How Does a Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Work? 2022-Infographic Tips & Guide

If you are in the janitorial or cleaning business, then you will need a commercial vacuum cleaner to do the work. This type of vacuum cleaner is different than the ones designed for home use as you see in retail stores. In this post, I have discussed how does a commercial vacuum cleaner work?

Understanding what a commercial vacuum cleaner is, how you should operate it will extend its life and how does it work, so you get the most for your purchase.

What is a Commercial Vacuum Cleaner?

You may not recognize the difference between a commercial and consumer version of vacuum cleaners as they both operate on the same principle. Both are designed to pull up dirt, debris, and other loose particles primarily from carpeting, floors, or any other furniture. Both will have brushes for floors, carpets, furniture, and hoses to clean upholstery and other items.

The main difference is that a commercial vacuum cleaner of this type is generally more durable compared to standard models. They are designed to clean large areas such as hallways, auditoriums, offices, venues, and the like. You can find commercial types of vacuum cleaners either with or without bags.

Plus, many brands are now labeled as friendly to the environment. They have HEPA filters which are nearly 100% efficient in removing particles and keeping them from leaving the bag or storage area inside the vacuum cleaner.

How to Use a Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Properly?

The first step is to check the vacuum cleaner out. Before using it for the day, do a quick inspection to ensure that the filters have been changed and the bags are empty or low in content. Take a cloth a wipe the sides around the brushes to ensure that loose particles do not get transferred to the carpet.

Use Proper Strokes

In other words, run the vacuum back and forth in smooth strokes to both cover the desired area. Remember that it is not a race. You will need to cover as much area as you can comfortably without passing over the area too quickly. Finding the right compromise in speed will help in the cleaning process.

Cover the Tracks

For vacuums that use brushes, you will need to go over the areas along the sides where the dirt and debris might get pushed into the carpet. This means pulling the vacuum back over the tracks on one side to ensure full coverage. Choose a section of hallway and go back and forth across its width to cover all of the carpets.

Regular Maintenance

An important aspect of maintaining the performance of a commercial vacuum cleaner is proper maintenance. This means regular inspections, replacement of worn parts, and cleaning out the interior to ensure that as few particles as possible escape from the storage area. The cleaning of the brushes, changing of filters, and replacing belts when worn are standard areas of maintenance.

A commercial vacuum cleaner is generally too expensive for consumer use in the home. But it is the perfect choice for those who operate cleaning or janitorial services. With the proper maintenance, a good vacuum cleaner of the commercial type will last a long time and provide exceptional cleaning services for your needs.

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How Does It work?

  • Start the vacuum cleaner by connecting it to an electrical outlet
  • Attach the flexible hose pipe and right nozzles
  • If you want to clean a sofa, stairs, or a small area, use an upholstery brush.
  • For compact spaces, use a wet or dry vacuum crevice tool.
  • A mask, gloves, and proper safety are essential.

If confusion still exists, check the infographic to get an idea of how the vacuum cleaner works. Hope it helps.

How Does a Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Work Infographic
How Does a Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Work Infographic

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