How to Use a Zero Turn Mower Effectively and Safely in 2022 (Guide)

Most people do not know the best way to use lawn tractors before purchasing one. In this article, I have described how to use a zero turn mower with less effort and save time.

When mowing your yard, how sure are you that you can cut the grass effectively and safely? It is not surprising that a zero-turn riding lawn mower offers time-saving features and effectiveness. So, the next thing you need to do is to learn how you can use your mower in the best possible way.

A commercial zero-turn riding mower is among the easiest mower category to operate. These mowers are easy to use and are best used in a large yard. But, you need to ensure that you will select a mower with high quality and could match your mowing needs.

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Whether it is your first time using a commercial zero-turn mower or you are already using it several times; it is essential that you know exactly how you can operate it effectively and safely. That is to make sure that you will get the best results while ensuring that your commercial zero-turn mower is at good condition after every mowing task.

Tips for Using a Zero-Turn Lawn Mower

Pay attention to the following tips for effective and safe use of commercial zero-turn mowers and get yourself the best operation.


Commercial zero-turn riding lawn mowers are capable of mowing faster than other regular mower options, making to suitable for large lawns if you wish to save a significant amount of time and energy.

However, if you still have a befuddlement in using your commercial zero-turn mower, spending time in the mower’s seat while learning the basic operation is an excellent way to start.

Please take note that the majority of lawn tractors are being controlled using two control levers. Once you move these levers forward, the mower will go ahead in a straight line. When you move the two levers backward, the mower will run in a reverse direction. By moving just a single lever, the wheels will move either forward or backward, which means that you can make a successful turn by moving one lever independently.


By making a hard turn downhill, you can dangerously maneuver your commercial zero-turn mower. Meaning, you need to avoid mowing hills with slopes more than 15 degrees. In avoiding a sudden change in direction or sharp turn, you need to move slowly in the incline areas.

Meanwhile, it is recommended to mow only dry grass for you to maximize the traction. A commercial zero-turn mower can lose its ability to steer properly in areas with washboard surfaces, ruts, or wet grass. You can also try moving on a path that is directly up and down the hill. Try to back straight up the hill if you are unsure whether the elevation is too sleep.


Going straight to the mower’s seat and mowing the yard without wearing safety gear can cause some health or safety risks. For eye protection, a pair of standard wraparound safety glasses is enough. There is no need for you to buy hard-to-handle eye protection.

Safety glasses can protect you from debris that might be thrown by the mower blade, which can cause eye irritation. As for the eye protection, you choose between earmuff-style hearing protection and foam squeeze-in earplugs. Make sure to wear safety gear that can make you feel comfortable while mowing.


Commercial zero-turn mowers can make a 180˚ turn without moving either forward or backward. On the other hand, it can result in an ugly turf gouge due to the non-moving wheels.

The best way you can solve the problem is by doing a three-point turn. This is where you will bring your zero-turn mower to a stop before a turn and move both levers into reverse. After that, you need to execute a turn when the wheels are moving backward. By doing so, you will prevent your wheels from locking or even tearing the turf.


When using a lawn tractor, you need to stay alert and maintain alertness with all the obstacles you may encounter.

If you have a lawn close to streams or ponds, it is recommended to stay at least one width away from the edge. That is because steep slopes are hazardous that cause a zero-turn mower to flip backward or overturn to the side.

Furthermore, it is best for you to mow with utmost caution if you are near the ditches, retaining walls, steep swales, and other drop-offs. You also need to avoid trees, mailbox posts, and light posts because it can damage the mower deck once you bang against these objects.

Commercial zero-turn mowers are preferred by most homeowners and landscape professionals who need to mow larger yards due to speed and efficiency. So, it is good to know the effective and safe ways of operating this kind of mowers. For your next mowing task, make sure to follow the above tips, and you will be satisfied with the results.

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