The Best Commercial Kitchen Hoods in 2022 (Buying Guide & Reviews)

A kitchen hood, exhaust hood, or kitchen hood is a ventilation opening that allows smoke, steam, air, gas, liquids, fumes, etc. to pass out during the activity of evacuation. But it is often an overlooked and underrated piece of kitchen equipment.

However, it is a functional addition to a commercial or domestic kitchen as it has so many benefits. What exactly does a kitchen hood do? In this post below, I have compiled a list of the best commercial kitchen hoods currently available online along with their features and details.

The 5 Best Commercial Kitchen Hoods

Editor's PickSizeStyleCFMRating
Best Overal-Pro PerformanceHauslane 6 Speeds Kitchen Hood30"Under Cabinet8604.4
Runner UpVESTA 6 Speeds Kitchen Hood30"Under Cabinet8604.3
Best Budget PickCosmo COS-QS75 4 Speeds Kitchen Hood30"Under Cabinet5004.5
Great SuckerCAVALIERE 6 Speeds Kitchen Hood30"Wall Mounted9004.5
Great AdditionFIREBIRD 3 Speeds Kitchen Hood36"Island Mount3434.2
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A commercial kitchen hood removes odors, smoke and excess heat while you are cooking. It improves air quality, cools the air, cuts down excess moisture and grease build up on your stove top and surrounding furniture and appliances and also curbs the growth of mold and bacteria. After cooking it can disperse lingering odors and keep your kitchen smelling fresh. They also look stylish and provide an alternative source of light that can help you illuminate your stove top for better cleaning and observing cooking dishes.

Having a commercial kitchen hood or a range hood in your food business is a big upgrade and is also required under health and safety standards in most cases. It can keep your workspace free from smoke and keep employees cool and comfortable while they are working in the kitchen. It also has the same outcome in your home to keep you comfortable. You can also install a heavy-duty dehumidifier for extra comfort, the best commercial dehumidifiers review with mini and portable is a great guide to selecting one to fit your needs and preferences.

Choosing the right type of commercial kitchen hood should be well thought out as there are many factors to consider. The factors are the layout of the kitchen, whether you have the option to create a vent either in the ceiling or wall, depending on what type of installation you prefer, room décor, and the size of the kitchen. There are also different types of kitchen hoods such as ducted and ductless (requires additional accessories available from manufacturers). There are also island mount, under cabinet mount, and overhead mount designs that have different installation methods.

The installation of a kitchen hood can be beneficial for small kitchens with limited ventilation. The heat accumulated from cooking can be unbearable especially if you have other appliances running such as ovens, deep fryers, etc. For the most reliable and sturdy ovens on the market, look at our blog for the best commercial oven reviews & buying guide. From restaurants, cafes to catering facilities and your household kitchen, a kitchen exhaust hood is a great investment.

Here is a list of the 5 best commercial kitchen hoods that narrows down the best on the market. These commercial kitchen hoods or range hoods are top-rated for performance, quality, and affordability with many great consumer reports.

Here are the 5 Best Commercial Kitchen Hood Units

1. HAUSLANE Chef Series 30-inch Under Cabinet Commercial Kitchen Hood

Hauslane Range Hood

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The Hauslane Chef Series 30-inch commercial kitchen hood consists of a complete stainless steel body with a digital touch display. It has a very modern design with high-level performance to upgrade your kitchen. It also has the following great features:

  • Powerful 860 CFM – There are 6-speed settings that you can adjust to suit your desired suction and noise level.
  • Easy to clean filters – this model comes with removable stainless steel battle filters which makes it convenient for cleaning, they are also dishwasher safe.
  • LED energy saving lamps- bright LED lights help conserve energy in your kitchen and provide enough lighting to meet your cooking needs
  • Three-way venting – the vertical venting has a 6-inch round adapter or 10 * 3 ¼ inches rectangular adapter. Rear venting has a 10 * 3 ¼ inches adapter
  • 3 colors available -Matte black, matte white, and stainless steel
  • 120 Volts power supply

This unit is very sleek and easy to clean and maintain, can work in domestic settings as well as commercial food businesses such as small cafes, restaurant kitchens and catering kitchens. It is also ETL certified and has a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. With basic maintenance and regular cleaning, this exhaust hood can last for many years. This unit stated the noise level from 1.5 to 3.8 sones depending on the speed. At the top, medium, and lowest speed the decibel level about is 63.8dB, 62.3dB, and 61.2dB. For Hauslane European style series kitchen hood, click here.

2. VESTA 860 CFM 30-inch 6 Speeds Under Cabinet Commercial Kitchen Hood

VESTA Range Hood

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Like the Hauslane this commercial kitchen hood is also 860 CFM with powerful suction and delay shut-off feature. Some other specs include:

  • Stainless Steel body with a large chamber to catch the smoke
  • Digital touch screen that also has a clock and filter cleaning alert
  • Six-speed setting to suit your suction needs
  • Removable baffle filters that can be washed in a dishwasher
  • Triple ventilation system with 2 powerful motors to remove kitchen odors
  • 1-year factory warranty and lifetime motor warranty
  • Oil collection tray and halogen lamps make the cooking more peaceful

This ducted kitchen hood is easy to install and comes with a detailed manual. It’s compact yet powerful and can be used both commercially and domestically. The noise label of this exhaust hood is below or around 65 dB with the highest speed setting. It has a sleek design to suit a modern décor. If you are renovating your kitchen this is a great option to install.

3. COSMO COS-QS75 Stainless Steel 30-inch Under Cabinet Commercial Kitchen Hood

Cosmo Range Hood

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Cosmo’s stainless steel kitchen hood is another feature-packed unit that is a great addition to your kitchen. It can be transformed into a ductless unit by buying a CFK5 carbon filter from the manufacturer. You can choose to set a timer from 1 to 15 minutes maximum to run it.

  • 500 CFM capacity airflow
  • Touchscreen LCD panel including remote control
  • Adjustable four-speed fan
  • Twin centrifugal motors
  • Can be used duct-less with a carbon fiber kit (sold separately)
  • LED energy-saving lights – 1.5 watts
  • 430-grade stainless steel body with 7.5 inches round top vent
  • Five years limited warranty
  • 120V power supply (3-prong plug)

This model boasts a powerful 500 CFM motor that is quiet about 65 decibels at the maximum speed and also a great option for busy restaurant kitchens and catering businesses. It also has a remote control for quick and easy operation. You may require some extra parts with this unit such as an exhaust line if the air is ducted to the outside, carbon filters if it recirculated, and other related materials for installation.

4. CAVALIERE 30-inch Wall Mounted Brushed SS Commercial Kitchen Hood


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This wall-mounted commercial kitchen hood is also a powerful 900 CFM, it’s specially designed for heavy-duty cooking and made from 19 gauge stainless steel which is also rustproof and has a brushed finish. It also boasts the following features:

  • 6-inch round ducting, an adjustable chimney which can accommodate 8 ft to 9ft ceiling for easy installation
  • Single chamber centrifugal blower with noise level settings from 32 to 72 decibels depending on the speed
  • 6-speed settings
  • Touchpad control panel
  • LED lights
  • Dishwasher safe baffle filters
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • RFI protected

This model also allows for ductless installation with the use of a special carbon fiber kit that is sold separately. It’s durable and works well for everyday cooking and grilling. The powerful motor and fan can disperse smoke and air pollutants quickly. This powerful hood can be vented inside using the recirculation kit that comes with the unit if you have a space to escape the air.

5. FIREBIRD 36-Inch Island Mount Commercial Kitchen Hood with Tempered Glass


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This euro style island mount kitchen hood is the largest on our list. This touchscreen-friendly hood with tempered glass has great suction power to keep the kitchen fresh and free from unwanted odors. It’s superbly designed for commercial settings and large domestic kitchens and has the following great specifications:

  • Convertible island mount chimney (round) that accommodates 8 ft to 8.5 ft ceilings
  • Advance touch panel control
  • 343 CFM with 3 fan speed settings to remove bad fumes
  • 3-year limited parts warranty
  • Stylish curved glass contour
  • 4 built-in LED 1.5-watt lights

The Firebird range hood can also be used ductless with a carbon fiber kit included in the package. It also has removable baffle filters that can be cleaned by hand or in a dishwasher and the brush steel finish is rustproof, heat and scratch-resistant. The noise level is less than 65 dB at the top speed, and the 60-minute timer setting with the clock provides easier control.

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#1. Why should you purchase a commercial kitchen hood?

Installing a kitchen hood in your kitchen has many benefits from improving air quality, reducing grease and mold build up, dissipating excess heat, adding style to your kitchen to allowing you to cook a variety of dishes and clear up lingering odors. Many kitchen safety codes require the installation of proper ventilation. A kitchen hood is ideal for keeping up to code and having your kitchen prepared and well equipped in order to pass inspections.

#2. Which is the best commercial kitchen hood?

It depends on your budget allowance and factors such as your kitchen layout, available ventilation and space. The kitchen hoods on this list are mostly 30 inches which is a standard size. They are all great for practical use. For commercial settings, the best models are the HAUSLANE Chef Series and Cavaliere because they have powerful motors which means faster air suction abilities and which is ideal for busy restaurants. You can use any of the listed models in business or domestic settings but these are the most high-powered ones for heavy-duty use. They range from $269 USD to $359.99 USD.

#3. How to use a commercial kitchen hood?

These models are all automated and have digital controls for fan speed settings and have lights for extra illumination.  Three-way ventilation designs are more flexible to install but they all have the option to be used in ductless settings with the additional purchase of a carbon fiber kit specially constructed for the specific models. Each unit comes with its own set of instructions and use and care guides. They are overall very simple to use, just turn them on and adjust the fan speed according to your cooking need.

#4. How safe are commercial kitchen hoods?

The commercial kitchen hoods in this article are safety certified and have warranties should there be any defects upon receipt. Once properly installed they are safely secured and made from industrial grade materials that are safe for use and nontoxic. They are electric powered so care must be taken where they are plugged in, ensure that the wall outlet is not damaged, and is the correct voltage supply for the unit. Most are standard 110 and 120 volts with 3 prong plugs.

#5. How do you clean a commercial kitchen hood?

Commercial kitchen hoods are easy to clean and maintain. Since they are made from high quality stainless steel that is rust proof and heat resistant, they won’t corrode or bend. The baffle filters are easy to remove for cleaning in a dishwasher or by hand. The exterior components are easily cleaned with a simple soft cotton cloth and warm water.

#6. How durable is a commercial kitchen hood?

Commercial kitchen hoods are very durable and reliable. Once properly maintained they can last for many years. Each model on this list has manufacturers warranties and are made from premium grade stainless steel. They are constructed for heavy duty and daily use in commercial and domestic settings.

#7. Where can I purchase a commercial kitchen hood?

You can purchase the commercial kitchen hoods on this list online. Follow the links provided in the article and you will be re-directed to the product page.


Commercial kitchen hoods are ideal for making your kitchen more comfortable, safe and clean. They are affordable, come in different sizes and designs to suit your preferences. Investing in a kitchen hood is a good idea because it’s a long lasting appliance that is very practical for maintaining a functional kitchen. You can use a commercial kitchen hood in your household kitchen as well as restaurants, cafes, cafeteria kitchens, hotels, hospitals, catering kitchens, and any sort of kitchen space.

Cut down the build up of grease and oils on your other kitchen furniture and appliances which can be a pain to clean and remove. Cool down your kitchen as you cook especially in a restaurant where meals are prepared all day. Add some style to your kitchen if you are remodeling, outfitting a new kitchen or simply adding to existing décor. A commercial kitchen hood is a long term investment to upgrade your kitchen space and serve a practical function.

The new modern designs with digital panels to control the speed settings and lighting are easy to use. You can save a lot on energy costs with the installed LED lights which are bright and efficient. This is great if you are a promising business owner looking to cut costs. For the Vesta commercial kitchen hood, you can swap the halogen lamps for LED at a low cost to reduce energy consumption.

The 860 CFM models offered by Hauslane and Vesta are great for small kitchens and domestic applications. For high traffic and busy kitchens, the 900 CFM motors in the Cavaliere kitchen hood are ideal for high performance. The stylish Firebird unit and its 343-CFM motor is perfect for domestic use or small cafés.

Whatever your budget, there is a commercial range hood to right fit your pocket and kitchen. They are versatile, functional, long-lasting, and will provide many benefits for your health, kitchen ambiance, and comfort.

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