer to fry chips, chicken, french fries, doughnuts, fritters, onion rings, shrimp, catfish, pork cutlets and more. Simply adjust the temperature settings according to the food you are cooking and the oil will be heated to the ideal levels for a perfect result. It should be noted that when plugging in this deep fryer it should be plugged into a wall socket with no other additional electrical devices plugged into the same socket. This will prevent any sudden power failure or overloading.

4. 12L Commercial Electric Food Cooking Countertop Deep Fryer

Hopekings Deep Fryer

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This commercial dual-tank deep fryer from Hopekings is a powerful fryer that guarantees fast frying of food. The accurate heating feature allows you to control the temperature with overheat protection. It also has the following great features:

  • 2*6L = 12L oil capacity
  • It can cook very quickly
  • The heavy-duty baskets have 9.8″ cool to touch insulated handles for safety
  • Thermostat temperature range – from 140 to 395 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Easy draining buskets
  • Each tank 1800W*2=3600 W

It requires a standard of 110 volts like the models mentioned previously. This does not require any extra electrical outlet installation at the location where you plan to place a deep fryer. If you use it in your home kitchen you do not have to call your electrician to arrange this for you. Most of the commercial kitchens already have access to standard 110V outlets up to 220V too. It’s a small capacity fryer but powerful, a great choice for saving space and can be moved easily.

5. 4-Gallon 700-701 Stainless Steel Deep Fryer (Gas operated unit not Electric)

Bayou Classic Bayou Fryer
Bayou Classic

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This compact design from Bayou Classic may be small compared to other models, but is one of the most efficient deep fryers available on the market. It’s the best selling unit and has been given great reviews by consumers everywhere.  It has the following great features:

  • 4 gallons of oil capacity
  • 2 fry baskets
  • Temperature gauge
  • 10 PSI regulator kit with stainless steel braided hose
  • Extension legs
  • Drain valve
  • V bottom pattern that manages the base temperature cooler than the top frying temperature for even distribution

This propane-fueled deeper is a great alternative to the electric fryers because there is less chance of power overloads that may cause an outage. It can also be used outdoors. It heats up the oil quickly and comes with a stainless steel cover for extra insulation and to prevent oil splatters. If you have a small set up then you may go for a 2.5-gallon capacity fryer with 1 basket from the same manufacturer.

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These commercial deep fryers have a lot of great features and are manufactured by trusted brands. However, you may still be uncertain as to which one you should actually purchase. To guide you further along, here are some frequently asked questions that can assist you with narrowing down the options to choose the ideal commercial deep fryer to suit your needs.

#1. Which is the best commercial deep fryer?

While all of these models discussed are the best on the market, you should consider how much you are able to spend, how often you are going to use the deep fryer, and whether you prefer an electric or gas-fueled model. This can boil down the details and ensure you make the right purchase. For residential use, the smaller capacity deep fryers such as WeChef and Bayou Classics are great investments.

#2. How safe are commercial deep fryers?

Commercial deep fryers are safe to use once proper use and care instructions are followed. Some models require some caution with the power supply distribution and can’t be plugged into the same outlet as other appliances. The Bayou Classic is gas operated and the handling of propane, connecting the line and the environment it is to be used, must be adequately prepared. Purchasing a model that comes with a cover can help reduce the risk of oil splatter burns. It is also advised that you wear proper kitchen PPE (hairnets, aprons, gloves) when handling a commercial deep fryer.

#3. How durable are commercial deep fryers?

The commercial deep fryers on this list are all made from food grade quality stainless steel. They are also rust proof and sturdy enough to withstand daily use in a restaurant kitchen. They can last for many years once properly maintained. They also come with varying manufacturer’s warranties on parts and labor.

#4. How do you clean a commercial deep fryer?

It’s important to regularly clean your commercial deep fryer for health and safety code adherence. Their stainless-steel frames are easy to clean and maintain. It is not advised to submerge your deep fryer in water as this action could damage the electrical components, however using hot boiling water inside the oil wells with cleaning solution can reduce grease build up and sanitize the unit. Some models have drainage taps which make it easier to dispense old, used up oil. The frying baskets can be washed in the sink. You can use warm water and cloth to wipe the exterior and also a soft dry cloth can be used to soak up any moisture from washing out the interior chambers.

#5. What can a commercial deep fryer be used for?        

You can use your commercial deep fryer to deep fry a wide variety of different foods such as: chicken, pork cutlets, potato wedges, French fries, doughnuts, fritters, samosas, onion rings, fish fingers, wontons, nuggets, chips, fish fillets and much more. You can also create your own unique deep-fried concoctions such as “deep-fried ice cream”.

#6. Where can you purchase a commercial deep fryer?

The models on this list are all found on the links provided which redirect you to the marketplace and the respective product pages.


A commercial deep fryer is a great investment to upgrade your small restaurant or kitchen. You can upgrade your menu, provide more options for catering or simply specialize in a signature fried dish (fish and chips for example). For commercial and everyday use the best commercial deep fryers that are most competent are the Winco, Giantex, WeChef, and Hopekings models. These have large capacities for more volume and can keep up in a fast-paced kitchen.

Even though the Bayou Classics deep fryer is of a smaller capacity, it has the advantage of being gas powered rather than electric. This means that you can save on your electric bill and be able to use a propane tank or gas line instead. It also has extendable legs unlike the counter top models and allows you to save on counter space.

Investing in a fryer for your home is also a great idea for hosting parties or cooking comfort foods at home. A great fit for your household is the WeChef unit or the Bayou Classics, as this unit can be used outdoors at family barbecues or garden parties. For such events, clean up can be a tedious task, check out our article on the best commercial kitchen trash cans to find great quality garbage cans to keep your home and business clean and tidy.

Also, feel free to look into the best commercial outdoor benches and the best mosquito foggers machine reviews to learn about great products to boost your outdoor events and activities.

There are so many dishes that you can cook with a commercial deep fryer. In fact, after your initial purchase, your profits will outweigh that expense! You can even expand and purchase another deep fryer to keep up with your customer demand and grow your business yet again. So add the best deep fryer to your kitchen today for a novelty in serving.

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