How to Use a Commercial Panini Press? -2022 Infographic Guide & Tips)

A commercial panini press is essentially a hot surface where you place the food. And another hot surface that closes down on the food as a press. By cooking both sides at once, the panini press creates a delicious alternative to the traditional means of food preparation. In this post, I have discussed how to use a commercial panini press perfectly.

A panini press has been a popular item in cafés, restaurants, and eateries since the 1970s. This makes a commercial panini press an important product for business owners who want to serve hot, delicious sandwiches cooked the panini way. With this in mind, I analyzed some of the top featured panini press grill makers for both home and commercial use.

The proper use of a commercial panini press is important if you want to get the best results.

Purchase the Right Panini Press for Your Needs

Although many homes will have a portable panini press which can be moved easily from the counter into storage. A commercial version is usually larger and designed to stay in one place. A press with grill edges that are raised means you do not have to flip the sandwich during the cooking process. This will speed up the preparation, so you can serve more panini sandwiches.

Use High Quality Bread

You’ll need the right type of bread, such as sour dough, rustic, or ciabatta to get the best results. The bread needs to be made from no more than three or four ingredients. And, it needs to be thickly sliced for the best results. This will help the flavors of the bread really come through.

Pre-Heat the Press

Pre-heating will ensure that the commercial panini press is doing its job. Electric versions will have a light or bell that indicates when the press has reached the proper temperature. Pre-heating not only speeds up the preparation process, but it also ensures that the food will be properly cooked.

Do Not Overstuff the Sandwich

A common mistake is putting too much between the slices of bread. Too many ingredients mean that the sandwich will not be fully cooked and the result will be less than desirable. Plus, it will create a big mess outside the panini press that needs to be cleaned up. Keep the ingredients inside the bread for the best results.

Brush the Sides

Once the sandwich or food item is ready, brush it butter, canola or olive oil depending on what tastes the best. A light brushing will not only add flavor but help keep the food from sticking to the sides of the panini press.

Cook to the Proper Time

The press will come with instructions that offer the recommended cooking times. You will need to closely observe the food as it is being cooked. This will ensure that you find the right time so that it is not over or undercooked. For panini sandwiches, the general rule is to cook it until both sides are golden brown. You can also turn the sandwich to get the grill marks if you desire.

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Using a commercial panini press properly starts with getting the right press, using the proper ingredients, and knowing when the food is cooked to perfection. It takes a little trial and error, but the results will be a press that helps your business grow for a long time.

The process of using a panini press in a restaurant or at home is easy and effortless. But if you have any questions about using a panini press, this infographic below is for you.

How to Use a Commercial Panini Press Infographic
How to Use a Commercial Panini Press Infographic

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