The Best Commercial Soup Kettles in 2022 (Buying Guide, Reviews & FAQs)

When you hear the word “soup,” there’s probably a certain idea that comes to your mind first but, if you ask any two random people to describe that idea, you’ll probably get two very different results. The reason why is simple; everyone has their own unique version of the soup.

All around the world, different kinds of soups exist and these incorporate a wide host of various ingredients. There’s probably a soup recipe that makes use of every ingredient out there. In this post, I have compiled a list of the best commercial soup kettle currently available online.

The 5 Best Commercial Soup Kettles

Editor's PickCapacityRating
Best OveralSYBO SB-6000 Commercial Grade Soup Kettle10.5 qt4.5
Runner UpExcellanté Stainless Commercial Soup Kettle10.5 qt4.1
Best Budget PickWinco Electric Soup Warmer Kettle10.5 qt4.3
Works greatGlenray 1021805 Commercial Soup Kettle10.5 qt4.4
For PartiesAvantco S30 Countertop Soup Kettle11 qt3.8
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In fact, soup is generally quite easy to make and if you raided your cupboards or pantry right now, you could probably find enough ingredients to make a good soup. There’s also nothing that’s quite as filling as a bowl of soup and perhaps, not many things that are quite as healthy either. However, one critical aspect of an enjoyable soup regardless of which ingredients you use. You can buy frozen soup to heat up using a soup kettle to enjoy a warm dish.

Some soups are meant to be served cold but most, are better hot. If the soup bowl is cold when it should be hot, it feels sad and not particularly enjoyable but a bowl of warm soup is fulfilling for body and soul. So, whether you’re a chef, restaurateur, soup enthusiast or just rummaging through those kitchen cupboards at home for an easy meal, you’ll probably appreciate an easy way to keep your soup at just the right temperature.

Allow me to introduce you to soup kettle that are also known as soup warmers. These soup kettles or warmers will keep your soup at safe serving temperature for hours on end and will hold your entire bowl of soup. It can also hold broths, chili, and pasta sauces. Reheating soup on the stovetop or in a microwave often results in degraded texture and taste.

A commercial soup kettle will keep your soup fresh and at the perfect consistency and flavor for hours. They are large capacity yet lightweight steam kettle and can easily fit on your countertop. How do you choose the best commercial soup kettle for your needs?

Well, I am here to help narrow down the hundreds of commercial soup kettle models on the market. I’ve put together this list of the 5 best commercial soup kettles for you from trusted brands that deliver great quality and reliability every time.

Here are the 5 Best Commercial Soup Kettle Products

1. SYBO SB-6000 10.5 QT Commercial Grade Soup Kettle for Restaurant and Large Family

SYBO SB-6000 Commercial Grade Soup Kettle

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The Sybo SB6000 soup kettle is a great soup warmer for home use or in a restaurant or café setting. It is also a double boiler that can heat the water inside to steam the inner pot. It is straightforward and simple to use electric warmer with the following specs:

  • Large capacity – 10.5 Quarts
  • 9-inch inner pot
  • ETL certified
  • Has an easy to use rotary control to adjust settings
  • Lightweight design – 12.17 pounds
  • 110-volt power supply

It should be noted that this commercial soup kettle is meant for warming up soup and keeping the contents warm over time and not for cooking soup. But it can be used as a slow cooker with a max temp of 80 deg, although its max temp range is up to 200 deg. It can take about 20 minutes to heat cold soup and comes in a black and silver exterior finish.

2. EXCELLANTE Stainless Steel 10.5 QT Commercial Soup Warmer Kettle

Excellanté Soup Warmer Kettle

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Excellante’s stainless steel soup kettle is ideal for restaurants, buffets, parties, or any other event that handles a large amount of soup to be hot at a time to serve.

  • Stainless steel housing for long-lasting and easy cleaning
  • The hinged lid offers quick and easy closing
  • 110-120 volts power supply
  • 600 watts heating capacity
  • NSF and Intertek (ETL) listed
  • 10.5 quart holding capacity

It comes in a sleek black finish with a simple dial control to adjust the temperature. Much like the previous models, it is also lightweight and countertop compatible. The stainless inner pot is easily removable for cleaning.

3. WINCO Large Style 10.5 QT Electric Commercial Soup Kettle

Winco Electric Soup Warmer

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Winco is known for its great range of quality products and this soup kettle certainly stands up to their level of quality. It holds about 9.937 liters at a time which is great for a small cafe, or family parties.

  • ETL listed for the US and Canada
  • 10.5 quarts capacity
  • Size: 13.19 L * 13.19 W * 14.96 H inches
  • 120V/ 60Hz power supply
  • 1-year warranty

The adjustable heat control and removable inner pot reduce the possibility of overheating. It has double-wall construction which keeps the exterior surface cool to the touch while it is in operation and also has a hinged lid.

4. GLENRAY 1021805 10.5 QT Commercial Soup Kettle

Glenray Soup Kettle

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This stainless steel soup kettle is great for residential and commercial use.

  • 120 volts power supply
  • 400 Watt Heating capacity
  • NSF listed
  • It has a capacity of 10.5 quarts

This commercial soup kettle is great for warming and holding soup. It also comes equipped with a hinged lid (no more loose lids that can be misplaced or easily damaged), a soup ladle, and a food insert.

5. AVANTCO 11 QT Round Black Countertop Commercial Soup Kettle

Avantco Soup Kettle

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The Avantco soup kettle is similar in design and style to the Sybo model and is also lightweight. The lightweight design makes it easy to move. Some of its features include:

  • Traditional design
  • 11-quart stainless steel pot
  • 120-volt, 400 W heating element
  • Versatile cover with removable parts

This commercial soup kettle is compact and space-saving, it can be used to heat soup, chili, and other types of broths and stews. Its easy manual control knob offers temperature management from 105 to 195 deg.

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Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Which is the best commercial soup kettle?

If you are looking at your budget, these commercial soup kettles range from approximately $71 to $112 USD. They are all large capacity from 10. 5 quarts to 11 quarts volume and are all from trusted brands and market leaders.

#2. What kind of food can be warmed in a commercial soup kettle?

You can warm just about any liquid-based food in a commercial soup kettle. These include- chili, curry, stew, Bolognese, pasta sauce, soup, broth, and even mulled wine or cider

#3. How durable are commercial soup kettles?

Commercial soup kettles are made from stainless steel which is rust proof and durable. They can last for years with proper care and usage. The Sybo and Avantco models do not have hinged lids so some extra care is to be taken with the loose lids since they are more likely to accidentally fall and get damaged or misplaced. These soup kettles have manufacturer’s warranties up to 1 year after purchase.

#4. How safe are commercial soup kettles?

The best commercial soup kettles are NSF and UL listed for safety and performance. They are made from nontoxic materials such as stainless steel. The use of a grounded electrical outlet is advised and other precautions such as keeping water or liquids from getting into the electrical components and using a power outlet that is not broken or damaged.

#5. How to use and maintain a commercial soup kettle?

Commercial soup kettles are simple to use and maintain. Transfer your soup or chili into the food insert of the warmer and cover with the lid. Set the level of heating that you want after plugging in the unit and that’s all. To clean and maintain your soup kettle, do not use when nothing is placed inside, only turn it on after transferring your soup. Don’t submerge in water to wash because it will damage the electrical components. The food insert can be taken out for washing and the use of a damp washcloth is safe for wiping the exterior.

#6. Where can you purchase a commercial soup kettle?

All of the best commercial soup kettles are available online. Follow the links provided to go to the respective product pages.


A soup kettle or soup warmer is a great large capacity heating receptacle for your favourite soups, broths, chilis and other hearty liquid-based foods. They can keep your soup hot for hours, as if it was fresh off the stove at any given time. They are great for commercial use and domestic use as well.

Commercial soup kettles are also light weight and portable and be used outdoors, at school events, fundraisers or parties. The commercial soup kettles on this list are produced by trusted household and commercial name brands which are known for reliability and great prices.

Investing in a soup kettle is a great boost for business as you can add a ‘soup of the day’ to your menu to attract more customers. This would be especially popular on rainy days or wintertime when the warm comforting soup is an ideal meal to warm up. As the owner of commercial space, it is a good practice to keep all the necessary kitchen appliances to maintain food warm and fresh. You can also look for the best commercial stainless steel food warmers reviews, the best food warmer displays reviews and the best insulated food pan carriers reviews.

It’s also easy to top up your soup kettle when you’ve run out of the soup. While your first batch is in the soup kettle you can cook another pot of soup to be ready for a refill. This is a great way to multi-task and keep your soup in stock. Get a commercial soup kettle today, you won’t have to use a microwave and lose any quality from your recipe to reheat and maintain the great flavours of a fresh batch of soup (until it’s sold out)!

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