The Best Commercial Beverage Dispensers in 2022 (Buying Guide & Reviews)

Having a small business means that you constantly have to be on the look out for ideas and products to help boost your sales and grow your business. Being in the food industry can be especially challenging without the right equipment. In this post, I have compiled a list of the best beverage dispensers currently available online that are great for business and household parties.

If you have a small coffee shop, bakery, or restaurant, a commercial beverage dispenser is a must as well as you need beverage cooler, ice maker, and much more necessary equipment for your purpose. A beverage dispenser is a device that enables you to mix and dispense various types of drinks from iced tea to fruit juices.

The 5 Best Commercial Beverage Dispensers

Editor's PickBrandRating
Best OveralNurxiovo 3 Tanks 7 Gallon Commercial Juice Beverage Dispenser3.9
Runner UpVEVOR 110V 12.7 Gallon Commercial Beverage Dispenser4.1
Best Budget PickVEVOR 14.25 Gallon 54L 3 Tanks Commercial Beverage Dispenser3.6
3 GallonService Ideas CBDT3SS Silver color Cold Beverage Dispenser4.3
4.8 Gallon (18L)VEVOR Commercial Cold Beverage Dispenser with Thermostat Controller5.0
*Ratings may change*

The most common types of commercial beverage dispensers are refrigerated. This means that they are ideal for cold drinks because they are also known as cold drink dispensers. For hot drinks check out our list of best commercial coffee makers for ideas on expanding your beverage menu. A commercial beverage dispenser in a busy environment is desirable because it is hands-free and saves time on preparing drinks for customer orders.

Choosing the best commercial beverage dispenser may pose a challenge because there are many models available on the market. It also depends on the size and type of business. You can pick a tiny one if it has lower output like a small cafeteria or you can pick a giant one if it is a school canteen or a hotel buffet/restaurant that has a high output. Catering companies, hotels, hospitals, spas, gyms, food courts, and festivals all have different needs for different capacities of commercial beverage dispensers.

Here is a list that narrows down some great designs that can help boost your business.

Here are the 5 Best Commercial Beverage Dispenser Units

1. NURXIOVO Commercial Juice Dispenser 3 Tanks, 7 Gallon

Nurxiovo Commercial Juice Dispenser - 3 Tanks 7 Gallon

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The first commercial beverage dispenser on our list is from Nurxiovo and is smaller in capacity but still within the range of commercial applications. It has the following features:

  • 3 tanks with 7 Gallon or 27-liter capacity total, (9 liters for each tank)
  • The water tank is made from high quality nontoxic PVC with advanced anti bacteria technology to ensure safety
  • Its condenser and refrigerant is efficient and fast acting, it can cool 7-12 degrees Celsius and has an ambient temperature of 20-30 degrees Celsius
  • The stirring leaves are designed to reduce sediment and evenly blend the juice mix for a better taste. Can easily switch between mixing and cooling function.
  • Sturdy body made from 304 stainless steel material that is temperature resistant and rust proof. It also comes with a drip tray attached on the bottom for any spills
  • Easy to clean and maintain. Its design is user friendly and easily operated as it is automatic.

This design is very modern and great for commercial use or even home use for large gatherings or parties. It’s a mid-range option price wise and still capable enough for use in larger businesses, schools, malls, restaurants and cafes. It can effectively produce approximately 60 cups of beverages in one session. This brand “Nurxiovo” has 3 different sizes, a smaller one of 4.7 gallons, a medium one of 7 gallons, and a larger one of 9.4 gallons that you can choose according to your need.

2. VEVOR 110V Commercial Beverage Dispenser 12.7 Gallon, 48 L

VEVOR 110V Commercial Beverage Dispensers

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2nd on our list is the 12.7 Gallon or 48 Liter commercial beverage dispenser. It is the most expensive option but it is manufactured for frequent and daily use in a commercial setting.  It boasts the following features:

  • It is made from premium food grade quality materials. BPA-free plastic PC tank and thickened SUS body with anti-corrosive qualities and mirrored finish
  • 4 tanks, each with 12 liters capacity for larger output and variety. The tanks also have rubber gaskets to prevent leakage and a broadened mixing leaf that reduces sediments and stirs at 360 degrees.
  • An all copper tube condenser and high-quality condenser enables the juice dispenser to cool liquid fast and maintain beverages at 5-12 degrees Celsius.
  • The dispenser is also equipped with a large drip tray on the bottom to avoid water overflow, has vents to control the heat produced by operation and switches on the back to move between the stirring and cooling functions
  • Easy to clean and maintain, humanized and ergonomic design for easy operation

This large capacity commercial beverage dispenser is heavy duty and highly suitable for catering firms, restaurants, convenience stores, hotels and schools to name a few. It can successfully produce a variety of drinks like cocktails, milkshakes and juice. It also comes in a 24 Liter size.

3. VEVOR Commercial Beverage Dispenser 14.25 Gallon, 54 L

VEVOR Commercial Beverage Dispense 14.25 G, 54 L

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This is another model from Vevor that is suited for wide scale commercial use.  It is also made with the same high performance and quality food grade materials as the model mentioned above. This design comes with the following specifications:

  • It has 3 tanks with 18 liter or 4.8 gallons volume and also has rubber gaskets for leak prevention and a 360-degree stirring function
  • It has a high-quality condenser and compressor duo that can cool at 7-12 degrees Celsius
  • It is also outfitted with a drip tray and has a humanized design to easily manuever its functions and to dispense drinks
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Durable and rust free
  • BPA-free tanks that are safe and non-toxic
  • Standard 110V for easy set up and automatic functions

While this commercial beverage dispenser comes with three tanks, it actually holds more than the previously mentioned dispenser also from Vevor. The tanks have a larger capacity and are durable. It’s also suitable for more commercial and larger scale processing in catering firms, hotels, hospitals and large restaurants.

4. SERVICE IDEAS CBDT3SS Cold Beverage Dispenser

Service Ideas CBDT3SS Cold Beverage Dispenser, 3 Gallon

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Our last but not least commercial beverage dispenser is also the cheapest option. It may be the smallest in capacity with its single tank, but that doesn’t take away from its great features such as:

  • 3-gallon tank with ice tube and diffuser tube to cool and customize drinks
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easily taken apart for cleaning and storage
  • BPA-free plastic tank and stainless body
  • NSF safety certification
  • Self-containing storage

This model does not mix drinks automatically nor does it refrigerate. However, it is a low budget option for small businesses or for domestic use. It can be effectively utilized in catering, spas, cafes, social functions, buffets and banquets. It’s easily assembled and its removable parts can be stored inside the water tank when not in use. It’s affordable enough to purchase more than one to increase capacity or provide more drink options. Great for iced tea, lemonade, cocktails, juice and fruit infused water.

5. VEVOR 4.8 Gallon 18L Commercial Cold Beverage Dispenser

VEVOR 4.8 Commercial Cold Beverage Dispenser

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Another beverage dispenser with a thermostat controller from VEVOR has a great capacity of 4.8 gallons or an 18-liter tank. This juice dispenser is made with stainless steel housing and premium quality food-grade polymers containing (pc) tank. It cools so quickly with keeping the drink into a proper taste within 45-54 degrees F (7-12 degrees C) for the high-quality condenser and compressor.

It has switches on the back to comfortably adjust the cooling and operating function. Moreover, it is very durable for heavy use and convenient for easy cleaning and maintenance. Great for party centers, chain restaurants, hotels, shops, etc.

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What do all of these specifications mean? Here are Faqs to guide you on your purchase.

#1. Why should you invest in a commercial beverage dispenser?

  • It enhances your business productivity and output
  • Provides customers with a variety of flavors to choose to purchase
  • Hands free and time saving, you do not have to manually mix drinks
  • Enables menu expansion which adds to the income of a small café or kitchen

#2. Which is the best commercial beverage dispenser?

  • All the models of commercial beverage dispenser listed in this review are hand picked due to their quality and performance.
  • For a large business that requires heavy duty and large capacity dispensers, the ones from Vevor and Nurxiovo are highly recommended.
  • For small cafes, or domestic use the Service Ideas commercial beverage dispenser is ideal, it’s also very affordable.

#3. How to use a commercial beverage dispenser?

These are simple and easy to use devices that anyone can utilize. Simply add your water, your juice or other beverage ingredients and then put on the mixing switch. After the drink is thoroughly blended you can then switch on the cooling button to chill the liquid. To serve the cold drinks, place cup under desired dispensing nozzle and turn handle for it to flow into the cup.

#4. Are these commercial beverage dispensers safe?

These best commercial beverage dispensers are made from food grade materials that are non-toxic. Their ergonomic designs are easy to use and assemble, are easily moved and they are safe to clean after use.

#5. Where can the best commercial beverage dispensers be purchased?

The models discussed in this article can easily be sourced on the online marketplace.


According to the purpose you may have for a commercial beverage dispenser, there is one on this list to suit your needs and your budget. From large scale to home use, these featured models are proven to be effective and long lasting. Boost sales in your café or restaurant. Create an additional perk for your spa or gym clients and effectively cater to large functions and conferences.

There are many places that can benefit from the addition of a commercial beverage dispenser. All you need is your beverage ingredients, an electrical power outlet and a sturdy counter (if you want a great alternative to countertops, have a look at the 5 best commercial food prep tables). In the case of the service idea juice dispenser, you do not even need electricity!

Cut down on time that would be spent on manually mixing large volumes of drinks and invest in the multiple tank models of commercial beverage dispensers to do the work for you. This option also allows you to produce several flavors simultaneously to keep up with demand and to provide a variety of drink choices. Modernize and upgrade your business today with one of the best commercial beverage dispensers available on the online marketplace.

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