The Best Commercial Walk Behind Mowers in 2022 -Guide & Safety Tips

A lawnmower is an essential tool from an agricultural perspective. There are several sorts of mowers in the lawn industry, but picking a great one is very important to get the best output from it. In this post, I have compiled a list of the best commercial walk behind mowers currently available online.

Lawnmowers are great for working residential and commercial spaces to the best cut accuracy and landscape management. Having a large yard means you need the best mower for the best cutting performance. If you don’t want to ride the lawnmower yourself, walk behind lawn mower may be great for cutting accuracy and machine performance.

The 5 Best Commercial Walk Behind Mowers

Editor's PicksBrandRating
Best OverallPowerSmart DB2322S Lawn Mower3.8
Runner UpHusqvarna L221A Self-Propelled Mower3.8
Best Budget PickLawn-Boy 17734 Self Propelled Lawn Mower3.9
RecommendationSnapper XD Cordless Self-Propelled Lawnmower4.2
Editor's ChoiceCraftsman M105 Push Lawn Mower4.2
*Ratings may change*

When it comes to mowing the extensive garden, you require a highly efficient one. The general logic is, when you will need less than 40 minutes to complete your mowing task, a self-propelled walk-behind mower will be more efficient than others.  The agility of this mower is excellent when cutting compact areas.

Markets are full of different types of lawnmowers, so it is an emerging decision to select the tools after verifying their performance and other necessary options. In this review-blog, we have created a list of the top ten best commercial walk behind mowers to make you feel comfortable choosing your desired tools.

Here are the Best Commercial Walk Behind Mower Products

1. Black and Red color DB2322S Lawn Mower

Black&Red Combined PowerSmart DB2322S Lawn Mower

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If you are looking for a self propelled lawnmower that is ideal for compact space, the 196cc gas-powered DB2322S is best for you. It has 3 excellent cutting system with side discharging features.


  • Comes with a long-lasting steel deck that mows a 22 inch
  • Very small assembling required and easy to operate
  • Regular oil is okay for this engine

2. L221A 160cc Walk Behind Self-Propelled Mower

Husqvarna L221A Self-Propelled Walk Behind Cutting Mower

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Husqvarna L221A is designed with the touch of up to date technology and system. This mower offers excellent cutting performance with its 21-inch cutting width. It is a pull start mower which has not the push button.


  • All-wheel-drive is convenient for any terrain
  • Rear discharge and comes with a large collection bag
  • Tire treads allow higher traction during operation

3. 17734 21″ Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Lawn-Boy 17734 Torque Kohler Electric Start Mower

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The powerful motor allows excellent cutting because the lawnmower is designed for easy mowing. It has a self-propelled rear-wheel drive that provides greater control and 3-in-1 discharge capability. It is one of the most budget-friendly and highly dedicated lawnmower.


  • Easy electric start
  • It has 21 inches steel deck and tri cut cutting system
  • 2 years complete warranty

4. XD Cordless Self-Propelled Walk Mower

 Snapper XD 82V MAX Electric Cordless 21-Inch Self-Propelled Lawnmower

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The Snapper XD 82V is a 21-inch self-propelled walk behind mower which is designed for long term use. You can accomplish your mowing task immediately with this mower and this mower incredibly able to mow up to 45 minutes with its single fully charged 2Ah battery and a 4Ah or 5Ah battery can increase the runtime.


  • 3-in-1 mowing deck which is steel
  • Two types of discharge system available (side and bag)
  • Very light and easy push-button start
  • Available up to the seven-position height of mow adjustment
  • High-efficiency brushless motor provides high performance
  • Auto shutoff smart charger

5. M105 140cc 21-Inch Push Lawn Mower

Craftsman M105 140cc Push Lawn Mower

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Are you looking for a tiny lawnmower with excellent durability for small or medium-sized yards? Then Craftsman M105 push lawn mower is a right fit for you. It has a small 21-inch cutting deck that provides wider mowing capability with very robust performances. Craftsman M105 is designed with a double lever which provides trimming adjustment within six separate heights.


  • 3-in1 cutting deck system (side & rear discharge and mulching)
  • The front wheel is 7 inches and the rear wheel is 8 inches
  • Comes with two years limited warranty
  • Minor assembly needed only for handle and bag

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How to Use a Walk-Behind Lawn Mower

Starting a lawnmower depends on features such as electric start, push start, key start, or pull start. Turn on the mower using the start option. If it is not a sunny day, or if the mower has been sitting longer than three hours, you may have to pull the choke up before attempting to start.

Once the mower has started, let it heated for two to three minutes if it is around 50 to 60 degrees or seven to eight minutes if it is below 50 degrees. Push the choke down when the engine seems to be warm and get behind the mower where the handlebars are.

Grip the handlebars by the right hand, pushing down the operator presence switch towards the handlebars and release the parking brake, which is positioned on the very left side of the dash panel by pushing it ahead. If you do not push down the operator presence switch, which functions as a safety, the engine will automatically shut off if the parking brake is also off.

Place your left hand on the handlebars and using your right hand, turn up the throttle, the lever on the dash panel on your right, between halfway and all the way.

Take the forward speed lever, placed on the far right of the dash panel, and move it out of neutral by pushing the bar forward. The further it is pushed away from the turtle, and towards the rabbit, the faster the mower will run; it is advised to start slow.

Pull the brakes with four fingers from each hand and take off the neutral safety switches by pulling them back with your thumbs. The neutral safety switches operate the brakes in neutral, so the mower doesn’t go ahead or in reverse.

To go in reverse, pull the brakes up until they are touching the handlebars. To go ahead, release both brakes together. If you need to stop, drag both brakes.

When you need to turn, apply the brakes on the side in the way you want the mower to go. For example, if I want to go right, I will use the curb in my right hand.

After getting on the grass, engage the mower deck by pulling up on the yellow control. This will start whirling the blades, so if you need to drive over gravel or a driveway, it may be a good idea to disengage the edges, by pushing down on the yellow control.

After mowing is done, separate the mower deck.

As you go to the park, slow down the mower and its engine by slowly pulling the speed lever ahead and the throttle lever backwards, each towards the turtle.

Pull up both brakes to come to a stop and use the neutral safety switches by pushing them forward with your thumb.

Pull the throttle completely back and do the same with the forward speed control, placing it in a neutral position. Apply the parking brake by pulling the lever backward. Turn the key to OFF position to turn off the engine.

Walk-Behind Mower Safety Tips

  • Read the mower’s instruction manual before usage.
  • Keep your mower in good performance status with sharp blades. Only use a mower that allows protection over hot and intense parts.
  • Pick out potential flying objects, as like stones, rock, toys, timber and debris, before you start mowing.
  • Use goggles, ear protection, gloves, and long pants. Continuously use strong close-toed shoes during the time of mowing the lawn.
  • Do not take alcohol or use other substances before or while mowing the yard.
  • Do not separate safety devices or guards on switches.
  • Never enter hands or feet inside the mower to discharge grass or debris. Even with the motor turned off, the blade can still be whirling. Use a stick or broom handle alternatively.
  • Never raise a mower by the bottom for transport; the blades can cut fingers even if they are not moving.
  • Never use the mower in wet or damp grass.
  • Never allow children under age 12 to operate a push mower or those under 16 to drive a riding mower. Keep them off the lawn while mowing, and never have a passenger on your riding mower, especially a child.
  • Ignore moving the mower at the back except essential.

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