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Black Garlic Machine Reviews & Benefits of Black Garlic


Black garlic is considered as nature’s antioxidant. You can put it to almost any dish you can think of: Soups, Salads, vegetables, rice, and even toasts. It is sweet with a complex umami-rich flavor. You can’t even taste the spiciness or bitterness of garlic.

Black garlic is high in antioxidants. Herbalists around the world knows the benefits of black garlic and use it as a natural medicine. It is often called a fermented garlic but microbial infusion is not part of the process. Black garlic are made and not nature’s creation, but it can’t make by simple small food processor because it needs a long process before achieving its perfect taste.

A lot of people wants to create the perfect black garlic and some are available in the supermarket. There are two ways of making a black garlic. First is the traditional way and the other is the use of a black garlic fermentation box.

So here is the traditional way of fermenting a black garlic:

Making a black garlic is easy. So here’s how: You’ll need:

1. gallon of mason jar with metal lid

2. 6-12 pcs. Whole garlic bulbs

3. 4 oz. of jelly jar where you can keep the garlic from secreting juices

4. A dehydrator

First, put the 4 oz of jelly jar upside down inside the gallon jar. Add garlic bulbs as long as it fit into the jar. Make sure that they are not touching the bottom of the jar because the juice that will be collected will make the garlic soggy. Having a soggy garlic can change the taste of the black garlic.

Tighten the 2-piece canning lid and seal the jar. Put it inside the dehydrator. Set it at 140-145 degrees, be sure to set the right temperature because it can affect the garlic later on.

Leave the dehydrator for 30-40 days. Check the garlic if it turns black and it won’t taste like garlic. If you can taste the garlic flavor, leave it longer. You can place many jars inside the dehydrator that can fit inside.

After 40 days, you can use the BLACK GARLIC MACHINE to maintain the temperature of 140 degrees.

Once it is incubated, you can remove the lid and pour the black liquid from the bottom and see if the garlic is black enough to remove.

If the clove is too soft, return the bulb inside the jar and leave it in the dehydrator without the lid. Make sure to check the cloves periodically to avoid the hardening of the cloves.

Black garlic can also be made using a black garlic fermenter machine. It might be easier but the machine we use specifically for black garlic fermenter is not just available in the hardware. It is usually available online. Before using a black garlic fermenter, let’s check first some available black garlic fermenter in the online shops.

1. Nex® Professional Black Garlic Fermenter Make Black Garlic By Self, Black Garlic Ferment Box Black Garlic Maker Recycle Automatic Operation

● This fermenter is easy to operate that can meet the demands of the family’s one touch operation. It has an intelligent humidity and heating system and has a whole proofer temperature and humidity is even inside.

2. Homend 5L Automatic Fermenter Garlics Maker

● The one touch program of this garlic fermenter has a temperature of 70-80 temperature for automatic fermentation count system. The black garlic can taste sweet and sour with no bitter or garlic taste and avoid garlic smell.

3. NEX NE-KF20BBlack Garlic Fermenter 5.0 LiterBlack Garlic Maker

● This fermenter can make you choose from different mode: Single glove black garlic and multiple glove garlic. Comparing with buying black garlic directly from the supermarket, making black garlic with this one makes it fast, healthier with no preservatives needed.

Now that we have the list of garlic fermenter, here are the steps in making a black garlic using a fermenter.

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Choose what kind of garlic to use. It can be red, white or other kinds as long as the head of the garlic is round. The cloves should not be rotten and the entire head of the garlic is still intact.Wash and clean a garlic with a fresh clean water. After washing, store the washed garlic in a cool dry place for 6 hours or more until the garlic is dry. 

REMEMBER: The garlic should be clean and dry before the fermentation process, if not repeat the process. 

If you are going to use a fermenting box, set the temperature to 122-140 degrees Fahrenheit then set the humidity for 60-80 % for 10 hrs. After 10 hrs. set the humidity to 90% for another 30 hrs. After 30 hrs, set the humidity of the fermented box to 180 Fahrenheit to a humidity of 90% for 200 hrs. by that, black garlic is complete. 

You can cook black garlic in many ways. You can use food processors to making black garlic. But before that, let’s make a review of small best food processors

Top 5 Black Garlic Fermenter

Editor’s PicksBrandPriceRating
Best Overall$131.344.00
Runner Up$99.995.00
Best Budget Buy$100.985.00
1. Cuisinart Elite Collection 4-Cup Chopper/Grinder

● this food processor has a sharp blade with great cover. With this, even the crispy cut vegetable can turn into parsley cuts. This grinder can be used for dicing, mincing, grating and chopping.

2. Black+Decker Glass Bowl Chopper

● The blade of this processor is higher and has a sweeping machine at the bottom to overcome the shortcoming. It has a weaker motor than the others and it does not have a feeding tube

3. Kitchenaid 3.5 Cup Food Chopper

● this chopper has a fast motor which can over process the food. It can grate a parmesan fairly and because of its serrated blade, sometimes it can’t chopped cleanly.

4. Hamilton Beach Stack & Press 3 Cup Glass Bowl Chopper

● In order to turn it on, you need to press down the lid, so we need to plug it to turn it off. We also need to scrape down the remaining food manually.

5. Nutri Ninja 2-in-1

● This food processor slash smoothie maker has a powerful motor and was hard to control and spray food to the sides. 

So, there you have it. These food processors can help you cook your black garlic easily. 

Black Garlic Health Benefits

Black Garlic is a good source of Vitamin C, Vitamin B 6 and manganese. This helps in boosting the immune system. Apart from boosting the immune system, it also helps with mineral absorption.

Black Garlic will have to eliminate fatigue, improve physical strength, resolve constipation, protect the liver, improve prostate activity, promote sleep and other functions.

We all know how beneficial fermented foods are for our tummy. Black garlic is rich in enzymes and probiotic organisms that keep our intestines healthy and metabolism in top condition. It stimulates the catarrhal membranes of the stomach to generate gastric juices that help digestion.

Fresh and black garlic contain high levels of antioxidants. These compounds prevent free radical damage and slow down the aging process. Compared to garlic, black garlic contains twice the amount of antioxidants. It’s so high in antioxidants, it’s an effective treatment for chronic diseases including cardiovascular, digestive and respiratory diseases. It also protects from circulatory disorders, rheumatoid, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Black garlic is rich in antioxidants that kill free radicals in the body. It also helps eliminate heavy metals from the body and detox the liver. Also, the antioxidant properties strengthen the body’s defense mechanism and fight infections.

If you have been taking garlic capsules because you cannot stand fresh garlic’s pungent taste, you’ll love black garlic.

Unlike fresh garlic, black garlic tastes like dried fruit. It has a sweet, smoky taste. It definitely tastes better than fresh garlic.  We all know how beneficial fermented foods are for our tummy. Black garlic is rich in enzymes and probiotic organisms that keep our intestines healthy and metabolism in top condition.

Also, eating fresh cloves of garlic causes different flavor. Not a problem with black garlic. You can consume more black garlic and not worry about its olfactory effects.

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How to make black garlic at home

You need 1 rice cooker and garlic
Do not open the garlic cloves
Just toss it in the cooker
Do not add water or anything more in it
Once you have kept all the garlic inside the rice cooker, put the lid and switch on the WARM button on the rice cooker.
You do not have to cook it.

Just keep it warm for the fermentation to take place. Keep it in a corner of your house and do not look at it for 3 weeks. After their incubation period, take out the garlic and remove all the black cloves from it. Dry it in the sun and store in an air tight container or use it directly in your recipes.

Allicin is a powerful antifungal and antibiotic compound found in garlic. It is also present in raw garlic but the amount of this compound almost doubles in black garlic and the effects are even better. It is effective against cold and flu. Try including black garlic in your salads, curries, etc.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) of Black Garlic:

1. Can I eat black garlic raw?
Yes, you can eat it yourself. It does not stimulate the stomach like a clove of raw garlic does. One or two cloves is a recommended amount of consumption per day.

2. Is black garlic expensive?
Black garlic is not more expensive because you can make yourself at home.

3. Is it safe to eat black garlic?
Black garlic is believed to be safe if it is consumed in amounts generally found in food, but it can be dangerous if you use in medicinal quantities.

4. How much garlic should I eat daily?
The doses generally recommended in the literature book for adults are 4 g (1 to 2 cloves) of raw garlic per day, one tablet of dry garlic powder 300 mg (standardised to 1.3 per cent allicin or 0.6 per cent of allicin performance) two to three times per day. Or 7.2 g of aged garlic extract per day.

5. How long will black garlic keep?
It can be left for up to 40 days if you want a more intense and smoky flavour. When the garlic is ready to be removed, place it in a dry place at your room warmth and let it reach for another 10 – 14 days before using it. Place the black garlic in an airtight storage container and store it in the fridge.

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    I think I have made the best-fermented garlic, I used the fermenter full with about 22 bulbs, amazing!!! I am so excited really, somehow, I need one more fermenter machine because I eat 40 bulbs in twelve days while battling an illness!!

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